Angela V. Stadel

  • Vancouver, Greater Vancouver
  • Cell: 604-868-2253
  • French, German
  • M.A. Environmental and Regional Planning, Mediator and Consultations Advisor

Civil Roster Mediator Details

Public policy, Indigenous and stakeholder engagement and multi-party collaborative process design.
I have a Masters degree in land use planning and have worked in the field of land and resource management policy and planning with various levels of government, aboriginal organizations, and non-government organizations since 1995. I have been a Mediator in since 2005 for a variety of civil disputes, including community, construction, employment and business. I also bring over 20 years of experience in community and stakeholder engagement to my practice with a focus on collaborative process design. My approach to dispute resolution is to empower parties to find long lasting solutions that will allow them to move ahead with their lives and work. My experience in multi-party settings with complex dynamics and issues in the land and resource management field has given me the opportunity to develop an effective collaborative problem solving approach to dispute resolution. I can provide a variety of dispute resolution approaches to fit the needs of clients and the nature of the dispute. This can include facilitation, strategic planning, interest-based mediation and peacemaking circle process.
  • Business – Business
  • Community
  • Small Claims
  • $175 - $250
    British Columbia, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Interior South/Okanagan, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast
    Standard hourly fee may be subject to variation based on the nature of the service being provided, number of parties and complexity of issues.

    Disbursements and travel expenses are charged in addition to professional hourly fees.

    Reduced rate is negotiable based on organization/individual ability to pay.
    With 1 week notice or more, only work conducted to that point is payable in full (i.e. for pre-mediation meetings, document review). With less than 3 business days notice of cancellation, 50 percent of planned mediation fee is payable as well as full payment for work conducted to that point.