Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation Services: Vision and Mission

Vision: An affordable and timely separation and divorce mediation service that promotes harmony and decision making within every family undergoing transition.

Mission: To enhance access to collaborative dispute resolution services, thereby contributing to the culture change in the Family Justice Field by providing quality mediation services for families and couples, to resolve their differences and to promote their peaceful restructuring.

In British Columbia, mediation has been an alternative to the traditional court process of dispute resolution for family disputes, for over 20 years. Mediation can be used for many kinds of family disputes but is most often used when couples separate or divorce.

Our Roster Members

Mediators on the Society's  Family Roster mediate a variety of family-related matters, which include reorganization of the family after separation or divorce, parenting, financial support and property matters connected to separation or divorce, family business, family property or finances, family inheritance and estates, responsibility for care of elderly parents, adoption, pre-nuptial issues, and intra-family conflicts.

You can find detailed information about individual mediators on the Family Roster in our searchable Directory of Family Mediators. The requirements for being admitted to the Family Roster and the application process are described in Family Roster Admission.


The Family Mediation Program

Since 2004, the Family Mediation Practicum Program has assisted many families in resolving a wide variety of family disputes without the need to go to court. Mediate BC is currently developing a new family mediation program called the Family Mediation Program (FMP) to replace the Family Mediation Practicum Program. The new program aims to provide better access to affordable mediation services for families around the province, for a wide variety of family disputes including parenting responsibilities, and property and asset division.  In this program, clients have access to a team of two highly qualified co-mediators, screened in advance by Mediate BC. 

For more information on the FMP click here: Family Mediation Program.

How to Obtain Further Information

If you are interested in resolving a family dispute through mediation or would like to receive further information about the Family Mediation Program, please contact the Family Mediation Services Team at:

(604) 684-1300 ext. 205, Toll Free:1-877-656-1300 ext 205 or

Suite 177 - 800 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2C5