Conflict Resolution Week 2021

Conflict Resolution Week is October 17-23 2021. Every year Mediate BC hosts a week of public events and information to help raise public awareness the many ways to resolve conflicts effectively and collaboratively. This year we are providing information to help people make choices in resolving their conflicts: highlighting how mediation can be used for many different kinds of conflicts and helping people make the important decision on how to choose a mediator. 

Join us in sharing your stories of conflicts that were effectively resolved using mediation on social media, using the hashtages #YouCouldMediate and #CRW2021. We want to hear your suprising stories, unusual contexts and clients that inspired you in finding collaborative resolutions. Start sharing now or in the lead up to conflict resolution week.

Also make sure to check the events listing below for ways to watch, learn, participate and get involved. 

Monday, October 18

Strata Mediation with Elaine T. McCormack on Instagram Live
Civil roster mediator and lawyer Elaine T. McCormack discusses using mediation to resolve disputes with stratas, individual owners, or management companies. She has been counsel in several pivotal Supreme Court of BC Cases involving strata law and serves on the education committee for the Professional Association of Managing Agents. Watch the replay below.



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CoRe Coffee & Conflict: Between Artificial Borders: the Plight of Refugees
12:00 - 1:30pm 
CoRe hosts Alena Astashenkava (Asta) and Aaron Leakey will facilitate a dialogue inspired by the Conference's theme of “Deconstructing Artificial Borders”. Join

Technology and Start-up Mediation with Amanda Semenoff on Instagram Live
Civil roster mediator Amanda Semenoff will discuss using mediation to resolve conflict in the technology and business start-up space, the different points where conflict can arise, and how mediators can be helpful at each stage. Watch the replay below.



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What Questions Should I Ask When Looking for a Mediator? with Lori Frank on Instagram Live
Family roster mediator Lori Frank will join us on Instagram Live to discuss looking for a mediator, asking questions, and determining the best fit for you. Watch the replay below.



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Tuesday, October 19

Last Wishes with Sierra Wells on Instagram Live
Sierra Wells discusses unusual contexts for using mediation including facilitating a family meeeting with respect to the last wishes of a young mother. Watch the replay below.



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Mental Health and Mediation with Kellie Tennant on Instagram Live
Child protection roster mediator Kellie Tennant joins us on Instagram Live to discuss her experience mediating in contexts that you wouldn't expect. Watch the replay below.



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Careers in Conflict Resolution Panel
6:00 - 7:30pm
Join MC Miguel Willis (Innovator in Residence at PennLaw) and an international panel to learn about innovative careers in conflict resolution and hear from these folx with varied backgrounds on building their own paths. We hope to help illustrate some of the multiple ways in which one can build a career in this field. Register

Wednesday, October 20

Insurance Mediation with Rose Keith on Instagram Live
Lawyer and mediator Rose Keith, QC, to discuss how mediation can be used to resolve a variety of insurance disputes including: medical malpractice, occupiers liability claims and product liability claims. Watch the replay below.



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Mediating Large Groups with Crystal Phillips on Instagram Live
How do you address conflict when it involves large groups of people, and more than one or two discrete disputes? Crystal Phillips joins us on Instagram Live to discuss how mediation processes can be adapted to effectively address situations where conflict is arising in groups, teams and organizations. Watch the replay below.



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Mediate BC Reception and Mingle
6:00 - 7:00pm
Mediate BC Board Chair Julie Daum presents the Susanna Jani Award in Supporting Excellence in Mediation and mingle in various hosted breakout rooms. More Details. Register

Conference Opening & Keynote
7:00 - 8:00pm
After the mingle, conference keynote speaker Tahmoh Penikett (who played Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon on Battlestar Galatica) will share reflections on his own experiences with the impacts of artificial borders. More Details. Register

Thursday, October 21

Construction Mediation with Howard Nemtin on Instagram Live
Join civil roster mediator Howard Nemtin on Instagram Live for a discussion of how disputes in the construction industry can be effectively and efficiently resolved with mediation. Howard had a long career in constuction and real estate development prior to becoming a mediator in 1998 and will speak from a wealth of experience as both a mediator and an industry insider on this topic. Watch the replay below.



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Family Business Mediation with Nicole Garton on Instagram Live
Mediator, lawyer and author Nicole Garton will join us on Instagram Live for a discussion on using mediation to resolve the complex conflicts that can arise when there is a family business, and help both the family and the business thrive. Nicole will also talk about her new book Harnessing Conflict: How Family Businesses Can Survive and Thrive. Watch the replay below.



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Friday, October 22

Sport Mediation with Paul Godin on Instagram Live
Paul Godin joins Mediate BC on Instagram Live to discuss using mediation to resolve conflicts in sport including carding, team selection, appropriate coaching, and safe sport. Paul is a civil mediator on rosters for Mediate BC, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Lausanne) and Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada. Due to technical difficulties with the platform the interview is broken into two parts. Watch the replays below.

Part 1



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Part 2


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Deconstructing Borders Watch Party - Borderstory, Older Than The Crown and But I Was Wearing a Suit, part 2 + Q&A with filmmakers
Join us to watch and discuss 3 short documentaries created by some of the Conference speakers. The filmmakers will tell us about their experiences and take questions. Register

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