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Join conflict resolution colleagues for an afternoon of Fringe-style CPD on Sunday, September 8th!

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Theatrical performances offer a fascinating window into conflict that can provide a rich learning opportunity for students and practitioners of conflict resolution at all levels of experience. Amongst the many possibilities, we might observe and analyze interactions amongst characters leading to conflict or working to resolve one, or we might learn about different perspectives and narrative approaches which enrich our ability to empathize.

For the past two years, CoRe Conflict Resolution Society (CoRe) has invited conflict resolution colleagues to join its members at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and to meet after a selected show for refreshments and a group debrief of conflict themes, practices, and lessons for practitioners contained in the performance.

This year, CoRe members join with a few Mediate BC Board members in inviting old and new colleagues to view one or two plays on Sunday, September 8th at Granville Island – and to join in a discussion afterwards.

We’ll be watching two plays that offer a glimpse into others’ perspectives and experiences, and may well increase understanding. Come to one or both!


Join us on Sunday, September 8th for:

Disssection of a Indian Aboriginal First Nation Indigenous Native Full Blood Status Non-Status Halfbreeed Métis Rez Urban Mixed-Heritage Woman

Playwright: Nyla Carpentier

Which part belongs to who? Told through family and personal stories, poetry, dance, and a bit of song. One woman tries to find out who she is and where her mixed heritage is pulling her. Unravelling and weaving together her experiences to figure out how to fit within society and not set it on fire.

1:45-2:45 Revue Stage


How to Become More Less Crazy

Playwright: Bill Bernat

Eternal despair is a little funny! TED speaker, The Moth Radio Hour storyteller, and Goalcast inspirational speaker Bill Bernat shows you how to connect to people and your own awesomeness. Gain comically diagrammed insights from Bill’s transformation from suffering with addiction, depression, and social anxiety to loving life—or at least liking it.

4:00-5:15 The Nest


Both venues are on Granville Island. We will meet after each performance for discussion and reflection. Join us for one or both performances! RSVP to or look for Sharon Sutherland outside the venue following the performance.



Fringe Workshops might be of interest. Most are aimed at “Artists and Aspiring Artists”, but topics and skills learning may appeal to conflict resolution professionals interested in expanding their knowledge and toolkit.

  • Radical Collaborative Inclusive Theatre
  • Powwow 101
  • Are We There Yet? Next Steps in Arts; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • How to Tell a Story: with Jon Bennett


Sharon’s Picks for Conflict Resolution at the Fringe

Each year, Sharon Sutherland chooses a few Fringe plays that she anticipates will be valuable viewing for conflict resolution professionals. In addition to the two plays we’ll see as a group, consider checking out:

  • Dandelion – Aaron Malkin has mad skills in reading non-verbal cues and matching responses to those cues. He could teach mediators an enormous amount about observation in the moment. Those skills may not be on display to the same degree that they are in his James & Jamesy shows, but his amazing physical comedy will be part of the show.
  • Mx – Winner of the Fringe New Play Prize, expect this bouffon-inspired exploration of racial identity and colonial narratives to inspire thought.
  • Rape Is Real & Everywhere – This won’t be for everyone, but it’s a show that has seen considerable positive response as it’s toured for a few years now. Survivors finding a way to laugh can be cathartic – and just might open up dialogue.


Not in Vancouver?

Fringe Festivals are a worldwide phenomenon! In BC, you might also want to check out:

About the Author

Sharon Sutherland is a Mediate BC Civil Roster mediator, a Child Protection Roster Mediator, and a highly experienced mediation trainer and mentor. An avid theatre-goer and participant, she is also the president of the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

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