Community Disputes

Our communities and neighbourhoods are important aspects to our lives. Moving out of the neighbourhood or withdrawing from a community are frightening, drastic and highly disruptive responses to conflict – but sometimes may seem like the only option.

Mediation offers an alternative for community conflicts to be resolved quickly and effectively in a way that meets the needs of the people involved, the community in general. It also can generate solutions to keep communities and neighbourhoods whole.

A mediator will work with all parties to understand the issues, concerns and motivations involved and help you through a process to come to your own resolution.

Mediation is a confidential (private) process where you control the outcome – the mediator does not decide for you. Mediation is almost always a faster and costs less than going to court.

It was such a relief to get things sorted out quickly. Frances S.

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Mediate BC has a list of mediators that ready to help you. Mediate BC sets standards for training, experience and professionalism and each mediator on our Civil Roster meets these requirements.

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