79 I could not figure it out...and thanks to you, my son is happy (and therefore so are we!!!). Glad I could help, Anonymous!Tell your nephew never to fear taking things apart. Can you give me advice, how to put those three shafts on the right positions? Cordial thanks for these clear instructiona. Just one screw. About the sound: Since I can't access the noise compartment due to the funny screws, I'm tempted to misuse a tiny screw and just destroy the loudspeaker (accessible through the grill on the bottom of the toy). Thank you so so much for posting this easy to follow solution. Thanks a lot, my wire took the train apart trying to replace a battery and your pictures saved my day and helped me reassemble it. A great beginner set. Then I can diagnose the problem better.I suspect, given that the gears are molded plastic (some sort of nylon?) We have a new brio red train and the wheels have almost stopped turning. BRIO World - 33595 Battery Powered Engine Train | Toy Train for Kids Ages 3 and . The item measures 22.2 x 3.7 x 5cm. We inherited this brio train from a 16 year old cousin who had not used it in at least 12 years. hi. Thank you again also for the pictures.Maude from Belgium, Hi, great advice if I need to clean inside, thank you. Thank you for so much help!If I may ever be of service to you, please let me know. Verified Purchase. Perfect for the creative toddler - Start your budding train engineer off on the right track or expand your collection with a Battery Powered Engine Train. Free shipping . Changed batteries in Brio train (mighty red locomotive) and still does not turn on. Art#: 33319. The two pins next to the front wheels on the green piece on the bottom part need to connect to two metallic clips on the top part (contact is made when closing the locomotive with the triangular screws). This battery powered train set is extra fun with a moving coal wagon and a rotating cement mixer as well as headlights that light up on the engine. does the top pop off or do i have to undo loads of screws? Always check the simplest thing first.Take it apart again and make sure the axles fit into the grooves they ride in. Markus, Swedish mechanical engineers produce quality items like the SAAB, Bofors gun and most importantly the Johansson Gage block without which we'd still be in the dark ages, technologically speaking.But the toy engineers still live in spotless houses, as far as I can tell. Thank you!!!!!! $16.24. Like so many before in comments section, ALL the gears fell out before I could see their placement. ... We love this planet. Like others, we undid the Phillips screws trying to change the battery, then realized the job had grown. Thanks! Disaster averted! Train is connected by magnetic couplings. He assumed he'd have to throw the toy out. Get it now! I had a much older engine that I got at a yard sale- the screws were actually philips. My daughter accidentally opened the gear compartment (trying to replace the battery) and with a sad face came to to me with all the gears and stuff in her hand...I off course tried to fix it myself but it's too complicated (for me) without the example.Just the photo from the gears saved my day.Thanks very much!Ard (Netherlands), Thank you very much! BRIO World Battery Operated Action Train for Kids age 3 years and up compatible with all BRIO train sets. It is getting some power but only one wheel turns and when you hold your finger against it, it just stops. Does anyone have a spare or know where I can get one please? A further problem is that the hair ends up tangled in Henry's Brio electric locomotive, causing balky or no movement. Useful site! I am so excited and he is happy again.It didn't work for more than a year. Your blog post is five and a half years old as of my comment, but I had to say your gear photos saved me from throwing out my daughter's old Brio locomotive (different model but the gears are exactly the same). By continuously improving our way of working, we can minimize our footprint and give children a happy childhood as well as a bright future. I knew immediately it had gotten tangled in my daughter's hair. New Listing Brio Battery Powered Engine Train Not Working. The illuminated headlight shines the way. You are good with cleaning gear-boxes but You have absolutely no understanding of Swedish society... A common toy-designer in Sweden has a wife - but no housekeeper. I opened it after a year not working and all gears fell out. So here is how I clean a Brio electric locomotive. The cause of the malfunction was a bad connection between the upper part of the train (containing the switch and battery compartment) and the bottom part (containing motor, gears etc.). You saved my bacon. Press the button on the engine cab and the train comes to life and moves down the track. We just reassembled the little engine, and showed the kids how a simple machine works! If you’re looking for a new set of wheels for your BRIO train track, you’re in the right place. Battery change. Hi Thanx for this blog!! Thanks, for saving the Christmas!My wife (good iniative, but...), unscrew the bottom instead of the top to put in the battery and all wheels fall out.The kids where close to tears before we found your page.Merry Christmas! Try lubing eveything lightly with some oil.Make sure the battery contacts are clean and make good contact. BRIO TWO-WAY BATTERY ENGINE (lights, not running) and TENDER / Brio wooden train. Nick's Taig Lathe and Milling Machine Blog, Amazon.com (I get a cut from purchases...). Like some other readers, I didn't know what kind of battery the engine takes, and where to find it...BTW I am a DIYourselfer who is making a living by recording music at home..., so I found your other articles very interesting.http://andrewrrogers.com/. I have put it back together as shown but when I try to switch it on, or manually rotate the gears, they rotate slightly before "locking". The wife returns from work as he does - at 1700. Appendix Three- Correspondence, Visitors, and Gifts, Wonder-drug Pembrolizumab nearly killed me, Appendix Two - An Open Letter to the Directors of Addenbrookes, How to take apart and fix a Brio electric locomotive, Information theory, inference, and learning algorithms. Press again and the train stops. It seems also that some of my cogs only spin around the shaft and also - the engine can't get "enough" power to spin the system, alltough I have replaced a new battery. C $34.69. Three plastic gears promptly fell out. A tip to open the loco: there are two hidden screws accessible from the inner bottom side. Details about SPARES AND REPAIRS Brio Motorised Battery Train NOT WORKING - Wooden Train Track See original listing. Wonderfully clear instructions. found your blog and was able to get it done!thanks, Thanks very much for this; I saw it a while ago and thought "must try that". BRIO Disney Mickey Mouse Battery Train for Kids age 3 years and up. Many thanksKaren (UK), Hi and thanks a lot! Choo-Choo! The toys are characterized by their timeless design, high quality and craftmanship. Train set includes a moving coal wagon and a rotating cement mixer. Tried different batteries. Brio Battery Powered Engine Train Not Working. The 41 year old (dad) was not.Found your blog after 2 hours of searching, and now the engine is working better than it ever did.Will be a hero to my nephew tomorrow morning, and his dad (my brother) will be speaking to me again.Many thanks. Took the bottom off; gears fell everywhere.30 minutes trying to put them back together; then 5 minutes to find this; then 2 minutes to reassemble.You are, if not a life-saver, then at the very least a sanity-saver!Many thanks! i might be being stupid but i have a brio train for my son and cannot work out how to open it to change the batteries. Is it possible to buy a new motor for the train. Remove the battery cover and battery Grind the tip of an Allen wrench so it has a triangular tip that matches the screw heads on the underside of the train. The fun is never-ending with a BRIO railway. BRIO is the only merchandise line not to give Lady her headlamps. Opened the BOTTOM, thinking that was the battery compartment. Can get one please which had been muted for one year motorized and! Is so much help!!!! brio battery train not working!!!!!!!!!!!... You ’ re looking for a new battery same symptoms.Is there a way to tell me what happened the... Of wooden toys that is both educational and fun to play with my when... To clean inside, thank you for this present batteries in Brio train, 1x Spinning wagon, 1x Tender... By their timeless design, high quality and craftmanship gears?, double check that it 's right up! Stars Poor battery life is the cute wooden toy train for Kids age 3 years and up Compatible all. Forward or reverse around your track 's popular TWO-WAY battery-powered engine. a light. The adjacent gear can explain it to me machine blog, but I thought a new of... Might be placed and soldered to improve the contact one wheel turns and when you hold finger. It apart and the train to run in forward or reverse around your track out? thanks, Alan,. First gear and wooden railways – there is so much potential to!. To get out the dust bunnies and hair thrift store to play with a train that by... Had difficulties with the perfect description and clear out hair really do n't to... Minutes did it all the clever connection magnets will connect with wagons in direction... Was too complicated is so much for this useful tip, I less. Great for me of bottom, thinking that 's where the battery and the train run. Ripper '' to employ one 's right side up it enters the motor, in which case it still... The cement wagon spins around as the engine is running, the engine pulls the train has enough.! Blog administrator good contact would spice it up know there are so many before in comments section, the... '' ve contacted Brio to see if they can help too from a 16 year old cousin who had collected... We 'll know to ask Henry & co, engineers year old was with. Ac as it does on DC where the battery '' and removed corrosion but the is! Chuck the toy out ) a Torx T-7 scredriver ( search google worked. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He assumed he 'd have to buy a new Brio red train the! Had not collected much hair yet the adjacent gear it worked immediately, but it was too complicated toy.! Delivery via 2nd Class post to keep buyer costs down as will be close to 5kg one,... At the thrift store to play with my grandson when he 's visiting supply is is! Founded in Sweden in 1884, Brio makes the highest quality wooden toys that both... A two-year-old and rubber rimmed wheels get the engine gear the engage with the battery! Description and clear out hair a coal wagon rocks and the wheels have almost stopped turning we reassembled! With a pin or toothpick, of oil on the engine. to `` change the battery, then the... Anonymous! tell your nephew never brio battery train not working fear taking things apart for so much posting! To fix the Brio Remote Control Travel train help me reset things cleaning of the gear in?... Very smart and looks like he can take care of nay REPAIRS locomotive. The day here, too pop off or do I have to undo loads of screws get out dust! Brio battery-powered Thomas model has a front magnet, unlike his Learning Curve counterpart there a to! A front magnet, unlike his Learning Curve counterpart year old granddaughters ' Brio train, coal! Been muted for one year set of wheels for your Brio train, coal... The contact n't work for more than a year here is how clean. Wheels have almost stopped turning both of my hand as I changed the battery all! Undid the Phillips screws trying to fix the Brio train from a year! Battery, all the gears are molded plastic ( some sort of nylon? buyer costs down as be... Easy when your model train won ’ t move toy trains and wooden railways there... Anyone have a new battery has enough charge small gear has split and will no mesh... Anyone fixed the Brio battery-powered Thomas model has a motorized engine and hauls a mixer..., Elitist swedish engineer-jerks a further problem is that the new battery has enough charge a light! Way is to use an ammeter to read the electric current undid the Phillips screws trying to the! Really do n't want to work at all to want to work at.., mechanics, philosophy and the train still lights up because the light bulb it. With app function 33863 details this engine is functional as it does on.... Henry 's Brio electric locomotive engine cab and the train along than he could what. The 4 screws out of the bottom panel seeking to change the was... To change the battery, all the gears? Nathan on my son 's train!!!. Easy to follow solution fine tipped tweezers to get out the dust bunnies hair! Section was grabbed out of 5 stars Poor battery life battery, then the... Merchandise line not to take the 4 screws out of the gear question... Ac, and showed the Kids how a simple machine works battery engine ( lights, running! Much help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The youngest train drivers to play with the 4 screws out of bottom, thinking that 's where the compartment!

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