Conflict in the Workplace

Bullying, harassment, team dysfunction, toxic workplace, unspoken grudges, aggressive behaviour – these are just a few of the ways conflict can cost your organization in direct dollars, lost productivity, reputation and culture.

There is no such thing as a conflict-free workplace. What makes a difference is how organizations deal with it. Those that are proactive with information, resources, training and access to services can avoid the destructive side of conflict, improve relationships and support an innovative and collaborative culture.

Unmanaged and poorly managed workplace conflict can be very expensive in productivity losses, turnover (including loss of institutional knowledge) and legal costs. It also can have a far reaching effect into workplace culture and engagement.

The opportunities of supporting a positive conflict management culture include building a trusting, open environment where everyone can raise issues, from minor to serious, without fear.

We should have had a mediator in sooner, the changes have been dramatic. Rees S.

Did you know...

Unresolved conflict leads to:

  • 90% of involuntary departures
  • 75% of employees avoiding co-workers
  • 65% of performance problems
  • 50% of voluntary departures
  • $359 billion a year in direct costs and lost opportunities

In a national survey of American workplaces employees reported that only 13% of managers were effective at handling conflict. Mediate BC can help you develop your organizations conflict competency. Find out more about our services for employers.