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Fiona M. McQueen
Greater Vancouver, Southern Vancouver Island
Turnham Woodland
1002 Wharf Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 1T4

Office: (250) 385-1122
Fax: (250) 385-6522

Family Roster Mediation Details
I can provide full mediation facilities, including free parking, wheelchair access, a boardroom, break-out rooms, wifi, computer access and a full kitchen.

$300 - $300 / hour

$300 per hour + food (if required)

No charge if mediation is canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled start time. A flat fee of $500.00 if less than that.


I have been a lawyer since 1985. For the first 20 years of my career, I practiced within the traditional litigation oriented system to try to resolve problems for my clients. It became increasingly obvious to me that our adversarial system is usually not the best way to solve problems, and almost never the best way to solve family related problems. As a result, I began exploring ways of resolving disputes out of court. I became fully trained as a Mediator and a Collaborative lawyer. I am also trained and qualified to interview children and prepare Hear the Child Reports. I am completely convinced that mediation is better in almost every way than litigation: it is quicker, cheaper and most importantly, it is a positive and satisfying experience for most clients. Instead of further breaking down the relationship between parties, mediation often results, not only in a solution, but in a renewed sense of goodwill between the participants. I am committed to using my experience as a litigator, combined with my training and experience as a mediator to efficiently, inexpensively and with the least amount of acrimony, guide clients to a solution.

Conflict within Families
  • Managing High Conflict
Contact with a Child (Access/Custody)
  • Guardianship
  • Parenting Arrangements (Time and Education)
  • Parenting Plans
Elder Mediation
  • Common Law Relationships/Trusts
Financial & Property
  • Child Support & Maintenance
  • Common Law Relationships/Trusts
  • Division of Assets and Liabilities
  • Family Business
  • Family Inheritance and Estates
  • Financial Aspects of Separation
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Spousal Support
  • Parent/Teen Disputes
  • Parenting Arrangements and Education
  • Separation Agreements
  • Separation Memorandums of Understanding