Small Claims

In British Columbia, if you are suing or being sued for less than $35,000 you are participating in a "Small Claims" dispute.

Resolving Through Mediation

Like with any type of dispute, you can try to resolve it by proposing mediation to the other person in your conflict. You can do this even if you already have a trial date. If you're not sure how to do that, you can visit our What is Mediation? page to see the Four Step Mediation Process.

A mediator will work with all parties to understand the issues, concerns, and motivations involved. They will help you both reach a resolution, all within a confidential (private) process where you control the outcome. The mediator does not decide for you, and normally this is a faster and more affordable option than going through the judicial system.

If the other person in your conflict does not agree to mediate, you have the following options: 

Resolving Through the Judicial System

For Claims Under $5,000

According to the BC Government Website, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) should be used if you need to resolve certain claims of $5,000 and under

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For claims between $5,001 and $35,000 

Go to the BC Small Claims court website.

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Remember, you can also try to use mediation to resolve your conflict even if you have a trial date set; and ultimately, either one of these channels might ask you to resolve your dispute through mediation. 

Select a Registered Roster Mediators

Mediate BC has a list of Registered Roster Mediators (RRMs) ready to help you. Each of them follows strict standards for training, experience and professionalism.

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