Carol Baird Ellan

  • Cell: 604-783-2864

Family Roster Mediator Details

In addition to providing family mediation of separation and conflicts, I volunteer with a marriage recovery program called Retrouvaille Vancouver ( I have been involved with many couples in crisis who are facing the decision about whether to separate. At an initial no-obligation intake interview, in addition to canvassing separation options, I can provide information about resources available to couples for exploring reconciliation or alternatives to separation. I conduct mediation remotely by videoconference, which means no location in BC is too far away, and it is easier to minimize expense and accommodate parties' schedules.
I have many years of experience conducting family mediation and resolving conflicts. I joined the Mediate BC Family Roster in 2016 and prior to that I was certified as a Family Law Mediator with the BC Law Society after leaving public service in 2012. I have been a member of the legal profession in BC since 1980. In late 2014 I ceased practice as a lawyer to run as an NDP candidate in the 2015 federal election. From 2016 I practiced as a non-lawyer family law mediator until being reinstated with the Law Society in 2020. I have had many years of experience resolving family and civil conflicts through alternate dispute resolution in many different spheres, including within my own family of 5 children (now grown) and 4 grandchildren! In addition to my mediation practice I occasionally serve as an adjudicator of municipal police complaints under the BC Police Act.

I have had good success in resolving many family conflicts involving division of property, parenting schedules, child and spousal support, relocation of children, and some elder law issues, all with minimal conflict and at reasonable rates. Because of my circumstances I am able to offer discount and pro bono services and charge only what the parties are able to afford. My goal as a mediator is to provide a low-stress, respectful experience that resolves current issues and anticipates future ones, in order to minimize expense, avoid the need for return sessions, and permit the parties to communicate amicably.
  • Elder Mediation
  • Financial Issues
  • General Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Separation & Divorce
  • $0 - $200
    British Columbia, Sunshine Coast
    No-obligation initial consultation. Before I am retained, I negotiate my fee with the parties based on what they can afford, which can be a fixed or flat rate set at the outset or an hourly rate, and I will conduct pro bono (free) mediations in appropriate cases involving children, and/or where the parties' circumstances warrant it.
    Mediations may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the meeting, without charge. If a scheduled mediation meeting is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, parties may be billed for preparation.