Med-Arb Roster

Med-arbitrators on the Med-Arb Roster conduct med-arbs in various disputes. Those who handle family law issues must specify how they are qualified under the Family Law Act Regulation.

Criteria for Admission

To be admitted to the Med-Arb Roster, med-arbitrators must have:

  • at least 7 hours of med-arb training;
  • completed a minimum of 2 med-arbs over the past 5 years as the sole med-arbitrator or a co-med-arbitrator;
  • a letter of reference; 
  • insurance coverage; and
  • agreed to abide by the standards set out in the Med-Arb: Standards of Conduct.

In addition, depending on the area of practice, med-arbitrators must be:

  • Mediators in good standing on Mediate BC's Civil Roster and:
    • Chartered Arbitrators (C.Arb), or
    • arbitration panellists in good standing of British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (BCICAC), or 
    • experienced in conducting hearings and writing decisions.
  • Mediators in good standing on Mediate BC's Family Roster and:
    • Law Society of BC accredited Family Law Arbitrators, or
    • qualified to conduct family arbitrations under the Family Law Act Regulation Section 5(2b).
Med-Arb Application Form (fillable pdf)

Application Procedure

A group of the Society's Directors, called the "Roster Committee", assesses the applications for admission. Currently, the Roster Committee is scheduled to review applications in 2017 on:
  • February 3rd,
  • April 6th,
  • June 15th,
  • September 14th, and
  • November 23rd.
Please note: The Roster Office will accept applications, including letters of reference, to the Roster up to two weeks prior to Roster Committee meetings. Accordingly, the 2017 application deadline dates are:
  • January 20th,
  • March 23rd,
  • June 1st,
  • August 31st, and
  • November 9th. 
For information about the appeal policies and process, visit Mediate BC's Appeal Policies and Process.

Applicants should be aware that Mediate BC has a Complaint Process to deal with allegations of misconduct or breach of the Society's Standards of Conduct by med-arbitrators on its roster.