Court Mediation Program - Practicum

Note: This practicum program is under review and may not be offered again. Any approved applications will be placed on a wait list in order they are received, and applicants will be notified if another class is offered. However, you may also want to consider other opportunities to gain experience as we cannot offer any assurance that we will be offering this practicum again..

Practical Mediation Training Through the Small Claims Practicum


The Court Mediation Program (CMP) provides mediation training for professionals from various fields by allowing them to gain practical, supervised experience mediating civil cases filed in designated Provincial Court Small Claims Registries in BC.

The practicum participants work together with supportive and highly skilled mediators in resolving small claims disputes. They also receive written feedback at the end of each session. The participants gradually assume an increased role as a co-mediator as the practicum progresses.

Participation in live mediation sessions, plus the guidance from different mentors, enable the  practicum mediators to not only put their conflict resolution training to the test, but also improve their commup stnication, facilitation, and negotiation skills—giving them edge and confidence in their respective careers. 

Written feedback provided for the later sessions may also be used by practicum mediators as equivalent to two letters of references required for admission to the Mediate BC Civil Roster.


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