Wills & Estates

Mediators are uniquely skilled at assisting families in planning for the future. Registered Roster Mediators (RRMs) can work with all parties involved to help uncover and increase understanding of the needs and truly important pieces to all involved.

Families can often interpret a will to mean many different things, especially if it is not regularly updated. An RRM can help families gain new insights and understanding as well as resolve issues if a will is contested.

Effective planning can be especially important when family businesses are involved and succession planning is also needed. Letting go of the reigns and seeing a new vision implemented or recognizing the interests and needs of an intended successor can be difficult conversations. RRMs can help family businesses navigate and plan for these important changes.


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Mediate BC has a list of Registered Roster Mediators (RRMs) ready to help you. Mediate BC sets standards for training, experience and professionalism and each RRM on our Civil Roster meets these requirements.

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Mediate BC RRMs uphold some of the highest Standards of Conduct in Canada.