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Child Protection Mediation Program – Call for Applications to the Child Protection Mediator Roster

Posted by Ann.Lee

Child Protection Mediation is an essential and respected part of the Child Welfare System in British Columbia. Its work helps promote collaboration and understanding between the Ministry for Children and Family Development and the families it serves. Since its beginning, the Child Protection Mediation Program (CPMP) has assisted thousands of families across BC, as well as those who serve them, in finding ways to best ensure that the children involved with MCFD have every opportunity to grow up healthy, safe, and well, and with every opportunity for success.

To continue, expand and enhance the important work of this program we are pleased to announce a call for qualified individuals to join the Child Protection Mediator Roster.

The base requirements for the roster are as follows:

Child Protection Mediator – Minimum Qualifications

  1. Professional Development
  1. Successfully completed 80 hours of core education in conflict resolution, mediation theory and skills training—40 hours of which is specifically on mediation and includes 10hours of simulated or role play mediation under direct supervision.
  2. If core training/education identified above was completed more than ten years ago, the Respondent should demonstrate a minimum of 20 hours in the past five years of ongoing professional development related to conflict resolution and mediation.
  1. Related Training in Dispute Resolution
  1. Minimum of 100 hours of training in dispute resolution or a “related field” completed by the Respondent.
  1. Work Experience as a Mediator
  1. Minimum of 10 Mediations as a sole mediator or as a primary co-mediator in the past 3 years.
  1. Indigenous Context
  1. Recent experience working with Indigenous communities (within the last ten years);
  2. In-depth understanding of:
    1. the impact of residential schools and colonization on Indigenous peoples
    2. Indigenous heritage and culture,
    3. Indigenous decision-making processes,
  3. Demonstrates how their experience and knowledge has been incorporated into their mediation practice.
  1. Child Welfare Context
  1. Knowledge and training in the dynamics of child abuse and neglect,
  2. Experience in the field of child welfare (child protection, guardianship, adoption or family support services) as a social worker, counsellor, lawyer, mediator or other
  1. Domestic / Family Violence
  1. Knowledge and training in domestic/family violence,
  2. Experience as a social worker, counsellor, support worker or clinician in the field of domestic/family violence,
  3. Any special considerations made by the Respondent when providing mediation services involving participants who have concerns surrounding domestic/family violence.
  1. Mental Health / Problematic Substance Use
  1. Knowledge and training in mental health disorders,
  2. Knowledge and training in the field of problematic substance use;
  3. Experience as a social worker or counsellor in the field of mental health and/or problematic substance use,
  4. Any special considerations made by the Respondent when providing mediation services involving participants who are experiencing challenges related to their mental health or problematic substance use.
  1. Clear Criminal Record Check
  1. Disclosure of Disciplinary Proceedings

Equity and diversity are essential to the Child Protection Mediation Program’s ability to serve all Children, Families, and Communities of BC. We encourage applications from members of groups that have been marginalized on any grounds, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, racialization, disability, political belief, religion, marital or family status, age, and/or status as a First Nation, Metis, Inuit, or Indigenous person.

The Admissions Panel will take into consideration the equity and diversity needs of the Child Protection Mediation Program. The Panel will also consider program needs related to geographic representation and under-served populations.

All mediators who meet the qualifications listed are encouraged to apply by sending their resume, cover letter and an outline of their qualifications to no later than January 31, 2021. For more information, please contact Jereme Brooks – Program Manager of the Child Protection Mediation Program  at or call 604-684-1300 (ext 107)