Arlene H. Henry, KC

  • Vancouver, Greater Vancouver
  • Office: 604-451-4072
  • C.Med., Q.C., LL.B.

Med-Arbitrator Roster Details

Experienced in working with Indigenous communities; working with and within diverse cultures; and skilled in mediating large multi-party disputes.
Arlene is a lawyer, mediator, neutral child interviewer, parenting coordinator, med-arbitrator, adjudicator, instructor and dispute resolution coach. She has been mediating since 1998 and is particularly interested in the mindful restructuring of families, in the areas of family, estate and business law. As a Solicitor, her law practice focused primarily on real estate development and conveyance, wills & estates, general corporate and commercial work.

Arlene’s insight and understanding of people and conflict creates the perfect balance between empathy and directive guidance.

As a Dispute Resolution professional, she is both skilled and trained to assist her clients using any number of options within the conflict resolution spectrum from negotiation through mediation to arbitration, applied to several areas of law, including family, wills and estates, business and indigenous matters.

She was called to the BC bar in 1986; completed her mediation training at both the Justice Institute of BC and CLEBC in 1998; and took her arbitration training Part I, II and III with ADRIC in 2002. She has completed numerous advanced training courses and workshops, including training in cultural differences and in working with high-conflict people. She is a panel member with ADRIC (ADRBC) and VanIAC, and is also a certified comprehensive family mediator with Family Mediation Canada.

Arlene is also experienced in working with aboriginal First Nations in both BC and Ontario, including assisting with the implementation of the treaties for each of the Tsawwassen First Nation and the Maa-nulth First Nations. She is a member of a regionally based Roster of mediators established by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) to provide independent mediation services in support of various negotiation processes in order to surmount specific impasses, thereby accelerating the resolution of land claims, self-government negotiations and other issues in Crown – Aboriginal relations.

Arlene sat 8 years as a member of Mediate BC’s Roster Committee, is currently on each of the Civil, Family and Med-Arb Rosters and has a special interest in children & youth participation in dispute resolution processes. Arlene recently completed more than 8 years on the Board of both the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society and the BC Hear the Child Society and is actively involved in the development of each discipline within BC and Canada. Arlene served for nine years as the Law Society of BC appointment to the City of Vancouver Building Board of Appeal and served a six year term on the Vancouver Foundation’s Children, Youth & Families Advisory Committee.

Arlene has designed course curriculum and taught numerous dispute resolution training courses for advanced education agencies primarily in BC; including creating med-arbitration training courses offered to lawyers and judges.

Arlene is fully qualified to conduct Personal Injury mediations and is a former member of the Employment Assistance Appeal Tribunal; the Police Complaint Commission Mediator Roster; the Provincial Court Civil Mediator Roster; General Insurance Ombudservice; and the Insurance Dispute Resolution Services of BC Panel.

She has presented on numerous occasions for CLEBC, PBLI, TLABC, AFCC, FDRIO and at other international, national and regional dispute resolution and family related conferences.

Her mediation style is facilitative, flexible and she is highly skilled in mediating multi-party disputes. Her approach is to assist participants in identifying and achieving their mutual goals within an informal, yet pragmatic environment.
  • Civil
  • Family – Financial & Property Division
  • Family – Parenting & Relationships
  • $450 - $525
    Canada, Greater Vancouver
    Available upon request. Standard $450 hourly rate, plus GST & PST for all Mediation, Arbitration and pre-Med-arbitration activities, including pre-mediation Meetings/Conferences, screening interviews, reviewing Mediation Briefs, pre-arbitration Meetings/Conferences, etc. Hourly rate may vary depending on complexity of issues and number of participants.
    No cancellation fee if cancelled on one week or more notice. We reserve the right to charge a minimum cancellation fee of $1,000, plus any disbursements incurred to the date of the cancellation, if cancelled within one week of med-arbitration, and not rescheduled.