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Volunteer Opportunities at Mediate BC

Posted by Ann.Lee

Mediate BC depends on and values many volunteers who support its vision of a civil society where mediation and other collaborative dispute resolution processes are trusted and widely accessed by its citizens. In seeking to provide excellent services to the people of British Columbia through its rosters with their focus on excellent and ethical service, its public education mandate, and its efforts to support and expand meaningful access to justice, Mediate BC relies on volunteers in a wide range of capacities.  We are currently seeking volunteers interested in the following opportunities.

Public Education and Service

Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service (QCRS)

Since March 2020, Mediate BC has offered low bono and pro bono mediation services to members of the public who have been dealing with conflict arising form or exacerbated by COVID-19. This service has received many calls, particularly in the areas of housing, family conflict, and workplace disputes and it is clear the need for the service continues. If you were not part of the original project, but would like to get involved for the remainder of its run, please contact Amanda Semenoff, QCRS Program Manager.  

Pro Bono Mediation Roster

As well, we note a growing need for pro bono mediation services to address conflicts beyond the scope of our QCRS. We know that many Roster mediators do accept a few pro bono referrals each year, but parties find it difficult to connect with mediators who are available or willing to take a pro bono referral. We would like to help members of the public reach mediators willing to provide pro bono services more easily and so are implementing a new matching process. If you are willing to receive notice of pro bono requests, and are willing to take on at least one pro bono file per year, please email us at We will send additional information on our process, and confirm details regarding your availability, and practice expertise. 

Monthly Virtual Pro Bono Clinics

Sign up to volunteer at one of our upcoming Virtual Pro Bono Clinics! You'll speak with members of the public about conflict resolution options. Common questions: How do I invite someone to mediate? What actually happens at a mediation? Is my dispute suitable for a collaborative process?

Email Zoe Stryd at to volunteer or for more information.

Speakers Bureau

Each year we refresh our list of Roster Mediators (and others) willing to receive referrals to speak to community groups, non-profits, and others who reach out to us for presentations on topics related to conflict resolution. If you’d be open to an invitation to present, then please let us know by filling out this form. And please do include a list of topics that you would be comfortable speaking about.

Society Needs

Board of Directors

 Mediate BC will be filling two vacancies on its Board of Directors in 2021. A full description of identified needs is posted here. If you are interested in learning more about this role, please contact Board Vice Chair, Daniel Williams.

Board Committees

Do you have a particular interest in the work of one of Mediate BC’s Committees? We have Committees that focus on:

  • Practice (including Subcommittees focused on Admissions, Practice Advisory, and Discipline)
  • Calls to Action (responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action)
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Fundraising

If you would like to know more about Committee work, please contact Sharon Sutherland.


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