The Brichardi was one of first available cichlids from lake Tanganyika. Neolamprologus leleupi juvenile ... Aquarium SizeTop ↑ A tank measuring 30″ x 12″ x 12″ (75cm x 30cm x 30cm) – 70 litres is suitable for a single pair of these. But I'll need to upgrade for him pretty soon. Species – Neolamprologus Brichardi - Fairy Cichlid. Does seem to prefer the company or competition of similar size fish, but is not over aggressive. If a number of fish are kept, it will form a colony. Neolamprologus leleupi adult. Tank Journals and Photos. When considering tank size, it is important to understand how protective this fish … If you have trouble triggering a breeding in your tank, ... except for a slight difference in size). Brichardi. This tank picture looks better than 84.39% of tank pictures in this category.. Ranked #1166 out of 7468 freshwater fish pictures worldwide.. It can be combined with other species that inhabit other areas within the tank. Indeed, the Neolamprologus brichardi defend very well their territory and their number will increase following their breeding in an aquarium which pleases them. S: bottom, middle Aquarium: 30" (75 cm) tank with a volume of 20-25 gallons (75-98 L). Minimum Tank Size: 15 gal (57 L) - A minimum of 15 gallons is the suggested for a species tank, with 20 or 35 gallons being better, and 50 gallons or more is needed for mixing species. Neolamprologus brichardi is a cave spawning species. Discover (and save!) Latin Name: Neolamprologus brichardi Tank Size 100 Lt.; Care Level: Moderate Water Conditions: KH 10-20, pH 7.8-9.0 ,22-28° Color Form: Albino Geographic Region: Africa - Lake Tanganyika Temperament: Peaceful Max Size: 10 cm Family: Cichlidae WaterConditions: KH 10-20, pH 7.8-9.0 ,22-28° Diet: Carnivore Overview. ... Neolamprologus brichardi with the exception of their fins. neolamprologus brichardi. pH Range – 7.8 – 9.0 Size/Length: To 4" (10 cm) Similar species: Brichardi (N. brichardi) Habitat: Eastern Africa; planted areas of Lake Tanganyika. Size Male Female Unsexed; Juvenile: Premium: Young adult: Adult: Select options. Neolamprologus pulcher is a species of cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika where it prefers locations with plenty of sedimentation. Neolamprologus brichardi. As with most of the Tanganyika species, a light sandy substrate will work best. The common name for N. pulcher is the daffodil cichlid.This species can reach a length of 10 centimetres (3.9 in) TL.It can also be found in the aquarium trade. Neolamprologus brichardi is a semi-aggressive dwarf cichlid that is well suited to ‘smaller species only’ aquariums, although it can be a great community cichlid in larger environments. The Neolamprologus leleupi will mark its territory between all the nooks and crannies of the rocks. The best method for keeping Neolamprologus brichardi is in a species-only tank. Stunning Albino Brichardi Cichlid adds a mystical touch to your aquarium. Quick stats: Listed tank sizes are the minimum . Neolamprologus hecqui — if they spawn you'll need to watch out for tank mates getting bashed about. Compatibility: Not for the community tank, keep with similar Tanganyikan cichlids. your own Pins on Pinterest Fairly easy to keep and breed, they must be kept in a Tanganyikan set up. Usual size in fish tanks: 9 - 10 cm (3.54 - 3.94 inch) 0 14. Aquarium filters which have been highly recommended by customers in your area can be found here. Don't mix shell-dweller species. Rating: 5.45 Votes: 40 Recommended pH range for the species: 7.6 - 8.9. General. Frontosa Cichlid – Habitat, Care, Feeding, Tank Size, Breeding The frontosa cichlid (Cyphotilapia frontosa), also called Humphead cichlid, is a coveted African cichlid in the aquarium trade. It was described by Poll in 1974. It comes from Lake Tanganyika, one of the rift lakes of eastern Africa, where it inhabits the rocky shorelines. Windsor Aquarium Society . I'm looking for something used. Bemba Orange Flames before. I'm usually an oddball man with a brackish tamk also but I saw a couple of these fish in my LFS and always used to love the look of these in books when I first started with fish about 17 years ago. I have a 46g bowfront that is home to a juvi oscar for now. He's currently 4 inches. Substrate Type: Sand/Gravel Mix Neolamprologus brichardi has been in the hobby for quite some time, since the late 1950s, in fact. Temperature: 24-27 o C (75-81 o F) Water chemistry: Family: Cichlidae. I have a spare 30" x12"x 15" tank and was thnking of fish to put in there. But I probably won't have the cash for another 3-4 months. Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease. N. Brichardi, sometimes known as a fairy cichlid for its long filamentous tail and fins, are a mildly aggressive species from Lake Tanganyika that are very popular in aquaria. This is a hardy cichlid with an enchanting, wispy appearance. I decided it would make a great species only tank for the pair of brichardi! By keeping this fish on its own, not only do you limit the chance they will eliminate their tankmates, but their graceful finnage will likely grow better. Other Topics. I'm not sure when the new tank is coming.. The tank set up needs to be one with lots of rock. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 12 - 18°N (214.29 - 321.43ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F Reproduction Minimum Tank Size 55 gallons Compatibility View Chart. For a bigger view, click on the image. Minimum Tank Size 30 gallons Compatibility View Chart. The Fairy Cichlid Neolamprologus brichardi was one of the first African cichlids imported for the aquarium hobby. The fry are so tiny that there could be a hundred there! Fairy cichlid - Neolamprologus brichardi. … The tank had an undergravel filter covered by a 3-inch bed of large gravel, which was not moved much by the cichlids (probably because of the large grain size). Brichardi $ 11.95 – $ 34.95. ... All fish arrived in good condition and are swimming happily with the rest of the cichlids we have in our tank. Neolamprologus brichardi . Scientific Name: Neolamprologus brichardi Pronunciation: n--l m-pr-l-g s br-sh rd- Common Name(s): Princess of Burundi Geo. ... Due to their size, Fronts require large tanks – preferably 150 gallons or more. Diet / Fish Food : Need a diet slightly high in protein. Adult Length – 9cm. Published 08-Sep-1997. Approximate size range may also vary between individual specimen. More than likely still sold under the older name of Lepidolamprologus hecqui, this is a shell dweller sitting in the middle of the size ranking. Neolamprologus brichardi (Poll, 1974) By Alexander Langer, 1997. Photos of the month. Beginners . Tank Region : Bottom. Suitable for Nano Tank: Sometimes - A larger nano tank of 15 gallons or more, can be used for a species only aquarium. Neolamprologus hecqui. Jumping forward to today, this is their second spawn which is about twice the size if the first one. Brichardi Scientific Name: Neolamprologus Brichardi Home Range: Lake Tanganyika Max Size: 3.5" - 4" Minimum Tank Size: 30 Gallons Temperament: Territorial when breeding Temperature: 75-79°F pH: Alkaline Diet: Omnivorous Swimming Zone: Middle The Brichardi General Information Neolamprologus is a popular and very elegant Tanganyikan Rock dweller. Subscribe to the Cichlid Room Companion Get access to the largest Cichlidae information resource in the world. There are three species in the genus Cyphotilapia, although all of them were initially called frontosa. Product Reviews. Current Size – 3cm. Better to plan enough space from the beginning and do not add any roommates! Introductions and Greetings. Neolamprologus Brichardi. Common name: Fairy cichlid. Overview: A beautiful peaceful Cichlid. The bond these fish form is strong and is retained during brood care and subsequent spawns. Breeding tanks. A tank as small as 55 ltrs can be utilized, though between 75 and 110 ltrs would be more appropriate. DIY. Lake Tanganyika cichlids in their natural habitat, 4th edition. Site Feedback. So the brichardi will get the 46g to themselves after I move the oscar out. Efficient filtration required. Tank. In one tank I have 5 brichardi in with 4 lamprologus compressiceps, and when the larger brichardi pair spawn the other 3 help protect the nest site and even protect the fry when they spawn again like a colony. Water quality was maintained by a 25-percent water change every two weeks. Add to wishlist. This species differs from N. brichardi by living in planted areas. Good tankmate choices include small rockdwellers such as Neolamprologus brichardi or smaller species of Julidochromis and open water species such as Cyprichromis. It is not always obvious when these fish have spawned, as oftentimes they are very secretive and the spawning site may be hidden from view. N. brichardi has blueish grey fins whereas N. pulcher, the Daffodil Cichlid, has lighter, more yellow fins especially, the dorsal fin. Jan 21, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Stuart Bellehewe. Tank Mates : Depending on the size of the tank, you may be able to have other fish that live in the upper regions, though do this with caution, as other fish can eat your fry. TANK RAISED TANGANYIKA. Neolamprologus brichardi: Synonyms: Size: 4" (10cm) Origin: Lake Tanganyika, East Africa: Tank setup: Rocky tank, with sand substrate. Hongi and have seen them kept with Neolamprologus leleupi, Neolamprologus brichardi, and Tropheus sp. Possible Tank Mates: I have had mine in with Julidochromis dickfeldi, Julidochromis marlieri, Psuedotropheus greberi, Sciaenochromis fryeri, and Labidochromis sp. General Board. Windsor Aquarium Society . As mentioned before, a light coloured substrate will help with keeping it’s bright colour. Scientific name: Neolamprologus brichardi. Temperature Range – 23 - 27°C. Nathaniel.