Commercial & Business Disputes

Disputes are a common occurrence between businesses and suppliers. Mediation offers an effective way to resolve the dispute quickly and effectively while also often providing a way of maintaining important business relationships (like with important suppliers, clients, etc.).

A Registered Roster Mediator (RRM) will work with all parties to understand the issues, concerns and motivations involved and help you through a process to come to your own resolution.

Mediation is a confidential (private) process where you control the outcome – the mediator does not decide for you. Mediation is almost always a faster and costs less than going to court.

Whether it is business to business, or business to consumer, Mediate BC RRMs are ready to assist you find an outcome that works for everyone.

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Mediate BC has a list of Registered Roster Mediators (RRMs) ready to help you. Each of them follows strict standards for training, experience and professionalism.

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Mediate BC Roster mediators uphold some of the highest Standards of Conduct in Canada.