Distance Family Mediation Project
From May 1, 2011 - May 15, 2012, Mediate BC offered a “distance family mediation" service to British Columbian families through a Law Foundation funded, time-limited project called the Distance Family Mediation Project.
The Project was aimed at helping people undergoing separation or divorce who find it difficult to talk to each other in person because of distance or conflict between them.  While distance mediations are no longer being offered under the Project, you can obtain them directly from the Project's private practice family mediators, as well as through select Family Justice Centres.  You can find more information about the availability of the service in the Distance Family Mediation blog's final post
The Project's mediations were held “from a distance” by a specially trained group of family mediators.  Unlike traditional face-to-face mediations, the distance mediations were conducted using today's communication technologies.  The technologies used in the mediations were the one that best suited the people involved.  Technologies available to clients included telephone, email, web conferencing, computer videoconferencing and online platforms dedicated to mediation.
A key goal of the service was to make family mediation affordable and available to all British Columbians, regardless of their income or location.  People using the service paid the mediator a highly discounted fee.  (The services of three participating Family Justice Counsellors were available to eligible families at no charge, in keeping with their usual policy.) 
The service was available in all parts of the province, as well as for people who lived elsewhere but were undergoing a separation or divorce in British Columbia.  Further details about the Project's service can be found in various posts on its blog.
In November 2012, Mediate BC released the Project’s second edition of “Mediating from a Distance:  Suggested Practice Guidelines for Family Mediators”.  This publication is an updated and expanded version of the guidelines produced by the Project in 2010, at the conclusion of its Phase 2.  Further information about the new guidelines can be found in a Mediate BC news release.
The service was evaluated in the fall of 2012 and a final report has been released. The Evaluation of the Distance Mediation Project: Report on Phase III of the Technology-Assisted Family Mediation Project Report was released in March 2013.
Reports for the previous phases of the Distance Mediation Project are available for downloading:
General inquiries about the Distance Mediation FamilyProject may be directed to Susanna Jani, Project Coordinator:distanceproject@shaw.ca

The Distance Family Mediation Project is generously funded by the Law Foundation of British Columbia.