Ben Ziegler

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  • Mediator and Consultant

Civil Roster Mediator Details

Distance Mediation – I have been providing mediation services, using telephone and Internet tools, since 2003. I spent several years as an online mediator of eBay disputes. I was retained as a consultant on numerous BC government online dispute resolution initiatives. I provided online mediation services for a major consumer protection agency. Combined with my background in training IT users, I make distance mediation an easy and cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

Conflict Management Coaching - While conflict between people is inevitable, ineffective and harmful responses to conflict can be avoided, and effective and beneficial responses to conflict can be learned. I help individuals increase awareness of their ‘hot buttons’ and conflict behaviors, develop personalized conflict management action plans, and become conflict competent. Conflict competency is a core skill of workplace leaders and teams.

My personal mission is to enable individuals and organizations to fully engage in, and benefit from: open communication, collaborative action, and a culture of fairness.

What I Do

As a specialist in a workplace collaboration and conflict management, I provide independent mediation, coaching, consulting, and training services.

Specific challenges I help workplace leaders address:
Skills gaps: communications, collaboration, conflict management
Destructive behaviours: high-conflict individuals, toxic relationships
Team dysfunction
Organizational silos
Business disputes; b2b and b2c
Labour-management issues

My core belief is that good things can happen when people come together, feel safe in the process, and have constructive conversations about things that are important to them.

My Credentials

As a consultant, I’ve helped dozens of businesses, governments and nonprofits deal with collaboration and conflict issues; through formal studies and plans, workplace assessments, 1:1 coaching, facilitated conversations, systems designs, and training workshops. I've provided those services locally, nationally, overseas, and virtually. My consulting background includes 15 years with international management and IT service providers.

As a professional mediator, I’ve mediated 600+ business and community disputes, and mentored dozens of new mediators (as part of the BC Court Mediation Program). I was a contract mediator of eBay transaction disputes, online mediator for Consumer Protection BC, and consultant to numerous BC Government-sponsored online dispute resolution initiatives.

I'm a Certified Workplace Fairness Analyst, certified in the Conflict Dynamics Profile, and an Associate Faculty member in Royal Roads University's Justice Studies program.

I blog (370+ posts, since 2009), publish (3 e-books), and speak on collaboration and conflict management themes.

How Can I Help You?
  • Business - Consumers
  • Community
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Small Claims
  • $125 - $150
    Canada, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island
    Mediation fees are shared between clients.

    Conflict Management coaching fee is dependent on package options. Contact me directly about this service and the options available.

    Mediation Consultation, Pro Bono, Speaker's Bureau