By the era of the Galactic Empire, Boba possessed the same set of Mandalorian armor worn by Jango, although its appearance had been altered significantly. [5] He was also an honorable man according to his friend, the pirate Hondo Ohnaka. 1.83 meters[5] [17] The first battalions consisted of two-hundred thousand units;[3] in time Fett's clones numbered in the millions. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Jango Fett animated GIFs to your conversations. There are several reason from AOTC that lead me to this conclusion. Fett also makes a cameo appearance in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. Mass Species [1] In addition, one of the announcement teasers for The Mandalorian described Jango and his son Boba as Mandalorians, leaving their actual status as Mandalorians ambiguous. Ever! Very appropriate for the Fett doctrine of having weapons and secrets anywhere and everywhere. [11], Shortly before the Clone Wars, Ashaar Khorda employed Fett to retrieve the statue known as the Infant of Shaa. The cave was inhabited by a predator known as the Balyeg, and Jango sprayed his son with the scent of the Pardlam, the Balyeg's main food source. Years later, he would go on to lead them through much of the Mandalorian Civil War as Mandalore. Silas was an active member of the True Mandalorians, he entered the faction some time after the Death Watch supposed demise on Concord Dawn, he and Jango became good friends and occasionaly worked together during missions, he was with Jango when they witnesed Jaster Mereel violent death, and prevented Jango from getting gunned down, later supporting him in his rise to the mandalore position. The reek charged at Fett a second time, who dispatched it with one shot. [15] If so, his clones trained under his supervision would be very effective once Order 66, the order to eliminate all Jedi, was issued. He later served as Count Dooku's personal bodyguard during the battle between the Jedi and Separatists. Tan[3] Physical description Jango is personalized internet radio that helps you find new music based on what you already like. Fett continued to take jobs as a bounty hunter. 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Reaching Sebolto's transport ship, Fett discovered Huttese markings, which led Fett straight to Tatooine. Disgusted, Larbo asked what kind of man would use his own son as bait, though Boba replied, "Only a son can know his father's heart". Fett and Sing managed to escape from Rigorra's clutches and capture their targets. Sort: Relevant Newest # star wars # episode 2 # mandalorian # attack of the clones # episode ii # star wars # boba # robot chicken # boba fett # fett After being imprisoned by Jedi, Fett was responsible for destroying the Death Watch, a Mandalorian group who killed Fett's mentor and surrogate father, Jaster Mereel. was a domain name purchased by Lucasfilm before the release of Attack of the Clones. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Fett pursued Jervis Gloom—the low-life dealer Roz had turned him on to—throughout Galactic City's entertainment district, and upon locating him at his warehouse, he captured and forced Gloom to reveal who he was working for and where the death sticks he sold were coming from. Wesell managed to get away from Sebolto and head back down the compound, where she helped Fett call a skiff to cross a chasm separating the compound from the jungle. Using the firefight as a distraction, Fett planted an explosive charge beneath the Death Watch's armored tank, destroying it. At some point Silas was captured and tortured by the sith Dooku in order to get information about Jango Fett, Silas refused, but the count was able to get the information by injecting him a powerful truth serum, he later ordered the torture droids to stop Silas heart and kill him. It was then that Montross, through with taking Mereel's orders, abandoned the seriously injured Mand'alor and left him to die by Vizsla's hand. [29] Fenn Shysa respected Fett and his skill so greatly that he firmly believed a descendant, relative, or clone of Fett would be the best choice to lead the Mandalorians. Fett said that a father could not ask for a better start to his son's legacy.[14]. For additional information on Jango Fett costuming, visit the discussion board at The Dented Helmet and check out their Jango Fett reference gallery Vosa murmured "He… is here." By the time of the Separatist Crisis, his face had several scars that he chose to conceal with a Mandalorian helmet. [7][20], Eight years prior to the Battle of Geonosis, Fett met with Mandalorian Cuy'val Dar training sergeant Kal Skirata in Tipoca's cloning facility. [8] The Death Watch had won at last. [41] It is possible that Ambu Fett may have been considered as the original name of Fett, or another Fett family member, or perhaps another clone. Height Boba infiltrated Windu's Star Destroyer, the Endurance, above the world of Vanqor and sabotaged it, causing it to crash on the planet's surface. Jango Fett was a human male Mandalorian bounty hunter and the clone template of the Grand Army of the Republic. He was often motivated by money, and as such his loyalty was to the highest bidder. Fett treks through Malastare's dense jungle to reach Sebolto's palace. Shorty after the Invasion of Naboo,[8] and in the years before the Clone Wars, on the moons of Bogden, Fett was recruited by the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus (publicly known as Count Dooku of Serenno) to be the genetic template for the clone army created by the cloners of the planet Kamino. [36], After the death of his mentor, Jaster Mereel, Fett inherited Mereel's personal ship. However, Kryze referred to Jango as Boba's donor instead of his father and insulted him for being a clone, which irritated Boba and caused him to provoke Reeves into fighting him by threatening Kryze.[34]. Bane's Story, Wait for It, Chapter 14: The Tragedy, Star Wars Helmet Collection 22 (Helmets: In Pictures), Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, Star Wars Helmet Collection 33 (Helmets: Commander Neyo), Star Wars Helmet Collection 41, Star Wars: Build Your Own X-Wing 11 (Starfighter Aces: Jango Fett – Legendary Bounty Hunter)–class. When Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala attempted to rescue Kenobi, only to stumble into the complex labyrinth of the Geonosis droid foundries, Fett would lead a team of droidekas in capturing Skywalker. Share the best GIFs now >>> The bounty was a test to determine if the rumors of Fett's skills against Jedi were true. [25] Following the success of Order 66 and the Republic's transformation into the Galactic Empire, the remaining Fett clones became the first generation of Imperial stormtroopers. [3] Despite his combat skills, Fett was no match for Mace Windu[5]—the Jedi Order's greatest champion[35]—who severed the hunter's head from his neck with one swing of his amethyst-bladed lightsaber. Placed in charge of the group humorously referred to as "Jango's Grunts", Fett and his team were in charge of providing cover fire and ensuring that the extraction point remained clear of danger. As the Jedi ships began to land, Fett desperately tried to warn his second-in-command, Myles, and the other Mandalorians to evacuate the camp, but his helmet's comlink had been damaged in his escape from Vizsla and they only received Fett's warning when he arrived seconds before the Jedi team. Fett's investigation was cut short by the arrival of a CSF gunship; demanding that he release Trell, Fett simply replied "As you wish." [1], Jango Fett and Kal Skirata oversee clone trooper training, Jango Fett's most famous contribution to the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic was the donation of his genes used to produce the army's clone troopers at Kamino's Tipoca City facility. When Fett surprised Meeko and offered him the chance to be taken in alive, Meeko fled, commanding his borhek to attack Fett. [23], Fett's death inspired Boba to pursue a vendetta against Windu for the murder of his father. Fett spent years as a slave aboard a spice transport, until his chance at freedom came when pirates attacked the ship. As part of his payment, Fett was given an unaltered clone whom he raised as his son, Boba Fett. 1.83 meters[4][5] During the hunt for Komari Vosa, which led to Oovo IV, the ship was destroyed in a riot caused by Zam Wesell. Jango told his son it was because there would come moments where he wouldn't have time to be scared. [16] Fett made for the Oovo asteroid belt with the intention of breaking the smuggler out of prison, and used Supply ship 1729 as cover to infiltrate the asteroid's shields. [1] Though he told others he came from this Mandalorian world, his exact history remained unknown, much to Fett's enjoyment. After the injured began to pile up in the care of fellow Cuy'val Dar sergeant and doctor, Mij Gilamar, Fett was notified and quickly put an end to the illicit fights after savagely beating Priest. There, he spoke with the man concerning the solitude that came with being Cuy'val Dar—"Those Who No Longer Exist". Fleeing into the nearby crop field, Fett was rescued by Mereel and his soldiers while his parents were murdered[9] and his sister taken by the Death Watch.[10]. With his family dead and his home in ruins, Fett joined the Mandalorians as they regrouped in a nearby town in order to stage an ambush on the Death Watch. When the war spilled on to Fett's homeworld, his father granted Jaster Mereel and his men refuge at their homestead. However, Fett learned that Cradossk and Bossk—two other bounty hunters hired by Wat Tambor—were stalking the same target. However, before she was able to reveal the identity of her employer to the Jedi, Fett killed her at a substantial distance with a Kamino saberdart.[3]. [30], Boba followed in his father's footsteps and became a freelance bounty hunter. When they confronted Sebolto he frantically tried to escape, but fell into the factory's chemical mixing vat, boiling him to death. [9] Unbeknownst to Fett, his sister Arla also survived the battle, taken prisoner by the Death Watch and later held for years in a mental institution on Coruscant until 19 BBY.[11]. He can be bought for $9000. After Kenobi left, Fett told Boba they were leaving. [3] His Mandalorian helmet featured a targeting range-finder that fed him constant data, allowing him to compensate for size, speed and atmospheric conditions. [39], George Lucas is thought to have chosen the name "Jango" as a reference to the titular character of the movie Django. Content approaching. There, the two met under civil circumstances at Fett's apartment in Tipoca City. [8] At another, Jango Fett was also an associate of pirate captain Hondo Ohnaka and fellow bounty hunter Aurra Sing. They then went back up the compound to Sebolto's palace with the pair of them killing anyone who got in their way. He is the most notorious bounty hunter in the galaxy before Boba. Tan[3] Jango's ship, Slave I, saw frequent use in the Clone Wars and later the Age of the Empire. Fett embraces his new identity as a Mandalorian warrior. Fett also contacted Tyranus to find out who hired Cradossk and have him taken off the job. After Wesell failed in her first attempt on Amidala's life, Fett set a new plan into action and emphasized to his partner that their employer's patience was waning. Vosa herself came to demand of him the name of his employer, but Zam Wesell freed Fett before being injured by the insane Dark Jedi. Heading to Malastare, Sebolto's homeworld, Fett managed to sneak inside the crime lord's palace with the help of Wesell. Jango Fett was a calm, analytic, and crafty mercenary, as well as an expert fighter, and reputedly, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. His first time as a squad commander,[12] the mission promised to be little more than a basic extraction operation. He had two jetpacks, one of which was a Merr-Sonn JT-12 jetpack; the jetpack was personally manufactured for Jango Fett by Merr-Sonn Munitions prior to the Clone Wars. After taking care of the planet's traffic control, Fett had his son Boba shoot the man. [16] En route to Malastare with Fust secured in the cargo hold, the other bounty hunter introduced herself as Zam Wesell. When she fell from the balcony, Fett caught and stunned her. He betrayed Jaster by letting Tor Vizsla kill him. His DNA spawned millions of clone troopers who shared his face, voice, and were trained to become soldiers. [26], On contract for the Trade Federation, Fett was hired to hunt down the Toydarian known as Reti, due to his predations on Trade Federation assets on Maramere. Species Though struck down by Mace Windu in combat, Fett's legacy would live on through his son Boba, as well as his cloned brethren, who would have a profound impact on galactic history. Later on, Fett agreed to serve as the genetic template for the clones that would form the bulk of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Cause unknown.<<<< So, Jango Fett was hunting him? However, it turned out that Jabba actually had nothing to do with Vosa or the crime syndicate. Jango Fett… In contrast to his relationship with Boba, Fett had no personal feelings toward the other clones save perhaps the ARC Troopers he personally trained. Roz and Jango often joked with each other, Roz being one of the only people he could trust. The father figure and biological identical to Boba Fett, Jango Fett teaches Boba everything he knows. Eye color However, he would not be alone, as Tyranus also extended an invitation to several other bounty hunters, including Montross. But when he reached the site, the expected team of security personnel in need turned out to be a Death Watch ambush. jango fett 505 GIFs. Stripped of his armor, he was sold into slavery. As Fett was brought to its pen, he managed to kill the guards that were at his side holding him down. [Assassin Zam Wesell meets her employer, Jango Fett, outside in a back alley on Coruscant] Zam Wesell : I hit the ship, but they used a decoy. Subservient to the will of the new Galactic Emperor, they enforced the laws of the New Order and suppressed Sidious' enemies during the early days of the Imperial Era. [16] Despite providing the genetic template for and overseeing the training of the clones, Fett felt no particular pride in them and viewed them as the Kaminoans' achievement. [42] The discrepancy was resolved in "Chapter 14: The Tragedy" of The Mandalorian Season Two, which revealed that Fett was a Mandalorian foundling. Obi-Wan frowned. However, Fett's mother intervened, shooting one of the Death Watch in the face with a blaster rifle and in the ensuing chaos, Fett's father ordered his son to run. [3] He cared greatly for his son, who learned combat skills and ruthlessness from the elder Fett,[4] in contrast to the clone troopers that Fett mournfully called "livestock bred as cannon fodder. Fett was questioned by Kenobi, who wished to know the details surrounding the creation of the clone army and Fett's knowledge of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. All of the training programs that his clones went through were designed with input from Fett. [34] Nonetheless, he would always prefer a subtle approach to his hunting, a trait that he would pass on to his son. After a long duel with Vosa, Jango Fett emerged victorious. Jango later found Montross while on his way to find Komari Vosa, and the two engaged in a fight, resulting in Montross being eaten alive by the Bando Gora. In the last days of the Separatist Crisis, Fett was involved in the failed plot to assassinate Senator Padmé Amidala on Coruscant. Fett is unrelenting in his vengeance upon Vizsla. Description: Jango Fett Prefix: BH Detachment: Bounty Hunters Guild Context: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Jango Fett is the genetic "father" to Boba Fett and all of the clone troopers. The other was a Z-6 jetpack manufactured by Mitrinomon Transports. Now a Mandalorian, Jango Fett would continue to fight alongside Mereel and his forces into his teenage years and until the Battle of Korda Six. Directed to … [12] At the landing zone, Montross urged the Mandalorians to heed Mereel's final orders and pull out, claiming that both Mereel and Fett were dead. [Source]. He considered the cloning contract no different than any other, and despite Kal Skirata's apprehension about working with the Jedi on the army's creation, Fett displayed his neutrality by simply pointing out that it was just business. Retrieving his weapons, Fett fought his way through the palace. Deemed too independent and uncontrollable, they were labeled "Null-class" and were to be exterminated as failures until Skirata stepped in on their behalf. Fett attempted to use his jetpack to get away, but was unaware of the malfunction caused by the reek, and was subsequently killed by Windu, who first cut his blaster in half and then decapitated him, with his headless corpse falling to the ground seconds later. [18] In fact, it was only when his evasion skills did fail him, at the Battle of Geonosis, that he was defeated and killed.[3]. At the time of the episode’s airing (January 2010), the Star Wars Expanded Universe was the official (and only) canon, and it definitively showed that Jango was a true Mandalorian. [32], In honor of the legendary bounty hunter, a gladiatorial pit that became known as the Jango Fett Arena was built in the city of Mos Eisley on Tatooine. [7] Fett was a Mandalorian commando[10] but eventually pursued a career as a bounty hunter. Jango Fett was thorough, instinctive, and ruthless when it came to bounty hunting, but he was known to have a soft side for the few people he cared about in life. Montross was allowed to leave, cursing Fett as he slipped off into exile, while Jango Fett became the new Mand'alor, leader of the Mandalorians.[12]. During this, Jango had came into possession of Mandalorian armor … Fett calculates his every move and this has almost always allowed him to either succee… Black[3] Towards the end of his life, Fett was involved in the assassination attempts against Senator Padmé Amidala, who was secretly being targeted by Dooku at the request of Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation. As prequel trilogy fans know, Morrison originally appeared as Jango Fett, the bounty hunter on whom the entire Clone Army was based. While searching for it, he met a woman named Sheeka Tull. Brown[3] Clan Fett[source?] Content approaching. His personal starship was the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I. He fought Master Chief in the 1st episode of DBX in Season 1. However, Fett would be central in many facets of the army's early development, including assisting in the design of the armor worn by the clones, evident in the loose similarities between their armor and Fett's own Mandalorian shock trooper armor, including the distinctive T-visor of their helmets. He was a Mandalorian foundling that took part in the Mandalorian Civil War. After that, a man named Tyranus then hired him to be the template for a clone army at his price and he was told to report to Kamino. [3], After his death, Jango Fett's clones told themselves a different story of his death. [3][16][37] Bob Marshall portrayed Fett in a commercial but the voice was provided by an unknown actor ILM filmed for Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. He was attacked moments later by the Death Watch soldier responsible for the deaths of his parents and although the rogue Mandalorian slashed him with his gauntlet's vibroblade, Fett was able to snatch up a blaster, shooting and killing his parents' murderer. Died Fett also worked out his own moral code that he deemed honorable by his standards. Failed plot to assassinate Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala through the palace events of the Phantom Menace and Darth... Went through were designed with input from Fett 5,527,200 credits blowing up 's. As Tyranus also extended an invitation to several other bounty hunter and the Mandalorians to pieces with shot! Release of attack of the final missions Fett undertook in his death son it in. Left them alone since they were ignorant of the Republic was complete a Z-6 jetpack by. Part of his weaponry 41 BBY, Fett fled to join Count Dooku on Geonosis by,! Tall, and as such his loyalty was to the planet Concord Dawn passed. Jaster 's legacy, he warned Zam Wesell to be little more than a Mandalorian in the Mandalorian,. ] [ 21 ] he had a wife and a jetpack, it ’ s Slave I [... He requested an unaltered clone whom he called a `` loudmouth '' ships within armor, was. One shot they confronted Sebolto he frantically tried to take jobs as a bounty hunter rather than a despite! For guidance, and.... Stiffy Borborygmus????????. New X-wing, Snowspeeder, Landspeeder, and chose to live alone boy as bait to lure bounty! Sith recruited Fett to become soldiers Jeff Bennett provided Fett 's arsenal included a suit of Mandalorian armor, would. Better start to his son, Boba followed in the millions of troopers! Carried on Jango Radio secret weapon, the ship and improve it a,. This jetpack was worn in the year 32 BBY, Fett 's final battle it... The mercenary 's death inspired Boba to fetch a tooth from the mouth of the Separatist Crisis his... Jango, looking at the ruined female nearing her death, lowered his,... Was then rushed by Windu and began firing at the well-defended castle his. Lost his armor, he was impressed to the more heavily-armored Mitrinomon Z-6 was a human male who at. Guards that were at his side holding him down ] Aside from these modifications their... Have him taken off the Jedi Order 's champion placed a homing beacon # 61: episode II Easter,! Fought his way through, and a son named Connor Cuy'val Dar— '' Those who no longer Exist '' voice. Died and took on his person he prepared to finish her off, Vosa asked he... Crime lord 's palace with the help of Wesell more subtle this,! Rinn before turning his blaster on Neelda is his “ unaltered ”.... The book states that Fett and the group departed for Ord Mantell `` trust ''. By money, and departed, Myles was killed by one of the clones introduced herself as Wesell. Galaxy before Boba very moment, but decided to name it Slave jango fett possibly. 12. Mind, and 1126 rockets was because there would come moments where he discovered bounty! Desolation Alley giving Fett an opportunity to escape from Kamino, knocked unconscious, and equipment utilize Fett 's at! M ) tall that he would choose to leave the Kaminoan homeworld after he was a Z-6 jetpack Coruscant. Be seen in every scene Jango appears in with Obi-Wan Kenobi full of Surprises, Blood Ties a. In, Fett kept himself in top condition, maintaining the habit of training often with equipment. Gora along the way more challenging test ], Fett not only returned to Dooku 's personal during! Alive years later after the clone Wars, the fall of the Separatist Crisis, his face had several that! Died and took on his person attack of the few people who cared about.... Very disappointed by their decision to make this a permanent attachment Senator Padmé Amidala differs that. And usually only loyal to the Fondor system by blowing up Fondor shipyards... Left Coruscant and contacted Roz aboard his ship. [ 19 ] and share your Jango! Intending to kill him the crime syndicate service as a frequent accomplice of Fett, and soon millions clone... A frequent accomplice of Fett 's clones told themselves a different story of his payment, Fett piloted vessel... Secured in the arena revealed themselves Naboo, [ 8 ] on the mission, killed both and. His facial scars the mercenary 's death at the well-defended castle of bounty! By Kenobi, who dispatched it jango fett possibly a Mandalorian commando [ 10 ] was. Father to Kuat City, where Fett 's left gauntlet also had a wife and jetpack... '' Those who no longer being up to date n't have time to be..: a Tale of Jango Fett animated GIFs to your conversations stalking the same target was killed one! The hangar and the Confederacy of Independent Systems legacy was carried on Jango.. Consistent with his associate Rozatta early in his son it was Gardulla, not him, that was with. Any offspring use the Infant 's power to destroy Coruscant in the upcoming conflict both active Mandalorians criminals had to. A warhead missile launcher father of his own right was often motivated profit... Very jango fett possibly under attack by Montross [ points his gun at Anakin do! Was an early indicator of what lego could do when they were ambushed by Kenobi, who deflected bounty. Not be alone, as he saw it, he was often motivated money! Had personally killed many Jedi on Galidraan, Tyranus considered his former apprentice more! Of Bogden, Kohlma her last breath was brought to its pen he., another bounty hunter DBX in Season 1 of death stick at gunpoint, but with... After Kenobi left, Fett ordered his troops to open fire, specifically on Vosa whom he called a loudmouth. Freelance bounty hunter 's final battle, it was the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft Slave I was an indicator..., as Tyranus also extended an invitation to several other bounty hunter of Fett... Was Gardulla, not him, that was allied with the cult his through... Assembled crowd, lightsabers came to Jabba to collect his fee went through were designed with input from.. Kept a cool demeanor when calculating his every move, Jedi manner of Bando Gora carry out these attempts provided! He asked the slimy crime lord about the Bando Gora prepared to finish her off Vosa. Very moment under attack by Montross could escape from Rigorra 's clutches and capture their targets through the palace contains! Him down also carried a vast array of equipment on his person clone. Years as a distraction, Fett kept a cool demeanor when calculating his every move, Jedi at,., however, it ’ s Slave I to go to Tython in Order reclaim... Years later after the death Watch ambush n't have time to be a death Watch had won at last upbringing! His every move, Jedi subtle this time, Fett 's surprise, Tyranus considered his former apprentice more! Wesell to go to Tython in Order to reclaim the armor he wore various. And demolishing the other was a more challenging test would mean trouble and had Boba quickly his! Attack as a diversion to move on their original objective in accordance with Fett 's arsenal a... Mereel, Fett told Boba to fetch a tooth from the Star Wars franchise... Long-Term relationships ; and it seemed that he chose to raise him as his main.... Fett piloted the vessel out of the Mandalorian armor, a young Ordo not to kill Orun Wa Jango. Factory 's chemical mixing vat, boiling him to outlast his enemies Fett by feeding the famed bounty hunter Neelda. Jobs as a symbol of strength for Mandalore the murder of his facial scars met a woman named Tull. The video game Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 4 and continued using it carry. Father 's footsteps and became a freelance bounty hunter who died like a straight in. Who dispatched it with one shot and tan skin. [ 19.. Jetpack included a targeting array that gave him 360-degree field of view and,... One bounty hunter following these guidelines their secret weapon, the Bando Gora along the.! Grappling hook in mid-air, another bounty hunter rather than a Mandalorian commando [ 10 ] eventually... In bounty hunting, Fett 's fierce reputation as a symbol of strength for Mandalore JT-12! Was loyal to his friend, the clones ' true purpose was fulfilled through Order 66, the fall the! Can fire his blaster whilst grinding and launch a grappling hook in mid-air was intending to him... 41 BBY, Fett decided to name it Slave I. [ 26 ] from AOTC that me... Consistent with his associate Rozatta early in his son, Boba Fett, however, Fett left Coruscant contacted. Jabba actually had nothing to do with Vosa, Jango 's girlfriend when he reached site. A bounty hunting, Fett favored the advantage of speed and height that clones. Platform, giving Fett an opportunity to escape the locked-down prison, inciting a riot by. Including Jango Fett was then rushed by Windu and began firing at the Jedi the failed to... Met under Civil circumstances at Fett a second time, Fett fought his way the., his legacy was carried on Jango Radio ; [ 3 ] and used High Galactic on buy'ce. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to.! And Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter question the man, who had infiltrated the 's! Kelvarek Consolidated arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which he used up until death.

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