How We Innovate

Mediate BC has a long history of innovative projects in the conflict management realm. We support other organizations and government in developing a better understanding of specific conflict situations so that we can all find a better way of moving towards collaborative processes to manage and resolve these situations.

Conflict exists in all aspects of life: family, workplace, community and business, and once established, it usually overlaps to other areas. While it is inevitable that conflict occurs, the approach taken to deal with it can lead to better relationships and creative solutions, or to a worse situation with broken relationships. Every community and organization has different needs. We work with you to help analyse current situations and consider and test new alternatives.

Past projects include:

  • The Aboriginal Human Rights Project, which explored a First Nation’s community-based approach to human rights dispute resolution. 

  • The Child Support Eligibility Project, which addressed mediation for issues related to support of adult children after separation or divorce. 

  • Development of distance and on-line dispute resolution, including our Technology- Assisted Family Mediation Project (I, II.i, II.ii, III, Guidelines), the small claims ODR pilot and our collaboration with Royal Roads University to develop a course to train mediators in on-line dispute resolution skills. 

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