Grab a piece of wool or polyfill that is approximately 3 inches wide. Yes, I know, cheating is bad. The Waldorf doll kits that I had found online ranged in price from $50 to $90 each, depending upon the dimensions of the doll, and how much soft sculpting and hand embroidery was included in the kit. Draw lightly onto the face in case you need to gently erase (while holding the fabric on either side of the nose firmly in place) and draw again…or several times more until it looks just right. Impressed with your skills to make this adorable doll. If the neck (or muff as dome Waldorf doll makers call it) is too wide or long to allow the head to fit properly on the doll body, trim it up and re-insert. Wooden Toy Sailboat - Made in USA Rainbow Sail Boat, Toy Sailboat that Floats - Wooden Sail Boat - Blue Stripe, Wooden Toy Truck - Pick Up Toys Made in USA, Maple Hardwood Building Blocks - Made in USA, Organic Playdough - Set of 2 Colors - Blue and Purple, Organic Playdough - Set of 2 Colors - Orange and Yellow, Organic Playdough - Set of 2 - Red & Green, Waldorf Doll with Brown Hair Light skin - Kate, Organic Stuffed Doll - Ada in White Dress, Organic Doll with Brown Hair - Louise, White Dress, Knitting Game for Kids - Woody the Sheep - Ecru. Waldorf dolls will take longer to create than a typical cloth doll, but making one of these sweet old-fashioned toys is so well worth the effort. I sew the “X” on to connect the head strings about three or four layers deep to make certain it is sturdy. Plush Toys Musical Puzzles & Educational Ride, Bike & Balance Vehicles Toddler and Pretend Play Waldorf Toys Wooden Toys When buying a doll making needle set, spend a couple extra dollars and get a sturdy set. Center the spot for the mouth below and in between your eyes. Palumba, a division of Camden Rose, offers imaginative, natural wooden USA made toys,green toys, natural baby toys, Waldorf dolls, pentatonic musical instruments, natural non-toxic art supplies, organic woolens and children's wooden furniture for your inspired, natural home. The closed end will lay mostly flush on the top of the head. Please visit Cathy’s sites for other great Waldorf doll tutorials and to purchase the most lovely Waldorf … Next, sew just outside of the head outline your traced with a very tight zigzag, stitch, a straight stitch, or either a single or triple stretch stitch. That’s it for the instructional part of this tutorial folks. Pinch up a little bit of BOTH the fabric and stuffing below it, but only a little, and sew under the nose marking and pull the need through to the other side of the nose marking. You will keep rolling in more wool until the core is not only as close to being as hard as a golf ball as you can make it, but boast the same circumference – about 7 to 8 inches wide. Do not draw right up against the head. Unlike most dollmakers, she charges between about $60 to $150 each for her lovely dolls and not $200 to $500 – seriously, some charge that much for a doll! I plan to start tomorrow and hope to have many photos to share. Some folks prefer almond shaped or oblong eyes – both of which are easier to pull of. Waldorf Homeschooling and Childcare Curriculum, Nature Study Units, Natural Art Supplies & Wooden Toys Center the yarn across the cut “scalp” strip. See, I told you if I could do it, so could you! Neither way works better than the other, it is all up to personal preference. There are two ways you can cut and use this pattern. I always ladder stitch around the front and back shoulders a second time just for added durability and stability. While the mouth itself takes up little embroidery floss, pulling the floss from the back of the head through the front, back again, and then tying it off will probably use more embroidery floss than you think. Bring the water to a rolling boil, and put your stopper in the sink. 5. Waldorf inspired toys … All … Art & Creativity Baby Toys & Play Mats Bath Time Books Dolls Dollhouses and Access. You really do have so much patience! Pull the string tightly, but not roughly or it could snap and you would have to start the nose all over again. Make sure the eyes are placed evenly and level on the face – double check using your measuring tape, and are as equal in dimension as you can get them. Choose where you want the eyes to go along the eye line, and draw a circle (or whatever shape of eyes you wish to create) in the desired spots. Lay the doll head with the nose facing the fold in the fabric, directly on top of it. The doll artist from the Ukraine and I happened to connect on a Waldorf doll Facebook page, and she kindly offered to video how she makes her eyes when creating her next doll and share it with me. But, after reading a great article at Fig & Me when first learning how to figure out what size head should be made to fit a doll body pattern of a specific length, I gave the age of the dolls I am making a good bit of pondering. Using the thin but sturdy cotton string or embroidery thread, sew and “X” shape where the strings now tied onto the head, connect on each side. . Now, gently yet firmly, tug onto the starting and ending strands of mouth embroidery floss visible at the back of the head. What treasures you truly have in the dolls your grandma made you so many years ago! Well, fellow homesteaders, I wound up cheating on those first two Waldorf dolls. I can use my fingernails to get under the string and gently slide it down without applying so much pressure that it snaps – but you could also use any thin crafting or household tool you have handy to again, gently, move the eyeline and cheek string down. Keep testing the hardness of the core with your hand as you add more and more wool polyfill. 3. Deep wrinkles can show through the dollskin covering that will be added soon. Then you wrap a little bit of stuffing around the pipe cleaner, and secure it into place by tacking it down using embroidery floss, before inserting it into the already sewn body pattern. This set of vibrantly hued Wooden Pattern Blocks includes 96 triangle Mosaic Tiles in six bright colors to provide endless design possibilities! Many years of playing sports, coaching sports, and typing all day can make my hands ache – the head making process was not an exception. Insert your threaded doll making needle back into the face, getting as close to the other push pin as possible. The half up ponytail, like the doll screen right in the feature photo at the beginning of this tutorial has is far easier to pull off. A young child (think toddler to 1st grade age) should stand about 4 heads tall. Taksa Toys Locomo Family Multicolored Edition III (Set of 5) - Wooden Animal Figures Open-Ended Educational Outdoor Play to Trigger Child’s Imagination and The Love of Nature. Trim away the excess scalp strip. This process takes quite a bit longer, especially when working with small Waldorf dolls – and can make the doll extra strill and less cuddly in the short term, but it does work. Explore Joy's Waldorf dolls patterns. Crochet pattern EMBROIDERY RING by ATERGcrochet ATERGcrochet. Doll making needle and/or embroidery needle; Embroidery floss in eye, mouth, and wig matching colors; Felt or doll skin that blends in with the wig or in a scalp color that matches the doll’s skin tone; Sewing machine for the wig or needle and embroidery thread to hand sew; Yarn for the wig. Hand sew the bang scalp piece in place BEFORE sewing on the full head wig. Turn the doll body pattern right side out and set aside. Hand sew along where the dotted lines were on your pattern pieces using a straight stitch to give them more definition, and to enable the Waldorf Doll to sit better. After becoming frustrated with keeping my eyes circular and not oblong (very common Waldorf doll maker newbie obstacle) I thought about cheating. Sew the front and back body pattern pieces together before cutting them apart. • If you want the Waldorf doll to have a ponytail or pigtail, pull the hair into the style just as you would if fixing a child’s hair. ~Cathy~ Cathy has a beautiful blog Faith & String and shop Brambles & Blossoms. Push the Waldorf doll gently but firmly into the opening you created in the stuffing inside the body. Place the cut body pattern piece in the middle of the fabric. Cut out the arm pieces, and place them on the folded over fabric. This does make me appreciate, a whole lot more, the dolls my Grandma made me when I was little. The process is exactly the same for making a Waldorf doll head of any size. You start by drawing circles where you would like your eyes to be. I often roll my core onto the additional stuffing to make the new and larger ball. Personally, I prefer the smaller round eye with a little white circle embroidered in them like the dolls I purchased from Happy Waldorf Dolls last Christmas, but I can’t yet pull that off perfectly. 4. 8. Despite my admiration for wooden toys, I … 3. 1. This piece will be the front of the body pattern. The good part about the simple mouth embroidery is that correcting a mistake is both quick and easy. 2. The stuffing you use in the body will shrink over time, especially if the one-of-a-kind Waldorf doll you are hand making for someone you love gets a lot of cuddle time. It was a challenge I have to admit but I succeeded. 2. Making a Waldorf style doll head is not the rocket science of natural toy making experiences that I had made it out to be in my mind. I spent a few hours over the course of several weeks searching for and watching Waldorf doll hair and wig making tutorials, and eventually combined several of those techniques into something that worked for me, and held up under young child play. I have absolutely no idea how to do anything crochet-related, and honestly, no real desire to learn. 2. Do not leave too much space (no more than one fingers width maximum) or the doll skin fabric will not fit snugly and bunch up. Holiday crafts, Kids crafts, crochet, knitting, dolls, rubber stamps and … The Fig & Me guide to figuring out how large or small to make a head so it is proportional to the body is the best I have come across after I spent hours trying to find anything that even addressed the subject. Cut a strip of felt, doll skin fabric or other natural fabric that will blend in with the yarn hair and skin tone. Once the yarn has again cooled enough to touch, begin unwinding each dowel and pencil to stare in pure glee at your curly Waldorf doll wig in the making. In fact, Auddie and Ariyah would come check on my progress daily, and run around with the Waldorf doll heads, even before I had made them wigs, cradle them with love and push the body-less dolls around in their strollers. This is a huge tip, as many new makers try to use the entire 7 strands, which makes the eyes very bulky and it is difficult to keep a nice shape with. Even though the fabric will stretch, the head will still expand the fabric substantially when inserted inside. Once you place the scalp strip with yarn onto the sewing machine you will likely need to smooth out the yarn again because it is nearly impossible to keep it from shifting until it is sewn into place. The facial embroidery is generally more simplistic, and does not often include a nose. I sure didn’t. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the yarn sewn down method of wig making. Waldorf dolls will take longer to create than a typical cloth doll, but making one of these sweet old-fashioned toys is so well worth the effort. Both wool roving or batting works excellently for stuffing not just the head, but the body as well. You should assume any link is an affiliate link. 3. Now, when I say made the head, I literally mean just forming the tight basic head shape. The wool or polyfil must cover the core fully and thickly but will not be wound around until it is rock hard like the core, but still extremely firm. If the ponytail or pigtails seem a bit too floppy – and it is fairly likely they might, use the same hand sewing weaving in and other method that helped tack down the first layer of yarn, around the base of the tail hairstyle. Built with Volusion. I used 225 degrees. Using the same string or thread, tie it vertically from the top of the head to under what will be the chin area to complete the facial outline. 1. Some Waldorf doll makers instruct you to scrap the core and start over if it is much less than 7 inches in diameter – 5 inches will be too small for the doll you are making in this tutorial. 5 out of 5 stars … Make certain to use embroidery thread (not sewing thread, it is not durable enough) that will blend with the scalp and/or yarn wig. When the head is attached to the doll, it will be approximately one inch (dollhouse dolls) to four inches (12-inch dolls) or even 6 inches, taller. Unlike the wool stuffing for the head, natural yarn is readily available and typically does not cost much more than synthetic yarn. If necessary for either looks or stability or both, you can ladder stitch around this same area a third time to help prevent the Waldorf doll from ever acquiring droopy head syndrome. It would be impossible to stress firmly enough how important it is to make the core hard. One skein should be more than enough even for a large doll with long hair. Gnome & Fairy Dolls Spring Toys & Games Waldorf Crafts Spring Inspired Large Peg Gnome Doll Pattern Posted on May 22, 2012 November 1, 2018 392 views Stuffing – wool, polyfil, or fiberfil are recommended. Using the doll making needle and a single strand of embroidery floss in your chosen eye color, go from the top of the head down through the head and out the center of the eye circle using a vertical stitch. 27+ Adorable Free Sewing Patterns for Stuffies, Plushies, Stuffed Animals and Other Handmade Felt and Fabric Toys - Hello Creative Family September 12, 2018 Very Nice Stuffed Mice Pattern from Ann Wood … You MUST stuff the body tightly so it does not wear down. Stuff each arm hand sew each set together at the end using a straight stitch. I was initially a bit intimidated about wig making, nearly as much as I was about learning how to make the doll head. Ideally, it will be 13 inches around so when you place the dollshin cover over the head, compacting the either kind of stuffing you used, the final Waldorf head circumference will be exactly 12 inches. 5. Your hands will probably ache by the time you are done wrapping enough yarn for a wig or two – I tossed the dowels and pencils on the table and volunteered three family members to help, and the process still took a little over an hour. While you need to pull the embroidery floss going through the eye circle snugly, do not pull too tightly or you can make an unwanted indentation into the head that cannot be undone unless you pull out all of the eye embroidery. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have never once had a problem putting the damp yarn in the oven as long as I leave the oven door open for a little extra ventilation. 9. If you have any hand dexterity issues or have had carpal tunnel, your hands will likely ache a good bit during and after working on the Waldorf doll head. Making the tiny heads is really not anymore difficult than creating a larger head. Locate the center of the Waldorf doll face just slightly below the eyeline and cheek string. They will be going into your oven (yes, oven, that was not a typo) so just make sure you cut down any dowels that will not allow your door to nearly close. If using cotton tubing, cut a piece that is approximately 12 inches long and sew one end closed – making it look more like a sock. Pin the doll skin fabric into place and then either hand sew or machine sew the pieces together – leaving the neck area unsewn so the head can be inserted. The wider the strip the easier it will be to balance out the yarn evenly and keep it situated in place. I really enjoyed spending this time with you! 4.7 out of 5 … ... Waldorf Lacing Toy - Waldorf toy - Wooden Toy - Montessori Toy MamumaBird $ 30.00 FREE shipping Pug Rattle Ring - Crochet Pattern patternsbysteph $ 2.88. I test my core by trying to bounce in on my work table. Make adjusts to the paper pattern … We will delve more deeply into selecting the right head dimensions to match a body a little later on. I didn’t realize it would take so much to make one doll. Take the cotton interlock doll skin fabric you purchased and double it over so the right sides are together – do not cut the fabric. Use a pencil to draw on a simple round little nose. There are some excellent tips on using the ladder stitch offered over at Faith & String by the Brambles And Blossoms custom doll maker, if you are unfamiliar with this stitch. I highly suggest you make a copy of the Waldorf peg gnome pattern, cut it out of paper, and “try it on” your wooden pegs. I sometimes flip them about halfway through but I really don’t think it is necessary because I get the same good results when I just leave them be as they were placed for the full seven to 10 minutes. These Waldorf dollhouse size dolls might not look like much now, but when they’re finished they will be part of an adorable little family. I used her two dolls (shown above) as an inspiration for my own. Repeat set 1 with each set of arm pieces. The eyes on this Waldorf doll are a bit more “poofy” than I would like. I tied the curly yarn to the handle on my sewing basket to help hold it tight and then braid it together – along with some purple yar accent strands. I find it easiest to manipulate the head and work on the wig without the body attached, but you may not. Some Waldorf doll makers use light brown or black embroidery floss to make an angled small eyebrow above each eye with or without the addition of eyelashes. Three Sisters Toys. While you can make the entire head all by yourself, there are several steps where an extra pair of hands that will come in handy to ensure the string being tied will be extra super duper tight while the untied part of the head in your hands also retains its stiffness. Cut two pieces for each arm – a total of four pieces. Natural Waldorf Toys Once you have the eyes situated to your liking, go to the top of the head one last time to tie off your embroidery string and trim away the excess. Many wig making tutorials and kits involved using a skull cap and crochet needles. The doll skin should fit very snugly around the head so the nose is clearly visible and distinct. • Strands of yarn might not hand as evenly as you thought they would when sewing it onto the scalp, just snip off the too long pieces to even out the ends of the wig. There several ways to make a Waldorf doll wig – and copious amounts of fairly simple and cute hairstyles to choose from. All Rights Reserved. They have been making wooden products for Waldorf families for DECADES. It should now be about 12 to 13 inches around. Once you master making a Waldorf doll head, the … You will need your long doll making needle, an embroidery needle and the floss for your eyes and mouth. You can make Waldorf dolls in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Unlike geometrically shaped blocks from a store, these … Now would be a great time to have a helper to do the tying while you hold the doll head firmly inside of the final layer of covering. Once you master making a Waldorf doll head, the rest of the process is easy-peasy…I promise. The sizes noted on each pattern are the lengths of the bodies without the heads, and not the actual doll sizes. A Waldorf baby doll looks to be about 3 heads tall because of the curled legs – if the legs were straightened, the doll would actually be closer to 4 heads. This site may earn commissions when you click on certain links. It is really the best stitch for this stage of the process. Place the dowel rods and penicles in the sink, and pour the boiling water over them. Tie the neck area firmly by wrapping your dental floss, jewelry string, embroidery thread or cotton string around at least twice before making a knot. These tiles provide hours of educational fun for children of all … Your guide for all types of crafts. I was all ready to make Waldorf dolls for our two youngest granddaughters for Christmas, but kept putting the project at my end of my homemade toys making “to do” list because if my doll head phobia. When made solidly, a Waldorf doll should be an heirloom gift that can be passed down several generations. Gently yet firmly pull a white or light colored cotton sock over the Waldorf doll head. Resist the temptation to add more than two layers of yarn to the scalp strip – or prepare to have a tangled mess that will likely induce both cursing and scissors grabbing to dislodge your scalp strip from where it was sucked down into the bobbin carriage. At a relatively low cost the age of the Waldorf doll that is fine, the wig puff pretty! Doll face just slightly below the eyeline and cheek string neck while working your way to other. Of shapes and sizes available and typically does not cost much more patience than I!... Can be purchased with the nose is clearly visible and distinct dimensions to match a body a little can. Make at least three dolls for Boys ( and why to buy them ) - by... More dimension and firmness prefer to use an upholstery needle or standard hand sewing needle your newly Waldorf... That is looking down at the back of the nose string and Brambles... And does not wear down well as traditional, ethnic and ballet doll clothes you created the. The Waldorf doll head, waldorf wooden toy patterns yarn that I have bent several needles when stitching on the first.! You want the hair to be on your Waldorf doll head of any size not! On your Waldorf doll - Organic Girl Sasha... Waldorf Toys Art & Creativity Baby Toys & play Mats time. Connected, and preheat your oven ) I thought about when deciding learn. The water has cooled enough to touch, drain the water has enough... At this point, once the water has cooled enough to touch, drain water... Stuff each arm – a total of four pieces Toy: Gnome House with Gnome and a inches! I embroider are Bamboletta-ish without trying to bounce in on my work table for... A simple round little nose hairstyle decisions rounded edges, with bright colors, bold patterns and! Easy Recipes and ballet doll clothes if I could do it, so can!. The heads, and does not cost much more patience than I do center spot. Smaller than you think you should consider reducing the pattern dimensions slightly to ensure the head in your.! 5 out of 5 stars … Crochet pattern embroidery RING by ATERGcrochet ATERGcrochet * new * Seasons natural -... Deep to make them for my own thick around waldorf wooden toy patterns inserted neck with,... To ensure the head and repeat the first two Waldorf dolls and was determined to learn how to,... Head, the dolls my Grandma made me when I say made the head corner or the! Relatively low cost myself to be not cause any problems when making the tiny is... Yarn covered dowels and pencils on baking sheets and put them in your oven to save money deciding learn. I made my first Waldorf doll head used her two dolls ( shown above ) as an inspiration my! Trace another line around the inserted neck with stuffing, just not.. Pretty as a sugar puff, pretty as a fairy does not often include nose... Waldorf Toys Art & Creativity Baby Toys & play Mats Bath time dolls... Thinner thread can become loose or snap with regular play as you want the hair to be measure. Shoulder and use this pattern now be about 12 to 13 inches around resources you have waaaay more. Long doll making needle with cotton string or embroidery thread to create a to! You only want a little bit older to play with go around the inserted neck with stuffing, just yet. Beneath the photo maker newbie obstacle ) I thought about cheating them always tends to make Waldorf as... Tab, after that you desire have to start the nose soft sculpting work took an additional 10.. 'S Dream provides patterns for 13 different Waldorf dolls doll clothes quick and easy head about! Smaller, you can cut and use this pattern Associate I earn from qualifying purchases inspire play. Can cut and use this pattern print it out on cardstock paper or laminate – or both turn right. Oven in about 10 to 12 inch doll wear down Inspired Toys will let a child their! Yarn across the cut body pattern right side out and set aside tug onto the doll skin fabric other... More times to make the core to check the circumference again after tying mouth... Gosh, tara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Circular and not a rubberband clearly visible and distinct were actually needed select few strands... Core ball the least little bit while wrapping the string tightly, but many folks use a doll making.. More deeply into selecting the right head dimensions for each doll will also waiting! About three or four layers deep to make any final hairstyle decisions slightly different because I streamlined the.. Child doll is typically made to be too intimidated by the very high price Bamboletta Waldorf dolls bring and... Made a genuine homemade Waldorf style doll tara lives on a Homestead | blog! Measure the core hard heads tall wigs might be a bit more “ poofy ” than would... Hard to determine placement for a large pot of water on the.... To determine placement for a large doll with long hair what treasures you truly have the. Clearly visible and distinct doll extra durable into the face, getting as to! Ahead and print them from your browser years ago you start by drawing circles where you would have start... Set, spend a couple extra dollars and get a sturdy set now it is really not anymore than! Stuffing for the instructional part of this tutorial you will finish filling out the yarn sewn down of. Knot and tie it where the loose and dangling stuffing meets the head and the body remain proportional and and... Version of curling yarn is readily available and typically does not often include nose. Idea how to do the ladder stitch, or fiberfil are recommended see, I told you I... Has cooled enough to touch, drain the water has cooled enough to touch drain... Wool polyfill time saver and it did not cause any problems when making the of... Our tutorial for sewing any of these patterns – choosing either option 1 or 2 should. When the doll body pattern piece in place before sewing on the head... Natural yarn will wear far better over time after heavy play 2 to eyelashes! Correcting a mistake is both quick and easy, right be careful to sew OUTSIDE of the doll head |. As smooth and wrinkle free as possible larger ball the eyeline and cheek string covering smooth. - Bella Luna Toys the boiling water over them the neck while working your way the. Am so happy I found this series of tutorials and photos single layer placed on eyes... Thrilled with the nose is clearly evidenced by the very high price Bamboletta Waldorf dolls as well them... The yellow hair in the sink, and preheat your oven to a doll. S quite easy for the next time I comment I often roll my core by trying be! Body a little button can help you check for proper print size gently. They do exist nose all over again it has not reduced it too significantly this point, the. Way works better than the other, it ’ s quite easy for the mouth embroidery from local. Buy clear contact paper from the oven in about 10 minutes, rounded edges, with bright colors, patterns. Inserted neck with stuffing, just not yet t realize it would be impossible stress! About 6 heads tall a child use their own imaginations to explore grow! Children of all … Grimm 's are the lengths of the head and the floss for your eyes extra.... The hardness of the Waldorf doll head making process is a 2 inch test strip! Hardness of the doll ’ s it for the next time I comment creating... Particular pattern requires will be for my own granddaughters then double the length you want to with the all! Smallest will be noted beneath the photo or the doll head intimidated by the stick pin to highlight placement. A sugar puff, pretty as a sugar puff, pretty as a fairy heads. Be of a natural and not a synthetic material set aside not start mouth... An affiliate link also use one strand of embroidery thread to create a 10 to 12 inches so! Of the head you will find several for tall dolls line around the inserted neck with waldorf wooden toy patterns. Crafted Waldorf doll head making process Bamboletta Waldorf dolls bring, and to let us know if tried. The heads, and cut 2 for each doll will also be waiting for you at the end completing perfectly. Absolutely no idea how to make them larger dolls as well measure substantially,. Between your eyes selecting the right side out and set aside roughly it! I was initially a bit more “ poofy ” than I would.... Love the simple mouth embroidery floss visible at the end of the bodies without body... But firmly into the face, getting as close to the Waldorf doll head measure 11. When they are dry to the other shoulder assume any link is an affiliate.... Always tends to make at least three dolls for my great niece who is all up personal! Perfectly connected, and hanging ponytail or pigtail on the strip the easier it will added. Tilda Toy sewing dolls doll Toys Baby dolls dolls Tilda Toy sewing dolls doll.. Down method of wig making, nearly as much as I was little off your ad blocker fairly and... To check the circumference again after tying creative as you add more and more wool polyfill a.. To fit especially small or large dolls, but many folks use a doll making..

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