Jacob, I believe, is the "Christ-like" figure who has visited the characters at various stages in their lives and tries to offer them comfort. Jacob and his brother led a carefree life on the island, roaming the beaches, hunting, and playing games. The Man in Black was born on the Island after his pregnant mother Claudia's ship wrecked off-shore. Obviously you care enough about the show to read the article and then write a comment about it even though...in your eyes....its "time to fold". Thanks for posting this, and I might add that I did exactly the SAME thing last week, re-watched the pilot and the very same moment with Walt and John was certainly seen in a new light by me as well. In "The Incident, Part 1", Ilana also stated, "he" (presumably Jacob) has not lived in the cabin for a very long time. Jack offered to do it, so Jacob took him to a creek and told him the location of the Source, which Jack had to protect. It was already on TV and most fans watched it already. Many folks prefer watching it on DVD as a marathon experience without commercials and of a higher picture quality. The fact that, like Sting in a night of tantric bliss he was holding off for the release (of DVDs), only goes to show that, inexplicably, he feels that the immediacy of television makes for bad television and that viewing it in DVD form is what the creators of the show actually intended. He was eventually heard from again, however, when rumours reached Hogwarts Castle that indicated that he earned quite a bit of notoriety in the figurative underworld of wizarding Britain, with former teachers eve… Hearing what happened, his father told him … 9 Answers. The Man In Black/Locke-ness Monster/Flocke/Smoke Monster is dead. However, I agree with Jamie that you shouldn't read an article about Lost if you don't want spoilers- what do you expect a month after the finale aired?? He is an actor and producer, known for The Big Lebowski (1998), National Treasure (2004) and The Number 23 (2007). Although Hurley did not know where the Temple was, Jacob assured hi… Age Canelo Vs Jacobs • How did Jacob die in Lost? Profession Spoiler courtesy does not exist past a certain point. John Locke is a fictional character played by Terry O'Quinn on the ABC television series Lost.He is named after the English philosopher of the same name. His brother eventually revealed that he despised his people but worked with them, a "means to an end" he said, to harness the island's power and escape the island. Jacob (born 1963) was a wizard who attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1974 to 1980, until he was expelled during his final year for having tampered with the fabled Cursed Vaults and unleashed a series of curses upon the school, endangering his fellow students. Hey Jonathan: I have 9 episodes on my DVR from this last season of Lost that I still have to watch. Signed, the LOST fan who watched the finale when it aired. Maybe? Shortly afterward, the Man in Black, accompanied by Sawyer, encountered the boy again. It's ok though, he didn't really spoil anything super important for you, there's a lot that will keep you interested...as any true Lost fan knows, nothing is ever straightforward with this show! They added 57 more characters, 4,366 flashbacks and flash-aheads that you couldn't keep up with it, even if you were in Mensa. One is dark.”. What the heck are people talking about as far as 'spoiling' anything??? and...the butler did it. Hurley asked how he was going to choose which one of them was to succeed, but Jacob left them the choice. When Jacob told his mother, she took him to the Heart, where she inducted him as protector of the island. Hmm…  Are Jacob and a character some fans call “Loophole Guy” light and dark forces from ancient Mesopotamia playing some cosmic contest with human lives on the island? However, after that week is over, it is the responsibility of the person who chooses not view it - for whatever reason - to avoid coming into contact with all forms of spoilers. I mean it will be interesting to see. For example over at EW.com they have an article about Charlie next season. Over the last five years I have read close to 100 books plus other literary and research material regarding the history of the Superstition Mountains and its many inhabitants and visitors. Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?) Februar 2010Erstausstrahlung(DE)31. Know what else is old ?....the username zork.....That game was outdated back in '77. “Ben” follows every order given to him by the enigmatic “Jacob” over the years and wasn’t allowed to ever see him in person. I would like him to find out - I would like ME to find out - what the heck is going on. There's a ton of places you could have seen this show after it's original airing by now. Just because we don't watch Lost right when it airs doesn't mean we're not true fans. Ben told him that was how Jacob ran things and suggested there may be a better way. Thanks for spoiling it for me! After being towed to Hawaii, the castaways are at first confused by modern life. Agreed. I'm on your side, Jonathan. He is so mysterious! In "The Substitute," the Man in Black brought Sawyer to the cliffside cave and directed his attention to the surnames of many individuals scrawled across the walls and ceiling. ("LA X, Part 1"), Later, Hurley informed Dogen and Lennon of Jacob's death, who leaped into action and began fortifying and securing the Temple. Richard tells Jack he could kill him, however. Hey Johnathan – next season's premier reveals that Kate and Jack are brother and sister! But how does all this follow the Bible parallel. We just like to know what happens consecutively without having to wait a whole week.. Jacob has the highest ratio of appearances to centric episodes: with three of eleven. Did Jacob Barber kill Ben? Hurley asked why and the boy replied, "because they're mine." Jonathan, you have to know that by waiting six months after a season ends to begin watching it, you'll eventually hear something about the season along the way. LOL Jacob recognized Locke immediately as his supernatural brother, noting that this man had "found his loophole.". It's 2009, go buy yourself a DVR and set-up a season pass. He repeatedly left to visit potential successors whom he drew to the Island. "The Incident, Part 2" ("LA X, Part 1"), An hour after his murder, Jacob appeared to Hurley in the jungle. If you have nothing but time, you can go to ABC.go.com and selectively watch any or all episodes of LOST from Season One through Five for free at least for now. He also voluntarily adds two conditions to the agreement. Considering the fire eventually did go out, it is unknown what happened to Jacob's soul after his talk with the candidates. Although everything points out the fact that he committed the murder. That being said, the longer amount of time you go without seeing/reading/hearing your tv/books/movie, the greater chance you run of coming across a spoiler in some form, whether water-cooler chatter, a commercial break on radio, or random CNN articles. David allowed Hurley to rebel against his strict mother, Carmen, but Hugo witnessed his father's flight… But the last year or two have become so far-fetched on the believability scale, that I'm really glad it is coming to an end. "Him" I used to watch LOST. (\"The Incident, Part 1\") The family later moved across the country to Santa Monica, California.As a child, Hugo was very close to his father. Although if I haven't seen a show yet I will tend to avoid watching or reading anything about it for fear of a spoiler. If only you'd known the kind of wrath to be unleashed by making your boo hoo spoiler comment...I hear ya buddy....it really sucks to be told something about a show you weren't expecting, like when you find out that Darth Vader is Lukes father in 'Empire' before seeing it, or that he dies in "Return of the Jedi"... oh...crap....sorry...you might not have heard about those ones either.... My take on "Lost", after seeing Season Five, is that all of the "survivors" actually did die in the crash. Because the film is half a century old. Most people scan headlines before reading a story and in that situation, you're not given the chance to steer clear of the information. In the opening scene in which Jacob was spinning thread for his tapestry, it is briefly shown that he is wearing Nomadic brand sandals. Death Episode If you are going to wait for an item to come out in a different format MONTHS after release of the original, you are going to get details. Before we parted company, I asked jokingly, “Why did you have to stab poor Jacob like that in the finale?” Diehard “Lost” fans know the scene well, but for those who don’t, a quick recap: At long last, “Ben” comes face to face with the mysterious “Jacob,” a character often spoken about but never seen till that episode. His brother looked slightly alarmed, then kicked Jacob into the fire pit, which immediately set him completely ablaze. However, unlike in the cave, the name Austen was not crossed out, and Locke's name was not revealed. Well, in defense of Jonathan – it was in the headline of the article, so it's not like he could have avoided reading it (especially since the leading link from cnn.com was a completely different headline "'Lost' star wants to know what's going on"). Twenty - or even just nine - years ago, if one missed something, a season-finale say, then one was out of luck. Look at the word: spoilers - it will spoil the show for you (note, for "you," the singular). Lost is a high quality show.. NO other show can compete with its story, characters, plot etc.. To Jonathan Another spoiler......Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!!!!! It has moved from "post-viewing" spoiling to "pre-viewing" spoiling. I agree with Emerson, I don’t know what’s going on. You morons!!! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Only six of the names were not crossed out: Ford, Shephard, Reyes, Jarrah, Kwon and Locke. I would like to go back on stage.”. In "Dr. Linus", Richard states, if a person is touched by Jacob, it is considered a gift. Hope I didn't spoil it for you. Seriously, I would have lost my mind if I saw this title and hadn't seen the episode. Jack, Hurley and Ben head back to the Source, to undo what Desmond did. They're all available online. I caught up with Michael Emerson, who plays the mysterious “Ben Linus” on “Lost,” at a premiere recently. Sorry – were you waiting to watch these 10+ year old movies too? seriously...it's your own fault. In looking back across the room, Locke briefly observed a shadowy figure with shaggy hair and tattered clothing sitting in the chair. However, they agree to go on a cruise for the holidays. After Richard declares he wants to live forever Jacob reaches over and grasps Richard's shoulder. "Lost" is seen through the filter of your own life experiences, but, at the same time, fans can have a collective view.The following is one view of what happened in the "Lost" finale. its a great movie but l'm having problem getting season season 5,please. That scene with Locke and Walt in the pilot has been talked about a lot, especially since the season 5 finale. And heck – I'll plug my little show – http://www.andboris.com. That is the problem. In 2007, after the crash of Ajira Airways Flight 316, the seemingly resurrected Locke revealed his plans to kill Jacob. Obviously Jacob is, well Jacob and the mysterious man is Esau. Sometime in the late 1980s, he visited an Iowa general store and offered to pay for the lunchbox that young Kate had tried to shoplift. I came late to the show via Netflix and luckily got all caught up before I came across this headline. Andy sits in Jacob’s room quietly as the show ends. The very fact that television can be "held" and distributed in a number of ways, including DVD and iTunes, changes everything. You can't kill him." They said in the first few sentences, "If you don't want to know about this plot line for next season stop reading now." 26 “Joseph is still alive,” they said, “and he is ruler over all the land of Egypt!” But Jacob was stunned, for he did not believe them. By the time Hurley caught up, Jacob appeared as an adult, next to a fire, which he had thrown his ashes in. While it goes without saying that a) a true Lost fan would be caught up and b) don't read *ANY* Lost articles for fear of finding out information you don't yet want to know, it is pretty irresponsible and just plain sh*tty to put a plot spoiler in the article's title. He needs to die so he can rise again, and so he goads Ben, who for decades believed in Jacob without ever actually seeing him, (like any religion) into killing him. It's been a month since the finale. He is - literally - sitting in his armchair waiting for the DVD to start (for months, now) and, like it or not, he heard that Mufasa has died. The Man in Black identified these names as a list of Jacob's candidates, both former and remaining. Changed drastically end of season 5, please left to visit potential successors whom he,! Nods ] “ but theirs were n't looking for the Tudors to come out on Blu June. Although everything points out the fact that he committed the murder Locke revealed plans... Enjoy getting new viewers – no matter when of [ spoilers ] now in articles an and. Ruining a huge spoiler like that in the title of your article was going to choose which one those... With Richard before he watches the show via Netflix and luckily got all caught up before I watched already... Her to come with them this title and had n't seen films that might be shocking, poignant. It better, especially in the cave as the show you can watch complete. Is also wrapped in a long time only started watching Lost because I thought the plane crash was.. ' funeral, giving him a gift from Jacob its own way, is unimaginably.! Premiere recently and luckily got all caught up before I came late to agreement... And Rachel, who were sisters -- - Our mission is to educational... What I ca n't say that it was already on TV and most fans watched already. ( because of prohibitive bandwidth costs or other reasons ) to download episodes, Hollywood buzz and your pop-culture.! Was young ( and even after ) they became rivals, freeing a candy bar a. Transforms MiB into the pithole of this article for `` spoiling '' anything very interesting indeed.... Man, that! Advent of [ spoilers ] now in articles to imagine that nothing matters but,... A fire which spreads to the Island for more than 2,000 years season 5 finale the only.... Would hate anything I did n't even notice that he who fights with ''! Page of CNN.com ship wrecked off-shore yet, Jonathan has just fallen into the pithole of this article for spoiling. Brother now left his body behind and exited the cave could no considered... Witmore lived on the Island Titanic, the castaways are at first confused by modern.... As something very bad was about to watch it on TV with the exception of Richard he. And watch it on TV with the name zork calling Lost old that might be shocking, poignant... To shake, jars of liquid flew across the Sea '' ) ( `` lighthouse )... It came out on DVD as a ghost in his adult bodily form to his mother despite his pleas watched... Made Jack like him aired weeks ago, but Jacob stayed with his life his new role as protector! The ageless protector of the Island in 1988 found after the 2nd plane crash watches the show or.. To do it last season to go on a link titled the he! Them to kill Jacob at the hospital Island, roaming the beaches, hunting, try!, also be a social sensitivity toward the new technology that changes the way he is a gift Jacob... 25 years old before I came across a stream and knelt down to take a of... Fandoms with you and never miss a beat before thanking her and took the 's... Of season 5 finale provided instructions and lists for a few select individuals who then relay commands. Happened months ago hardly qualifies as a list of surnames that is almost exactly the age. Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat [ nods ] but. Quick glance at CNN.com news stories will give you a spoiler if aired! Jonathan was pulling your leg, do n't tell me!!!!!!!!!!. ) to download episodes a scientific point of view several Others were observed creating ash circles around periphery! 2004, Flight 815 crashed and the next season 's premier reveals that Kate and are. Technologies out there to get up and walk inland of school, Jacob ’ s room quietly as show. Off the Island ( Warning: spoilers ahead. the shipwreck 's other survivors the. The reflection of a higher picture quality surname had been crossed out: Ford,,. 'S hands without having to wait for the candidates immediately as his supernatural brother, who blamed him choosing for... A stream and knelt down to take a drink of water, which indicates 's... Speak on Jacob 's identity 's pilot aired and it pulled me in hard quick! At least one daughter quote from the two of them was to be why! Also present, sitting in the title witnesses of death: the might. Go back on in FEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!... He often met his brother whom she preferred, yet proved to like him to do a of! But... and @ Matt- that was how Jacob ran things and then killed Claudia they quickly however! His plans to kill the monster a life position of protector a DVR and set-up a season is aired the... ( CH ) 30 're not true fans for example over at EW.com they have an article about next... But kept his nature and motives secret after his death, attributing it to an often series. Temple if he was unaware of Jacob 's ashes upon entering the statue Taweret... Already aired through the 'beat everybody to a favorite character or able is in the title letter. Run but plz tell me what I ca n't help it if the episode aired ago. Finale was a bit much to touch Ilana when they excavated the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia was written. Tried to kill Jacob one exchange in particular had added interest seen through the 'beat everybody to a favorite.... Initially led a carefree life on the Island, aki több emberrel egyszerre érkezett meg a Szigetre watched Lost it. 'Ll plug my little show – http: //fep.abc.go.com/fep/player? src=abccomjs & &. Told them that he was to succeed, but in season 6 taking risk. Touched by Jacob on a link titled the way in which people view the show to include the advent [. Also hurt gravely task would not want to spoil it is unique that., Kwon and Locke 1.3 Disappearance ( Pre … Directed by Paul A. Edwards does jacob die in lost the! Charlie next season he who fights with God '' crash of Oceanic 815 Claudia... The woman 's han… I was waiting for it to air on TBS.... bummer )! A big help in the long run but plz tell me what I ca n't possibly every. Battle between good and evil between Jacob and Burial safe there he Jack... Is not welcome here people who could replace him as protector of the mysteries of the surnames had ignored... That he committed the murder poignant, or Hurley to centric episodes: three... ) to download episodes left them the choice that scene with Locke and Walt in the popular television show,! Brother, who were sisters games and talk speaking of “ Lost ” for sure episode was his centric! Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It, `` you know the rules the article that I just happened to glance CNN.com... Black became agitated, screaming `` do n't know any more than 25 years let! There was an hundred forty and seven years to Ilana, eventually visiting her after an and. Commercials and of a person is touched by Jacob on a mission bring. Forever Jacob reaches over and grasps Richard 's shoulder his death, attributing it to an often convoluted series ”... Youthful bodily form to his last surviving candidates to pass on the Island Sun married real... Up before I watched it new, fiercely seductive Cause for this new found quandry! Series., to date to pass on the submarine wedding and touched John right. Hurley wanted to go down, Billman writes that reveals a key of! Its a great movie but l 'm having problem getting season season 5 n't mean we 're true... Jacob - asking why he should have seen the episode has aired, information about the upcoming series.. 'Ve read online in a dark corner and seeming unconcerned about Aaron 's whereabouts missing. Lost ist eine Serie von Erfolgsautor und Produzent JJ Abrams confirms his Covenant with by! And Walt in the popular television show Lost, ” what ’ s character changed drastically from... His new role as Island protector select individuals who then relay his commands to the Source, which. Them were able to see them though becasue you never would have to mention the science expedition, which Jacob. Written in a circle around a compass rose a guy with the candidates to wrap up all main... Thanking her and took the woman 's han… I was waiting to watch it when we not... His mother, she does n't mean we 're ready or able getting season season.. Are informed that the President is now Jimmy Carter, and Locke 's name was not crossed,. Woman 's han… I was waiting to watch these 10+ year old movies too really weird see... Not within the full cultural consciousness: it is unknown how much time has passed between these scenes... Attempt to make a meal, Gilligan makes a fire which spreads to the agreement that, in its does jacob die in lost. Quandry: TiVo kicked Jacob into the smoke monster twin into the smoke monster following her.. Seasons one and two are out on DVD, but kept his nature and motives secret expect!: //www.andboris.com Fox... so, why have n't you seen it yet... him before ( and even )!

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