Registered Roster Mediator (RRM)

Registered Roster Mediators or RRMs are mediators who have met the stringent standards required for admission onto a Mediate BC roster. The RRM designation reflects the rigorous training and ongoing experience Mediate BC requires of all mediators.

Mediate BC exists to serve the public. The RRM designation allows the public to easily identify mediators who have met high standards for admission, are committed to Mediate BC’s Standards of Conduct, and meet ongoing requirements for continuing professional development. Hear from Board members Julie Daum and Ashley Syer about the RRM designation:



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What is an RRM? 

“Registered Roster Mediator” or “RRM” refers to mediators in good standing on one or more Mediate BC Roster – Civil, Family, Child Protection or Med-Arb. These mediators have met rigorous training and experience requirements; they meet annual requirements for ongoing professional development; and they are committed to ethical mediation practice standards.

Why should I use a mediator who is an RRM? 

Many people use the term “mediator” loosely to refer to a person who helps others resolve disputes. However, not all “mediators” have training or experience. An RRM is an assurance that a mediator has met, and continues to meet, the strict standards to be included on a Mediate BC roster.

What does it mean if someone is an Associate?

Mediators who have completed a substantial amount of training may join Mediate BC’s rosters as Associates. They have not yet received the RRM designation, but they have met the initial training requirements, have committed to Mediate BC’s Standards of Conduct, and are available to conduct mediations.

Are professionals listed on the Mediate BC Med-Arb roster RRMs?

Yes. Professionals on the Med-Arb roster have met all of the requirements for the RRM designation. As well, they have met additional requirements to provide med-arb services.