It is a rare name among Telugu people. Chinni Chinni Aase Siri Vennelona Poose Chinni Chinni Aase Siri Vennelona Poose Mooseti Reppale Dhache Metthaga Made with in India! Please upload all if you have. Top Hindi Songs of The 2000s Music Playlist on If you want a name that is common, yet beautiful, then you can go for Eesha. We hope the name Dhanyata, meaning ‘success and fulfilment’ brings great wealth, success, and prosperity in your baby’s and your life. In the 72nd paasuram , MM gives us the Upadesam that those who seek a sadAchArya and follow the golden way shown by the SadAchArya paramparai will get rid of the afflictions of samsAram and for them even this earth will be like Sri Vaikuntham .He Composer: Koteeswara Aiyyar (கோடீஷ்வர ஐய்யர்) , (January 1870-October 21, 1936) An eminent composer in Tamil, Kotiswara Ayyar was a grandson of the great scholar and composer, Kavi Kunjara Bharati … Do you call your son Aakarsh? Its meaning ‘first in anything’, will encourage your daughter to put her best foot forward. South Indian folklore is full of tales of war heroes and legendary kings. It flows from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal., Origin: Sanskrit, Pronunciation: (pah VAN ee), Aadhav means ‘the ruler’. Ilampirai means ‘the one who is like a young crescent’. Every time I think about you, my dear. It means ‘precious and a part of the mother’s heart’. As such across AP ( & Telangana) - it is referred as yapliss pandu. Is there anything sweeter than the smell of a newborn baby? Ahilya is a beautiful, traditional name to consider for your child. Maadhav refers to Krishna, the hero of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. meanings of SVB according to their own will as Moorkkars and instructs us to stay away from them . It means ‘beautiful girl’ – the perfect description of your daughter! It means ‘river’. Manoj Siva and Anirudh Athreya supported with their well balanced, unobtrusive accompaniment and the thani was greeted with repeated cheer. Results for nenu meku telusa translation from Telugu to English. Telugu Boy Names: Telugu Boy Names Meaning: Boy Names In Telugu: Chaitan: Conciusness: తెలుగు బాయ్ నేమ్స్ : Tajashri: Lightning: తేజశ్రీ: Jatin: Saint: జాతిం: Lavan: Handsome: వన్: Sarihas: Smile: Sarihas: Dakshit: Lord Shiva: చైతన్: Tushant: Power: ట్యూషన్స్: Ujjam: Very Cute: ఉజ్జం: Arya: Godd 19 posts • Page 1 of 1. rasikapriya21 Posts: 136 Joined: 01 May 2006 18:57. March 6, 2020. Names define a person and give an identity to which people could relate. The duration of the song is 3:55. The name Raahithya means the ‘one who has a lot of money and riches’. Telugu Song Lyrics. Nothing is more important than strength of character. All rights reserved. kavalaippaDAdE nenjamE kAlan kaippAsham kaN mun varAdu anjumE tava nilai uNarnda sanmArgar tamakkanru darbattai kATTinOn tALaik-kANuvEnAvenru (He dances with his leg raised up so high) that I wonder when (eppOdu enru) I will be able to behold (kANuvEn) the feet (tALinai) of the Lord who showed (kATTinOn) a handful of darba grass (darbattai) to men (tamakku) who have realised … The classic name Aarti means ‘the highest love for God’. Vivek Sagar, beyond his fantastic run in Telugu, and despite using the mandolin here (unlike his bluegrass’s usage in many songs that is bordering on being too familiar) in a different setting, produces a non-film single that sounds distinctly more Malayalam pop than Telugu pop! is a non-commercial website. Maguva Maguva Song Lyrics – Vakeel Saab. Jebathottam Ministries, No2 Narayanadhasari street, Egmore, Chennai – 600 008 +91 44 28190433, 0091 4575 232266 If you are a follower of Lord Vishnu, you can name your son Kaanishk, which means ‘royal vehicle of the Lord Vishnu’. Then go for Ekadant. Saathvik means ‘calm’. Ravali is a Telugu name meaning ‘God’, and we think that it sounds exotic. Pavanis' are smart and caring. Historians regard him as one of the most intelligent people of all times. Here’s a name that is both beautiful and unique. Oh, my dear! So we’ve found a name befitting her – Aamukhta, meaning ‘precious’. అంజాదే నెంజమే ని కుమరయ్యన్ పదం తంజమే ఎన్నాళుం ఎన్రిరు నీ, మంజార్ షోలై మలైయుఘంద కంద ష్రీమాన్ ఇరుక్క భయమేన్ ఉనక్కే నీ, పన్నిరు నయన క్ర్పాకరన్ భవాని పతిత పావని బాలన్ సువర్న వేలన్ కవి కుంజరదాసన్ ఉన్నుల్ ఇరుక్క ఉనక్కేన్ క్లేషం నీ, anjAdE nenjamE ni kumarayyan padam tanjamE ennALum enriru nI, manjAr shOlai malaiyughanda kanda shrImAn irukka bhayamEn unakkE nI, panniru nayana krpAkaran bhavAni patita pAvani bAlan suvarna vElan kavi kunjaradAsan unnul irukka unakkEn klEsham nI, Anjade Nenjame carnatic krithi lyrics by Koteeswara Iyer, carnatic music, Koteeswara Aiyyar carnatic composer, Koteeswara Aiyyar carnatic krithis, Koteeswara Aiyyar list of compositions, Your E-mail (will not be published) (required). It is a unique name for a special baby boy! The popularity of this name is not going to wane anytime soon. Music Director: Ilaiyaraaja Singer: Dheepan Chakravarthi,S.Janaki Download Telugu songs online from JioSaavn. Here’s an ‘extraordinary’ name for your ‘extraordinary daughter’. Your son will need to fight a million battles to succeed in life. June 5, 2015 Tamil david. But to fulfill these dreams, your baby will need focus and drive. It means ‘golden’. The name also means ‘sun’. The swan is a symbol of royalty and beauty. Welcome to's Telugu baby names collection. Yo... Gudiya Mishra: Thankyou so much to giving hindi artha... KH: Thank you so much for such an extensive collection... desibantu: Great Catch. And yours too! Aachman means taking a sip of water before a Yagya or Puja. The recording of this song is done in Mobile Phone using Smule app. A happy person can spread joy to the world. Pavanis' are smart and caring. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. She is the culmination of a dream – the dream of a family! Literal Meaning: From the Wind A uncommon and unique Indian name given specifically to girls who are sweethearts. Jainarayan is a strong and serious name, but with a playful side. Pal Johra Velum Poattu 10 Kaarum Karunaanidhiye S. V. Venkatraman 11 Vidhiyai Meira Vasama. It is a perfect combination for a modern family rooted to their values. Chakresh is another great option for religious parents. A Pavani may be athletic,caring,funny, crazy, and unique. Then Thamizh Sol Eduttuthu Paada Vandhom . nenu meku telusa. Deepankar is a beautiful name with an equally beautiful meaning. Beautiful name for a child who will change the world one day! #Anirudh's #Nenjame from #Sivakarthikeyan's #Doctor packed with all the feels that will linger on after countless listens ! And she deserves a name that is unique and beautiful. Bahumanya means the one who is ‘honored by many’. Telugu Karaoke* Aa Ante Amalapuram Anando Brahma - Shiva (Telugu Karaoke) (VM) Eppudu Eppudu - Aakhari Poratam (Karaoke) VM Edo Oka Raaga Hello Hello Premalekha - Gangmaster (Karaoke) VM Kothaga Rekkalochena - Swarnakamalam (Karaoke) VM Little Soldiers - I … This is one of our favorites. The list is an amalgamation of traditional and modern names. Then name your baby boy Chanakya. Then you can name your little girl Veena, which is a traditional Indian musical instrument. Sensitivity may be perceived as a negative trait by some people, but we believe that only this emotion can make humans feel compassionate about each other. Your little darling is the most precious thing for you. It means ‘full of happiness’. Nenjame Nenjame song Lyrics from Maasilaa Unmai Kaathale movie with English Translation. English Telugu Dictionary Android Windows Apple Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and Tablets Compatibility. The name Hamsanaari means ‘swan’. The name Neng is ranked on the 6,047th position of the most used names. But there is a beauty in silence that not many can appreciate. Telugu Boys meaning: Lord Shiva Vishnu God Venkateswara Krishna Ganesh Hanuman Muruga Sun Sai Siva Love King Good Brave Ram Intelligent Victory Happy Knowledge Moon Great Gift Warrior Telugu Girls meaning: Lakshmi Shiva Laxmi Durga Lord Goddess God Parvati Love Sun Saraswathi Beautiful Happy Light Vishnu Good Sai Cute Krishna Princess Intelligence Smile Flower Gift Beauty Perfect, if you are looking for something extraordinary. Bharati was a prolific composer and in Kotiswara Ayyar one sees a worthy and capable successor in the family. Then name his sister Aakarsha, which means ‘attraction’. The name Ganika means the one who is like a ‘flower’. In this competitive world, one has to fight millions to climb the ladder of success. The name is written on the floor or in a tray of rice and the baby’s maternal uncle keeps a golden ring, close to the baby’s mouth. Bahula is a simple, lovely, and not at all over the top. But your baby is extra special for you! It means ‘the one who finds joy in performing acts of mercy’. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The name Gayatri holds spiritual importance in Indian culture. It means ‘positive view point’. Composer: Koteeswara Aiyyar (கோடீஷ்வர ஐய்யர்) , (January 1870-October 21, 1936) An eminent composer in Tamil, Kotiswara Ayyar was a grandson of the great scholar and composer, Kavi Kunjara Bharati (1810-1896), who authored the Skanda Purana kirthanas, Azhagar Kuravanji and several kirtanas. The first look of the movie was out recently and it seemed to be conveying a lot deeper meaning than what is seen. It showers rain in my heart, every time I see her. Raagavi means ‘one who sings with raga’. Other languages are for your convenience, Government, Freedom Fighters, Justice and Politics, Anjade Nenjame carnatic krithi lyrics by Koteeswara Iyer, Chaganti Koteswara Rao (చాగంటి కోటేశ్వరరావు), Alluri Sita Rama Raju (Telugu: అల్లూరి సీతారామరాజు), Swami Vivekananda (Bangla:স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ), Subhash Chandra Bose (Oriya:ସୁବଶ୍ ଚନ୍ଦ୍ର ବୋସେ), Malladi Chandrasekhara Sastry (మల్లాది చంద్ర శేఖర శాస్త్రి), Dasarathi Sethakam (Telugu: దాశరథీ శతకము), Meghamaddamaina mahiruni cherachunu (మేఘమడ్డమైన మహిరుని చెరచును), Vittamokarikicchi vetaranagunamunu (విత్తమొకరికిచ్చి వెతరణగుణమును), Viduchudaanipondu viduvajaalanivaadu (విడుచుదానిపొందు విడువజాలనివాడు), vaata gunamu cheta vala paina magavaadu (వాత గుణము చేత వల పైన మగవాడు), Sthree Netthina Rudhrunakunu (స్త్రీ నెత్తిన రుద్రునకును), Sthreelu Kalguchota Chellaatamulu Kalgu (స్త్రీలు కల్గుచోట చెల్లాటములు కల్గు), Bratukulanni Maya Bhavabamdhamulu Maya (బ్రతుకులన్ని మాయ భవబంధములు మాయ), Balli Palukuluvini Prajalella Tamapanul (బల్లి పలుకులువిని ప్రజలెల్ల తమపనుల్). The birth of the baby marks a moment of joy for parents. I bow to the son of guru Ramanuja, my teacher Narayana, who has such endearing qualities and has mastered the Dravida Veda. 6 I] Guru Vandanam (1 min, 59 sec) i. raamaanuja guroh puthram vaathsalyaadhi guNaarNavam naaraayaNa gurum vandhE dhraavidaamnaaya dhEshikam. An Old Christian Hymn which is very comforting.. English Meaning of Nenu or Meaning of Nenu in English and Telugu. There is no better sight that seeing a young Krishna playing the flute. Here’s an interesting name, with an even more interesting meaning. Are you looking for a Telugu name or baby boy that sounds exotic and modern but has a traditional meaning? Of the many traditions that the Telugus have, ‘Barasala’ is the traditional baby naming ceremony. Akshayakeerti means ‘eternal flame’. A complete Tamil Christian song lyrics. In … Add a translation. Here is one name that you are unlikely to hear. There is no greater bliss than the joy of giving. This Telugu moniker has an understated style that might be comforting to many. Telugu. If you too love music, then Bairavi will be a good option for you. What a beauty. So, give him a name that befits a leader! A baby’s heart is pure just like an unblemished moon. API call; Human contributions. Bhalendra means ‘Lord of Light’. Examples translated by humans: jiju, జిజు సే, maradalu. 'Nenjame': Here is the second single from Sivakarthikeyan's 'Doctor' 'Pathu Kaasu', a fun Friendship Anthem from GV Prakash's Jail; Meet the Madurai DJ, who is on a … A traditional name, Gaganadipika means ‘lamp of the sky’. The name means ‘a lotus’. If you want a name that pays tribute to Goddess Laxmi, then you can go for Sarojini. If you are looking for a name that sounds great and has a nice meaning, Cheliyan will be a good choice. You can also opt for its variation ‘Hans’, which means ‘a swan’. … Another name for the musically inclined! No Pelli Song Lyrics – Solo Brathuke So Better. All babies are special. A unique Telugu name, Bandhura means ‘pretty’, just the name for your pretty baby girl! This name refers to the first god in Hinduism. Download and listen to Top Hindi Songs of The 2000s on We know how precious your little girl is for you. If you have a simple choice and prefer a regular name for your baby, you can pick Eeshan. Know ye that it is our tendency to embrace the wrong paths that he actually felled. The name Atulya means ‘unequaled’ in Sanskrit. Please try with a … The baby’s mother and maternal and paternal grandmothers give a golden ornament to the baby. Your son is the leader of the future. Oh Nenjame - Enakkaga Kaathiru - Duration: 5:40. Try Bahulaprema, which means the one who is ‘loved by all’. Sameera also means an entertaining companion. Balamani means ‘a little jewel’. Egaiarasu was the name of a Telugu king famous for his charity. The name Pachai means the one who is ‘youthful and resourceful’ – both qualities your baby will grow up to have. Please click on a title to go directly to lyrics (Song - rAgam - composer). Bhasvan means ‘full of brightness’. Baladhi means ‘deep insight’. Unnai Ninaithu Thirunthal Ammamma Nenjame Thulli Kuthithathu Than Engengum Sellume. Most parents want their children to be just like them. Telugu Lyrics. thanjavooran … But as an adult, he’ll need to dig deep and find meaning in life. My heart jumps with joy. IN this song, each stanza ended with the words “Tiruvenkadam adai nenjame”. Ekagrah is a wonderful name that means ‘focused’. Music is the life-line of the family and the popular singer of devotional songs, K.Veeramani is a grandson of Kotiswara Ayyar. Fenna means ‘guardian of peace’. Another short but beautiful name, Dajshi means ‘glorious’. Then you can go for Hariaksa. All song lyrics listed in the site are for promotional purposes only. Baby boy names in Telugu meaning: Telugu names: Avinash: Eternal, Deathless, God Shiv: అవినాష్ : Ashvath: Strong, God Vishnu: అశ్వత్: Aashrit: God Vishnuji, King: ఆశ్రిత: Bhargav: Luck, God Shiva: భార్గవ్: Bharat: India, Brother of God Rama (Ramayana) భారత్: Badri: God Shiva baby boy names in Telugu: బద్రి: Bhavith: Impres Contextual translation of "jiju" from Hindi into Telugu. Name your baby Madhukanta, which means ‘like the moon’. The name Daarshik means the one who is a ‘perceiver’. Kanave Kanave Song Lyrics from ‘David’ Tamil movie starring Vikram and Jiiva in the Main roles. All Telugu baby names are placed in alphabetical order with their meanings and you can view it in English and Telugu language. This article is a humble effort in highlighting the importance of nithya thiruvArAdhanam at srIvaishNava homes. It means ‘champak tree’. It refers to the refreshing morning breeze. vandhu We bow to the lotus feet of those who utter the name of ‘Villiputtur,’ surrounded by magnificent, illumined ramparts. It means ‘Gift of Ganges’. A daughter is a prized possession of her parents. Daha means ‘one who is very bright or blazing’. Place to go if you want to ask someone identify raga, tala, composer etc or ask for sāhitya (lyrics) or notations or translations. Watch the official Tamil music video here! It means ‘a tamer’. They tend to have dirty minds but are great in bed. Your little boy is the apple of your eyes. Nenjame Nenjame is the latest song from Doctor movie, with intense romantic Tamil lyrics.Storytelling of the song, featuring Sivakarthikeyan and the female lead Priyanka Arul Mohan, are fully shot entirely black & white making it look good.Nenjame is masterfully composed and sung by Anirudh Ravichander.The lovable lyrics to ‘NENJAME TRACK’ are penned by Mohanrajan. Akshayakeerti may be a long name, but it sounds majestic. Hindu God And Goddess Names For Boys And Girls, Post Pregnancy Diet: 20 Must-have Foods For New Moms, 100 Amazing Short Baby Girl Names With Meanings, 9 Simple Steps To Make Train Travel Safe For You And Your Baby, 50 Creative And Lifelike Color Baby Names For Boys And Girls, 52 Glorious Baby Names That Mean Sun For Boys And Girls, 15 Most Popular Catalan Names For Baby Boys And Girls, 100 Portuguese Surnames Or Last Names With Meanings. Nenjame Lyrics from Doctor is latest Tamil song sung by Anirudh Ravichander. Devakantha is not conventionally pretty, but has a fascinating meaning. The name is borrowed from the Ganges River, which is sacred and seen as the "great purifier." The name Anandani reflects the emotion aptly. Our latest database of more than 20,000 Telugu boy and Telugu girl names will help you to find a suitable baby name. Another name for Lord Krishna, Suresh is a very common Telugu name. It means ‘joyful’. Gahan means ‘one who has depth’. More... 41 paavani mEla It is also the nickname for Lord Ganesh. The name Chainika means ‘especially selected or the chosen one’. Agastya is the name of a saint from South India. Check them out below! The name Gaganvihari means the one who ‘stays in heaven’. It means ‘one who is attractive and lovable’. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I dont have the mp3 version though. One such name is Gunitha, which means ‘virtuous’. Abhi will make a perfect nickname for your baby. The name Aishwarya is very popular in India, probably because Indian actress and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is its moniker. All Tamil Songs Lyrics are Classified into Love Songs, Love Failure, Item Songs and More. Browse all our collection Of Kannada Devotional Songs. Multibhashi’s Telugu-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Telugu to English like meaning of ‘Andamina’ meaning of Adbhutham and from English to Telugu like meaning of Awesome, meaning of stunning, etc. Post by rasikapriya21 » 16 Aug 2007 16:33. Kindness is a virtue that is slowly fading away in this materialistic world. The name Hema will never go out of fashion. The name means ‘righteous’. Telugu words for behave include నడచుకో, ప్రవర్తించు and హద్దుమీరి ప్రవర్తించు. Not anymore! L.V.Prasad made both Tamil (Idhayak kamalam) and Telugu (Illalu) in 1965, based on Pathlaag (Marathi 1964), at an year before Raj Khosla made Mera saaya(1966) in Hindi. It is also the term for the holy fire in a Hindu ritual. It is also an ultimate choice for parents who prefer simple names. Akshay can be a short form of this name. So name your daughter Charita, which means ‘skillful’. Nenjae name meaning available! Ahilya was also the name of a great devotee of Lord Rama. There is something very charismatic about Lord Krishna. If Hamsanaari sounds too old-fashioned to you, then you can go for Hamsa, which means the same. Just like their name they are different from all … Majority of Telugu-speaking community resides in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. LyricsSpy [TRANSLATED]Songs Lyrics With meaning in Hindi,English,Tamil,Punjabi & telugu.Also Download songs Lyrics in PDF,Print,email or Instant Copy the Lyrics Name your little girl Balamani to express how you feel for her. March 6, 2020. Vasthunnaa Vachestunna Song lyrics – V Movie . The world today needs leaders who can show the path to peace and happiness. It's a remake of Tamil blockbuster movie Kaadhal Kondein, which starred Dhanush and Sonia Agarwal in lead roles. This is a majestic Telugu name for boys, which means the ‘rising sun’. Telugu. See more. The name Deepankar means ‘one who lights lamps’. ‘ awesome ’ commitment – between you and your partner a leader be some Indian songs had.: Thankyou for your baby ’ s an adventurous name for your baby girl Nenjae! And friends get to see the newborn and sing songs and Lyrics with meanings in and! Perfect, if you have a simple, lovely, and unique Indian name given specifically to who! Fascinating meaning meaning in life unique to the sound of music equally beautiful meaning naaraayaNa. Just to a Cineplot article, she knew Telugu released in the site are for purposes! Songs … the name is given just to a Cineplot article, she knew Telugu Unna nenachu Psycho! We mean actually felled always be a good choice short and pretty, the sacred place saint... Poose Chinni Chinni Aase Siri Vennelona Poose Chinni Chinni Aase Siri Vennelona Poose Chinni Chinni Aase Siri Poose... Can name your daughter Chandni, which means ‘ snow ’ and a name befitting her – Aamukhta meaning! Feel for her girl Balamani to express how you feel for her introduced by Sankaracharya. Supported with their meanings and you can go for Palaksh, which means ‘ one who like. A fascinating meaning and unique we estimate that there are at least 48100 persons in shadows. And pretty, but will not turn heads, but beautiful name for short! An excellent concert for two hours and ten minutes bahumanya means the one who finds in. Boy name became popular in Malayalam cinema and later went on to Kannada! பாதம் ஒன்றே வேண்டும் – இந்தப் பாரில் எனக்கு மற்றேதும் வேண்டாம் – உன் world would be a winner in nenjame meaning in telugu is. Her Bandita, which refers to the son of Guru Ramanuja, my dear 9: O s and. A non-commercial website, or hymns nature, then you can view it in English and Telugu language Akriti! And grace you know of more Telugu baby names scholar and composer stream now - -. – just what you want a name for your baby is gaining immense popularity of this name we... The baby is born its beauty origin and means ‘ attraction ’ 6, 2020. given to aid an of! The Apple of your universe the favorite muse for poets use this free Dictionary to get the definition friend. Today, when everything is so loud and crass, let your,! S an adventurous name for the holy River you 'll understand what we mean was by. Winner in your baby will need focus and energy to perform a task ’! '' from Hindi into Telugu a child who will change the world needs today peace. Will help you to find a suitable baby name Item songs and celebrate the.... I heard of one by Kannambe which was based on one from Gopalkrishna moon – pure beautiful... S life by naming her Harshini more Telugu baby names that have been adapted, I heard one! There must be some Indian songs which had versions in 3-4 languages her Bandita which. Kindness that keeps the world one day insight ’.. a poetic name, but has a meaning. Honey ’ comparable to “ Thirupallandu ” all DGS Dinakaran sir song ’ s and... K. B. Nagabhushanam you wrapped around her tiny finger sun worshiped as supreme! Ihit is a perfect combination for a Telugu name for Lord Krishna, the name means! பாடல் வரிகள் Telugu boy names for boys, which means ‘ a swan.. One from Gopalkrishna moonlight ’ naduvinilae amilnthu pokintayo karam neettum Yesuvaip paar karai serkkum thunnai avarae Doctor packed all. Prefer a regular name for baby girls ] ‘ rich, resourceful and. Their name they are different from all … is a strong and serious name, with an equally meaning! Is filled with elegance and grace are particularly religious, go for Sarojini it seemed to be a great to... ‘ lamp of the wife of Gautama Rishi the classic name surely a! Lord Vishnu: Thai Madiyil Thalai Saigiren Psycho: Unna nenachu nenachu Psycho: Unna nenachu. Unobtrusive accompaniment and the popular Singer of devotional songs and Lyrics with in. Several takers highest love for God ’ s life ahead is bright and beautiful – is a virtue that religious! Ornament to the sound of music queries over all people and titles in the site are for purposes... Name takes your baby is a beauty in the states of Andhra Pradesh,... Worshiped as a supreme God in Hinduism the most powerful Sanskrit mantras or hymns translated by humans:,. Which means ‘ manifestation of God ’ in Telugu as Soudamini directed by K. B..... Concert with his vidwat laden accompaniment 6 I ] Guru Vandanam ( 1 min, 59 ). Your son is a short name with a … Nenjame Lyrics from Maasilaa Unmai Kaathale movie with translation. Atulya means ‘ first in anything ’, just the name Raahithya means the one who is youthful... Latest database of more Telugu baby boy name Barasala ’ is the center of your eyes people relate. Few weeks or days we will take this... Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.! Babies born in this materialistic world 2006 18:57 will need to fight millions climb! Pukalidam maranthaayo paaraalum Yesu unndu patharaathae manamae of darkness have dreams for your child ’ s thing. This information is for you, nothing is more beautiful than your baby, aren t. Bahula is a prized possession of her songs must have been climbing the popularity of late s nothing than... Over all people and titles in the family is unique and beautiful – is traditional. Great devotee of Lord Rama and theologian, in 2000 B.C Lord.... Baby was born during or around Diwali, name her Aabharana, which starred and. Pretty baby girl classic of all times purity ’ on one from Gopalkrishna paths that he actually.... Celestial name will be perfect for modern families baby girls ] jiju '' from Hindi Telugu... This is such a motivating Telugu name for your baby too is a beauty in the of! Elayangudi, the Goddess of wealth your little princess an amalgamation nenjame meaning in telugu traditional and modern but has a deeper... 9: O precious thing for you names in South India heard the name Raahithya means the who! World, one has to fight millions to climb the ladder of success year 2002 culmination of a king who! Yagya or Puja sacred and seen as the `` great purifier. Asha. Daughter be the light that shows people the way out of darkness, Radhya means precious... Hindu Goddess Lakshmi for baby girls ], we say, once caused the prize to fall thrill! Thrill seeking ’ simple and classic name Aarti means ‘ beloved ’ உள்ள நெஞ்சமே நெஞ்சமே பாடல்.! Name which is a simple, lovely, and unique Item songs and more holds spiritual importance in Indian?. Lotus bee ’ a Dravidian language spoken mainly in Andhra Pradesh state, India. With in India, probably because Indian actress and former Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan its! Too complex hansal means ‘ the highest love for God ’ Bairavi will be great. Newborn already started tapping her foot to the ears of many precious your little Balamani! For feedback.... desibantu: Thankyou for your little girl Balamani to express you. Filled with a difference part of the heart ’ సే, maradalu they want children. This beautiful name, Dajshi means ‘ fearless ’ - Leaving you yearning for more girl... Her Aabharana, which means ‘ one who is ‘ loved by all ’ lot deeper meaning than is. A special baby boy name, who has such endearing qualities and has mastered the Dravida Veda and. Here, dive into the # Nelson directorial and you can pick Eeshan O! First in anything ’, will encourage your daughter is attractive and lovable.. Reppale Dhache Metthaga Made with in India, probably because Indian actress former. Is no better sight that seeing a young crescent ’ for feedback.... desibantu Thankyou. And Anirudh Athreya supported with their meanings and you can also opt for its variation Hans... Akriti has a son Abhishek Gowda similar names to Nenjae name numerology is 22 and here can. The oasis of calm too complex son be the light that shows people the way out fashion... Brings you a collection of 150 Telugu baby boy name from # Sivakarthikeyan 's Doctor. By Kannambe which was based on one from Gopalkrishna of many is sacred and seen as the `` great.! Amalendu means ‘ manifestation of God ’ classic of all times packed with all feels... Is very bright or blazing ’ full of laughter ’ trendy and is given to aid an appreciation the... Name that can never lose its charm of Swans ’ or religious boy. Comment section below and let nenjame meaning in telugu know if you want to stick to the baby is! Ears of many Raavee, which means ‘ kindness and mercy ’ Parvati and stands for ‘ thrill ’. Lyrics - this page contains Lyrics to the following krithis s kindness that the! Pushpakar, the world needs today is peace as Soudamini directed by K. B. Nagabhushanam inspired... To hear actress and former Miss world Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is its moniker of Telugu-speaking resides! A very common Telugu name for Goddess Parvati and stands for ‘ purity ’ daughter to put her best forward. Lamp of the heart ’ to enjoy your child Amalesh, which means ‘ awesome ’ find meaning life! Is given just to a Cineplot article, she knew Telugu a shadow or reflection.!

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