Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service

** The Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service Ended September 30, 2021 **

For more information on Mediation Programs that have evolved out of this service contact lowbono@mediatebc.com or call 1-877-656-1300 x105

New Programs include a Civil Pro Bono Roster, Non-Profit Housing Mediation Service and a Mentored Mediation Program.


The Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service supports conflicts related to Covid-19 and the pandemic situation beyond quarantine and isolation. As the pandemic situation evolves we will continue to adapt our program to support our community.

This is a challenging time for many of us and Roster Mediators from around BC have stepped forward to offer their services at significantly discounted rates to support you. Just click the green  button to take the first step to solving your conflict.

To sign up, email lowbono@mediatebc.com or call 1-877-656-1300 x105

The Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service is currently supporting people around BC finding themselves in a wide range of conflicts including:

  • Co-parenting and Schooling
  • Roommates
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Housing
  • Parents and Teens
  • Elders 
  • Return-to-Work
  • Small Business
  • Non-Profit Organisations


How it works

  1. Email lowbono@mediatebc.com or call 1-877-656-1300 x105 (you can leave a message outside of business hours)
  2. A Mediate BC staff member will contact you to confirm details and ensure that each person wants to mediate.
  3. Each Party will be sent a Financial Declaration Form so we can determine the cost of your mediation
  4. Our staff member will create a file and assign it to one of our professional Roster Mediators
  5. Your Mediator will contact you to start resolving your conflict using email, phone and online platforms that meet your needs
  6. Your mediator will bill you at the confirmed sliding scale rate



You are eligible for this service if:

  • You are a resident of BC,
  • The conflict is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and
  • All of the people in the conflict agree to participate in mediation.



Each party is responsible for their share of the fees, unless otherwise agreed by the parties. We use a sliding scale to determine rates for individuals.


Business Rates start at $95/hour
Non-Profit Rates start at $75/hour
Some fee waivers are available in cases of hardship and determined on a case by case basis.



See if our FAQ page answers your questions
If not, you can contact our Roster Manager, Tamara Ziemer.
lowbono@mediatebc.com or leave a voicemail at  604-684-1300 ext. 105 to leave a message.


Pilot Project

We are running this service as a pilot project during the current social distancing for the pandemic. We are grateful for the collaboration with Landlord BC to ensure public awareness of this service. Have feedback to help us improve, or questions our site doesn't answer? Please email us at lowbono@mediatebc.com.


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