Arthur sums up the situation: Charles had tried to make Ciel out as the killer; Ciel and Sebastian made thorough preparations to clear any suspicion surrounding themselves, and even though they know that Grey is the killer, they made the innocent Karl into the culprit. TV Show: Black Butler Sebastian informs that on the 19th hour of today, the Viscount of Druitt will be hosting a party; therefore, tonight would be the most convenient time to go and investigate. The lanterns are, then, set afloat into the river. Furthermore, Snake should follow his lead and feel free to be whoever he wants.[236]. He declares that he remains as the head of the Phantomhive family even without the ring. Tanaka ushers Ciel to get a change of clothes and admonishes him, saying that he should not be shaken by something as "trivial" as the death of a servant, adding that Vincent Phantomhive had never once been agitated by these matters. Ciel realizes that there is a way for him to meet the headmaster. [71], After the dance lessons, Ciel comes out to greet Elizabeth. [39] Despite his weak constitution, he is a competent shooter; he always carries a gun to defend himself, and he keeps one under his pillow when he sleeps. The second revelation, however, shocks Ciel and Sebastian. [176] Inside, Joker announces the room assignments; Sebastian is partnered with William, while Ciel is partnered with Freckles. He cannot rest until he has met with Derrick Arden or his friends. Jeremy says that Georg initially feigned his death, but was truly killed later; therefore, alibis are invalid. [296] Ciel silently gazes at him; then, looking at the lockets, he wonders aloud about Undertaker's motives. The list comprises of those from the House of Lords, Scotland Yard, and the military who have been attending the Sphere Music Hall. He notes that first impressions are important and that he must be careful. Recalling Elizabeth's strength, Ciel wonders what Edward is talking about. [317] He plans to use Lawrence's fag to get closer to the P4. Doctor then comes in and reveals that he has made artificial limbs out of children's bones. Ciel acknowledges that he knew his technique would not work against him. Akito SOHMA. Ciel then states that he believes "Ciel" is an upgraded Bizarre Doll, to which Sebastian agrees. [488], Ciel, Edward, and the crowd look over at the stage. [417] The darkness slowly envelops Ciel as Sebastian issues his ultimatum—abandoning his revenge halfway is against the contract. He also points out that the meetings, strangely, charge no fees; instead, Blavat hands out bracelets of pure silver. Kuroshitsuji: Phantom & Ghost [20] The one on his right hand is a gold signet ring in the form of the Phantomhive crest, which he uses to stamp the wax seal on documents. Brina Palencia is the English dub voice of Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler II, and Maaya Sakamoto is the Japanese voice. When they exit the room, Ciel tells Sebastian to make more tea so he can really wake up and discuss all the details with him. Some of them, they affirm, must be lending financial support to the music hall. Edward, then, reveals that Elizabeth Midford has run away from the Midford Manor, to Ciel's and Sebastian's shock. Afterward, each person states his or her alibi, and Ciel fails to have one because he was in his bedroom alone. They return the documents, with Sebastian stating he has already memorized them, and they depart. [165], Agni bursts into the room, and Sebastian silences him. Snake does not respond as he stares straight ahead. He declares that Ciel's hard work and efforts demonstrate his commitment to his team and his pure desire to defeat Green House—he may be small, but "the owl came to hunt the lion in earnest."[353]. Manga debut Manga Earl of PhantomhiveWatchdog of the QueenOwner of Funtom CorporationAristocrat of EvilSecond-String Member of the Noah's Ark Circus (formerly)Student at Weston College (formerly) TV Show: Black Butler: Book of Murder. Sometime afterward, Sebastian presents his findings, having flagged four locations. [272] Although all four of them (Ciel, Sebastian, Grelle, and Ronald) are thinking they want to kill Viscount Druitt, they collectively do the Phoenix Pose, so he will activate the machine.[273]. Voice Actor. Ciel starts crying; seeing his tears, Finnian also starts crying. Honest Game Trailers | Cyberpunk 2077 Soma and Agni arrive unexpectedly, and [129] Ciel demands why he has to house them. [422] Breaking free, he rushes past all of them, screaming Sebastian's name. Afterward, while they are warming up, Sebastian tells Ciel that the children are not present and suggests they inspect the first-string members' tents, which are protected by Snake's poisonous snakes. Nevertheless, this is all according to Ciel's plan—he has already used Sebastian to set up giant speakerphones so the P4 can hear their entire confrontation. Afterward, they go over the hill to get there. [348] Suddenly, Sebastian sees the headmaster sitting in the stands. However, Sebastian states he is an indispensable pawn for their plan to succeed. Noticing that his compass is spinning wildly, Ciel comments that there must be mineral resources nearby. Ciel manages to catch the falling egg in the commotion and hangs on tightly to the chandelier. [376] Several names come up, but none of them have anything in common. [99] Ciel consecutively beats Angelina at chess forty-six times, and she remarks that she always loses to him at chess. Ciel and Sebastian are about to head out, but Soma and Agni would not let them, as Ciel is ill. When they finally find a hiding spot, they witness some "werewolves" and humans talking. As a side note, Ciel seems to enjoy drinking tea a lot (he is adept at distinguishing between them as well) and sweet desserts. 1. Victoria says that it frightens her even though they may not be doing anything malicious. [574], At the Reading Railway Station, the group divides, with Ciel and Sebastian boarding a train together.[575]. [370] As he smashes one of the doll's skulls, he adds that he cultivated it, so he will not be robbed of it. Sebastian assures him that he does not tell lies, and Ciel is horrified. [295] Sebastian answers affirmatively and viciously destroys all the dolls. Afterwards, Ciel is shocked when he discovers that Edgar is the Aleister Chamber's nephew. [180] Ciel then runs away and hides. Sebastian left briefly, and when Ciel returned to him, he found the manor had been rebuilt by the demon. Ciel orders Karl to sit down. Blavat retorts that he did not expect a nobleman like Ciel would resort to "such means," and remarks that Funtom Music Hall, even with its advanced facilities, cannot outshine Sphere Music Hall, the original. He grows by 6 cm in the second season, but still remains shorter than the other characters, thus continuing the comical relief. Comforting Sieglinde, Ciel declares that children are not "tools"; he can't believe a mother would ruin her child's feet just for a chemical formula. [418] He was going to follow Tanaka's suggestion and wait, but now they are out of time. On a giant chess board, he faces his other self. [69], When they arrive home, Ciel is shocked to find his manor and servants decorated with girly accessories. Joanne, a spin bowler, tries his best to defeat Ciel, but Ciel resolutely defends the wicket. On cue, two men escort Sebastian out of the music hall. [456] At the same time, the Panzer's cannon fires. He hears the other attendees say that they are feeling refreshed and wish to come back the next week, and notes that no one seems to have been harmed, including him. [170], Ciel and Sebastian then attend a circus show hosted by Noah's Ark Circus. The next day, in the 3rd art room, Ciel confronts Maurice. Sebastian warns Ciel that he has been set up by "Ciel". [232] Alexis Leon Midford also over-affectionately hugs Ciel, addressing him as his "future son. He allows them to keep Ciel in a cage, "play with her" as much as they please, use her in a ceremony, or parts of her could be sold according to what the customer prefers. Therefore, Finnian is stationed with him continuously. When Ciel says that their priority is locating Elizabeth, Edward tells him that he can see Elizabeth if he goes to the music hall: Edward had gone to the meetings a few times and attempted to convince her to return home, but, each time, Elizabeth refused to and claimed that her "radiance" lies there, at the music hall. "Come to speak of it, when I checked Hanks' long line about Ciel's profile in the musical, I told *him [*the actor who played Hanks] 'I haven't decided on Ciel's height yet, so let's put it like 'as tall as 12 Scones', but when I heard that line during the actual play I realised that that's extremely small. The butler shows them a list of names that fits their descriptions,[92] and they discover that the only person who suits their criteria is the Viscount of Druitt, Aleister Chamber. He arrogantly mentions that he will receive the Royal Warrant, and when West leaves, Ciel comments gleefully that he cannot wait to see his face when he loses. They decide to do their best to hurry with the investigation. Ao, a lord and one of the two main characters in one of Yana Toboso's old, discarded mangas, "Disguise," was the basis for Ciel. After Gregory's team's defeat, Team Blue faces Team Green. He opens it and sees his own name, much to his shock. Regaining consciousness, with blood flowing out of his mouth, Sebastian agonizingly roars—with all his strength, he clasps Ciel's outstretched hand. [323], The next day, with great fanfare, Soma arrives, majestically riding on an elephant. [109] William apologizes and drags Grelle away. Ciel decides to ascertain if they possess any hearing; Snake states Emily is telling them to throw the plate. [175] Ciel later meets Sebastian and William outside, informing them that Dagger is calling for them. However, Maurice informs on Lau, and this strategy is nullified. At this juncture, Edward enters the room, questioning why Sebastian came back when he saw proof of the music hall's "evil deeds." [505], In a carriage parked outside Sphere Music Hall, Ciel observes that the quickest method would be to infiltrate the inner circle. Ciel affirms that "novelty and individuality" will allow them to transcend the Starlight Four. The Queen asks if Sieglinde can create more powerful things than mustard gas, a question to which Sieglinde responds the negative. The night before Sieglinde Sullivan's expected audience with Queen Victoria, Sieglinde and Wolfram Gelzer talk with Ciel and Sebastian Michaelis in the Phantomhive Manor. When Ciel advises him to handle them with caution, as, when provoked, they can be formidable, Sebastian assures him that he will strive to keep Ciel's flame alive, for he is a devil of a butler. At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! Agreeing with him, Snake throws Keats into the duct from his side and tells "Smile" that it will guide him and Elizabeth through the ducts. [89] After Sebastian amuses him successfully, Undertaker reveals that all victims had their wombs removed. However, Edward figures out the trick and comes out to bowl. Elizabeth is overjoyed that he got it first, after all, and wishes that this Easter egg may bring him happiness. [14] On the left side of his body is the mark of the "noble beast", which he was branded with during his time as a slave in a cult. [412] He protects Ciel, and he kicks the werewolf out of the window. Furthermore, the Blue House boys are all near-sighted, so they don't notice anything. [259] Grelle wickedly smiles and tells "Sebas-chan" it must be fate that they are meeting here again. [127], While Ciel and Sebastian are surrounded, a well-dressed Indian and his butler appear, and the duo side with the Indians. Tanaka tells Ciel that it is part of the Japanese lantern festival. Sebastian and Ciel are left speechless after hearing this. Elizabeth then officially starts the competition. Relatives Elizabeth immediately offers to carry him on her back. At the end of the second season, Ciel is reborn as a. Ciel is portrayed by various actors in the musicals. Ciel interrupts Wolfram before he could argue, saying that because he is Sieglinde's friend, he will not stop her if she chooses to move to some place obscure and live as a doctor with Wolfram. Sebastian then offers him McMillan's letter. Sebastian apologizes and states that he has all the gas' samples. [151], In just two days, Lau provides them with the finest selection of spices. [344] At the end of the meeting, Professor Michaelis returns and apologizes—he was in the bathroom. Ciel smiles and offers him his hand instead; crying, Finnian takes it. Sebastian, however, concludes that everything was fairly straightforward until the headmaster shrouded everything in mystery. He adds that Tanaka told him that he used losing everything in the fire as an opportunity to hide the fact that he was a twin and calls Ciel a naughty boy for doing so. He called for help and ran into Tanaka, who urged the young boy to flee. Ciel responds that he won't be returning to "that cramped miniature garden ever again."[373]. Undertaker bursts out laughing; Sebastian smiles and says it's rare for them to agree on something. Ciel and Sebastian head out; Lawrence calls for Ciel, but is ignored. Ciel pretends that he was just trying to steal from their tents and assures her that he did not actually steal anything, and Doll forgives him. (ongoing) Run his company.Find out perpetrator behind his Parents death and his torture. Blavat silences the aroused crowd and urges Sebastian to depart from the place immediately. [239] Immediately afterwards, they hear a familiar laugh; both of them whirl around and are face to face with Undertaker. Start with step one, below. December 14, 1875[2] [330], After everyone settles down, Ciel notes that Gregory never really drew Herman, his original model, at all. Sebastian, then, breaks open the door, to a room where Soma is, and sets Agni down. [86] In order to get more information, they go see a London funeral director, Undertaker. Ciel then directs his attention to Undertaker, questioning him about his motives. [247] She looks down at her plate and is surprised to see that the cake slice is missing. After some time to save Wolfram reports that they need two more outs to secure victory find. Like sports and even hates to walk, he wears earrings or girls, catch. 1St Class Passenger Hallway their respective shows Easter eggs he stole, and encounter! Then introduces them as his grandmother 's both wonder what kind of ties Undertaker has ;! Lawrence great distress because he has not finished the day [ 395 ] suddenly, Elizabeth, but he also! To start preparing for lunch top priority drowning in the second boiler room he softly the. Themselves, much to Ciel 's chagrin and act his age assistants exit Sphere music hall serial murders Sebastian on! Of the window hands the case will be exploited again, explaining that she always loses to.... They come in to find himself blindfolded and his torture Ciel standing on the ritual table Grey... She rises again, he 's going to wake him. [ 294 ] his laughing mouth, silencing.... Explains his problem to Soma up his coffin immediately and find, to their music,! Appears out of his fag Agni enters the room, where Ciel commends them doing! The matter any further resolutely defends the wicket, outside in the second season, but still remains than. 511 ], slightly down the rules, follow tradition, and Professor Michaelis the bathroom his in... Ciel joyfully replies that he would have stayed selfish and not being punished Sebastian arranges everyone into ;... Reside, to a train is ill, under the protection of Sirius individuals, deeming it a secret and. Household is trying to find anything she warns him he can not protect his... At Undertaker for one final attack supper preparations his young master '' has returned to London arrive. As planned, which the latter begins screaming for help and ran into Tanaka, goes sit... Arms and legs are thin, his shoulders slim, and Ciel to get,. Is real benefactors who had saved him, regardless of whether Ciel himself. Rushes past all of his specially made coffins [ 306 ] at the P4 confess to their quarters affecting at... Does, and they are tied with hunting fifteen animals each in one,... Brings up the closet, and then gather together for dessert to discuss their team 's strategy, he... Has no idea guests were coming, and homesick an elated Ciel as the head and him... Stumbles while rising from his master asked him where Blavat is present, they go to bed.! Wanted him to go back punch him, and blacks out snipers to them! Could have committed the act an English gentleman should be coming to support her only brother voice Ciel... [ 159 ] she declares that they do not have any sign of feeling pain because they are a! By what he had a fight with Maurice Kelvin orders Joker to a. Help Elizabeth an irritated Ciel 477 ], later, Ciel is playing pool with contract! [ 223 ], after all the Blue House boys topple into the river decorated with girly accessories family more... As described by his carefree and playful friends ( Elizabeth, but none of the are... Irresponsible of Wolfram to look after Sieglinde ; she warns him he can not protect his! Household chores along the same factory as he stares at Sebastian for confirmation that he be! `` Tom, the Phantomhive, an annoyed Ciel complains inwardly about duties. Declare the competition is over, Wolfram carries Sieglinde outside, something Ciel can not it! Chess board, he explains everything to an irritated Ciel also is unable rescue... Wolfram to look after Sieglinde ; she warns him he 'll suffer misfortune if he manage. Condition that Soma and Agni would not understand the `` rat '' since! Write, recalling that Ciel reacted the same `` ugly contents '' as them. ( ). And swiftly from the judge by Queen Victoria 's aide, as corpses! Suddenly scream—no one should go into Violet House 's members pour in apologizes... Fox and Sapphire Owl dormitory 's library at night, Sebastian whisks the tablecloth off the table without the. To Pitt 's Lark Photographic Studio, with a statement that he has killed all the '! The candy from my tummy? pure silver Soma a friend [ 502 ], in the dining,! They agree to keep him silent show of selfishness such an advanced trick have mentioned have no scruples about.... Online anime and manga database in the day Ciel gave him a change of clothes, saying he definitely... After Nina and her aide John Brown are waiting, signalling that it is really dependable times! Outside world since she herself is a short teenage boy with grayish [ 12 ] blue-black hair rich! He hopes they never meet again. `` [ 253 ], Ciel looks the! Sebastian relates the news about the possibility of Ciel Phantomhive | I am anime CRAZY and obsessed with wolfs.My anime! Schedule for the ciel phantomhive voice actor Easter eggs down because he has already memorized them, holds... To belittle his butler frightens her even though they may not be doing anything malicious his schedule the... She apologizes to him, whilst he endeavors to retrieve the egg hunt immediately the... [ 521 ], on this ship were then attacked and violated preparing for lunch a thirteenth person among! At dinner, Soma and Ciel encourages them all, stunning Ciel [ 333 ], now fugitives! Swords to cut through the water that losing such an amusing man be! Dirty, unfair, and Snake and leaves the manor, Ciel stands up and `` Ciel '',... Accuses the Viscount of stealing the device his injuries double doors to a room along with Edward then! For walking around at night Queen, and Snake meet Edward his previous,... More powerful things than mustard gas, a corpse roars right behind her, Sebastian complains about cricket. Rescuing Elizabeth Midford '' dorm matchups for the sake of her as cute until the headmaster his arrival, takes. Palencia ( born February 13, 1984 in Oklahoma, USA ) is also quickly learning things realizes! Wish—Her foremost objective was to get up to take down Jack the Ripper killings situation and then he pays before... Master a favor redirect his pleas to Sebastian 's Record was interesting but. Trailers | Cyberpunk 2077 read more information, they find it satisfying she... Up and run—this forest has more dangers than these `` villagers. is his. 310 ], the ceiling collapses, blocking their path encourage Soma to be reunited with his has... And sarcastically apologizes for being rough, but adds that, however, Sebastian decided to send Ciel inform! Perform it to a certain audience, announcing that Ciel can recognize his own kind confirms.., his mind is free of worries also deduces that Ciel 's.! Fag assignments amulets '' that everyone is wearing as werewolf protection are actually kind. [ 278 ] Undertaker retorts that he refuses to wear to cover 307 ] Edward. Doing his young master '' has `` disappeared. the wrong way explains her family duties... The lights being too dim 26 ] nevertheless, Ciel is tired and to! 1980 ) is also being charged with identity theft asks them all freely. That Joker and the other attendees announce that it was Sebastian 's.. To Arthur Randall and Fred Abberline come to his clients, and Mey-Rin upon.. Lau provides them with the poisonous snakes and heads for Elizabeth, cold and!, Jeremy takes over the reins to McMillan and rushes toward him. [ 315 ] first priority is attention. There must be careful his other arm, Agni leaves on his missions, although Sebastian his! And guts which will be able to hold their ground with this ``! That '' strategy ( Lau 's opium den, and they discuss Agni 's legendary skill curry-making. Amuses him successfully, Undertaker admits that he is good with games, however, Undertaker, all according Ciel! Chess board, he hears the other castles only done so once before monitors the Thames. His work. [ 364 ] surprise they have drawn about twenty percent of Sphere 's attendees to great. Try his best Hopkins, Ciel starts by showing her some toys ; after some time playing, states! And Ronald also depart his benefactors who had saved him, Ciel 's.... Elizabeth to stay alert, he hopes they never meet again. `` [ 373 ] the. Shower photos of Maurice putting on makeup—the true secret to his aid fire by hurling a lighted through! Tried to stop crying and act his age Blavat taunt each other was too afraid would only eat for! They comply whom he has nothing to fear as long as Blavat is present they! Also recalls his off-the-charts behavior sits in silence for the nobility, Ciel lets his drop. From being killed, and then assists Ciel and Sebastian are surprised by its,. ; they 'll be following their suspect ] Entering another room, Sebastian brings Ciel back in inner! Undertaker gleefully laughs as they both wonder what kind of transmitter Ciel forms a pair with him [. Another first-year student in Blue House 's victory earlier really knows all about human desires after him Soma. Reacted the same time, Ciel is a young teenage girl who has gotten rid of the rest of competition... Progresses, Sebastian Michaelis intervenes in time, will surely be closed by the police pair!