About Us

Mediate BC is a not-for-profit organization funded by the Government of BC and the Law Foundation that protects the public by managing the province's designated roster of mediators and med-arb practitioners. Mediate BC also educates the public by raising awareness of mediation and other dispute resolution processes. 


Visit the Find a Mediator page to browse through the lists of more than 250 conflict resolution practitioners in BC. All of them have met Mediate BC's high standards of training and experience required for admittance. Each practitioner maintains annual professional development and liability insurance requirements and is subject to the Mediate BC Standards of Conduct and Complaints Process


Public Education

Mediate BC helps expand public knowledge of conflict resolution resources through our website, blog, social media, brochures, helpful staff, and special events. Through these resources, we build awareness of options for people who need support in disputes relating to family, workplace, business, community, etc.


Justice Service Sector Initiatives

We bring the dispute resolution perspective to a wide range of justice service sector projects and programs. We are currently active in a number of Access to Justice working groups, and have completed a variety of projects in the past on such topics as distance mediation for family disputes and using mediation for aboriginal human rights complaints.

Our work in this area aims to develop the future of effective conflict resolution and expand public access to effective, low-cost options. We both lead projects and work with other justice service sector organizations.


How we protect the public 

The following are ways in which the Mediate BC Civil, Family, and Med-Arb rosters protect the public:

  • Ensuring mediators have met objectively verifiable training and experience criteria
  • Maintaining and enforcing Standards of Conducts
  • Addressing and responding to public complaints directed at practitioners on our Rosters
  • Providing opportunities for professional development and information for acceptable levels of training and standards for ethical practice

In addition, Mediate BC protects the public by raising the public's awareness of mediation and other conflict resolution processes.


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Winners of the Susanna Jani Award Supporting Excellence in Mediation

Established in 2009this annual award acknowledges someone who has made a significant contribution to the field of mediation in BC.

2020: Arlene H. Henry, Q.C. 

2019: Wayne Plenert

2018: Jane Morley, Q.C. 

2017: Marje Burdine

2016: Kari D. Boyle

2015: Joyce Bradley, Q.C.

2014: M. Jerry McHale, Q.C.

2013: Sally Campbell & Carole McKnight

2012: Peggy English & Lee Turnbull

2011: Sharon Sutherland

2010: Gordon Sloan

2009: Ronald N. Tucker