Retired Roster Admission

The Retired Roster is a way for mediators to stay connected, maintain professional affiliation and perhaps share their knowledge and experience with others. As an experiences, esteemed professional, the Retired Roster mediator is a perfect 'ambassador' for mediation: though individual participation is entirely voluntary, Mediate BC may consult Retired Roster mediators to:

  • respond to new or prospective mediators seeking practice or career advice;
  • provide feedback on ethical issues arising for Roster mediators;
  • speak at engagements to promote mediation in BC, among other things.


To be eligible for the Retired Roster, mediators:

  • must have been members of the Civil or the Family Roster for at least 5 years before retirement;
  • may not mediate for fees, but may mediate pro bono;
  • must pay an annual renewal fee;

Retired Roster mediators are not required to maintain professional liability insurance and are not expected to complete CPD hours.

Retired Roster mediators will be listed on a separate Roster page with a brief biography and contact information.

For the application form, click here.