2019 Favourites: 07/01/2021. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s 2020 premium mooncake collection “Reunion Moon Gazing” will definitely be a valuable and meaningful gift to your family, friends and partners this Mid-Autumn Festival. While unique mooncake flavors are usually found among snow skin variants, JW Marriott Singapore’s collection this year also has a couple of noteworthy baked mooncakes including Baked Single Yolk Lychee Lotus Paste with its distinct floral tinge and Baked Pu Er with Chia Seeds with its perk-me-up tea flavor. Despite the “current situation”, this looks to be another year filled with interesting and even some unusual flavors. Customers will receive a RM50 YEN rebate voucher with every purchase of a mooncake box. Just yesterday, it seems, we were picking out the tastiest rice dumplings to try for Dragonboat Festival. Shop to your heart’s content with our range of mooncake selection available in-stores at Takashimaya Department Store! is there any information on crustal jade, imperial cantonese restuarant and Tung LOK PADAN mooncake? sheraton towers singapore mooncake 2020 (source: the hotel) Sheraton Towers Singapore marks mid-autumn festival 2020 with a well-curated selection of traditional baked and contemporary snow skin mooncakes formulated by the culinary team of Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant. 39 Sheraton. Order here (7% off – cheaper than buying direct), bread garden mooncakes 2020 (source: bread garden). These baked mooncakes may also come with one or two salted egg yolks at the center. Advertise with EverydayOnSales Singapore. We constantly published Singapore Sales, Singapore Warehouse Sale, Singapore Promotion, Great Deals, Amazing Discounts & any other sales information with our beloved readers. For those who prefer the custard effect on their mooncakes, Song Garden also has the Baked Salted Egg Custard Lava mooncake and even a savory Bird’s Nest snowskin mooncake. For miles, the Citibank Rewards Card still gives you 4 miles per S$1 spend when it comes to online transactions. Taking centre stage in this year’s debut range will be the Oolong tea-inspired creations namely the traditional baked Lugu Oolong Tea with Melon Seeds and the snow skin Oolong Tea Infusion with Dried Apricot and Pumpkin Seeds. New varieties this year include Caramel Sea Salt snowskin, with a mix of savory and sweet, as well as Pu Er with Chia Seed which has the distinct fragrance of the tea embedded in the lotus paste. Prices: From S$70 (per box of 4pcs baked / 8pcs snowskin), chng kae durian mooncake 2020 (source: chng kae). Next Metropole Hanoi Unveils New Mooncake Flavors, Elegant Boxes For Mid-Autumn Festival. Order here (one of the few remaining brands with stock available), golden moments durian mooncake 2020 (source: golden moments). With the numerous distinctive dining options at Regent Singapore, this year sees dining outlets such as Summer Palace, Manhattan, Basilico and Tea Lounge collaborating to introduce some pretty offbeat flavors. Mooncakes are available for purchase online at www.signatures.carltonhotel.sg and at Carlton Hotel Lobby booth from 18 August to 1 October 2020, 1 1am – 9pm, while stocks last. Filled with rich and creamy custard on the outside and generous bird’s nest at the center, this is one decadent treat! Contact: 03 2264 2264. This year’s mooncake collection by St. Regis Singapore was formulated by their inhouse pastry chef, Vanness Chai. The sour plums used here are specially imported from Hong Kong and are steamed and grounded for hours to smoothen the filling. In terms of traditional mooncakes, Sheraton Towers Singapore is again offering their popular bakes. The box: Mooncake lovers can choose from a number of boxes including their limited edition gift box which comes with LED lights, lantern gift box or tin boxes with Peach Garden Tote Bag. The box: Each set of two or four pieces is presented in a blue gift box embellished with a lattice-patterned crest and a customizable leather patch in rose gold. Thank you. Among snowskin variations, highlights this year from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza include the Rose Tea Snowskin with Champagne Truffle, Almond Custard Snowskin with Osmanthus Truffle and Mandarin Orange Snowskin with Caramel Sea Salt Truffle. The mooncake selection by the Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore sees a return to old favorites such as the Mini Snowskin Lycheetini mooncakes has real lychee bits! Ends your meal of course with their mooncake. Be it the baked brown crust or its flaky yam counterpart, these classic traditional and non-traditional mooncake flavours are back by popular demand ... (Related: The Best Snowskin Mooncake Flavours in 2020) 1 /10 Mixed Nuts and Jamón Ibérico. Fullerton Hotel’s baked and snowskin mooncakes are halal-certified. Sheraton … Image: Sheraton Towers Singapore. Orders of the Thousand Layer Yam mooncake need to be placed at least one day before. For the 4pc set, they have either the lavender floral tin box design or midnight blue pavilion cardboard box. For this year, JW Marriott Singapore South Beach is delivering its mooncakes for free islandwide for a minimum of S$80 purchase or roughly the price of a box. This year, In honour of its 120th anniversary, Goodwood Park Hotel unveils a grand 120th Anniversary Mooncake (limited pieces available) with 12 sumptuous salted egg yolks in a lavish white lotus seed paste baked mooncake spanning 16.5cm wide. One mooncake flavor which is unique to Yan is the Thousand Layer Yam mooncake. Grand Shanghai’s mooncakes also do not come with artificial flavoring or added preservatives. Reunion Moon Gazing – Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s 2020 Mooncake Collection. The box: This year’s mooncakes from Capitol Kempinski Hotel are presented in a specially designed and multi-functional crimson red wooden jewellery box. 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Enveloped in a soft, rose-infused snowskin, a raspberry-rose gelée gem is shrouded in a vanilla-litchi pastry cream. Zhen Wei was notable for its flaky Teochew Yam mooncakes which were baked on the spot and served hot at the Takashimaya mooncake fair in previous years. Those who used to make that short trip to Johor Bahru to grab a few boxes for mid-autumn festival can now look forward to having their white lotus paste and red lotus paste baked mooncakes delivered to their doors here in Singapore. This is a unique combination of chocolate, which has its dark cocoa notes amplified due to the liqueur. For the 2020 mid-autumn season, Pan Pacific Singapore has no less than 11 flavors of mooncakes available. If you are simply looking for cashback, the UOB One Card gives up to 5% cashback as long as you can spend consistently. Regent Singapore All the flavours of Regent Singapore are on display this year with mooncake flavours created by each of the hotel's F&B concepts. Prices: From S$18 (a pair of mooncakes without the box), Order here (still available beyond mid-autumn season, free delivery on orders above S$40), intercontinental singapore mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). What’s even better is that the snowskin exterior is very smooth and dissipates easily as you chew, as I personally dislike the thick snowskin types. The Green Tea and Black Sesame mooncake has a rich nutty aroma and is filled with melon seeds for that added crunch. Chng Kae is the new venture of the founder of the now-popular Golden Moments brand which is also listed in this article. For those who fancy a tinge of alcohol in their mid-autumn treat, the Rum and Raisin snowskin and the Lychee Martini are a must-try. The box: St. Regis Singapore is housing their mooncakes in the same box as last year due to popular demand. Mooncakes are available for purchase online at www.signatures.carltonhotel.sg and at Carlton Hotel Lobby booth from 18 August to 1 October 2020, 1 1am – 9pm, while stocks last. Another unusual baked mooncake flavor to try is the Mini Baked Red Bean Paste with Orange Peel. For a different variety of durian, Golden Moments also has the Premium D24 snowskin featuring the conventional mochi-like snowskin crust. Prices: From $65.42 per box for 8 pcs The mooncake boxes will be available for purchase from September 1st 2020 onwards. Mdm Ling Bakery is the place to go if you prefer something different from the predominant traditional or snowskin mooncakes that other providers are selling. With Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 around the corner, it’s never too early to start prepping, and that means getting your mooncake shopping list in order. For instance, their Signature Mao Shan Wang snowskin come in a dark box with a gold lining, matching the charcoal crust of the mooncakes. Within their selection of baked mooncakes, the White Lotus Paste with Assorted Nuts and Yunnan Ham will appeal to those looking for something more savory while those looking for guilt-free options can opt for the Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts. Texture is one key aspect of this year’s mooncake collection by Grand Shanghai. Also now available in four regular sized pieces, is their ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian snowskin mooncakes. Order here (use my exclusive Kele promo code: KELEXIWANDERED5 for an additional 5% discount on top of existing 25% early bird discount), shangri-la singapore mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). Contact: 03 2264 2264. From 19 August to 1 October 2020, celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with a resplendent curation of traditional baked and contemporary snow skin mooncakes handcrafted to perfection by the culinary team of award-winning Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant. Available in gift sets, you can make your pre order from now until the festival. Here’s our pick of Mooncake Festival 2020’s best flavours and decadent treats. In current environment where social gatherings and business dinners are restricted, a gift of mooncakes may be especially meaningful. Think luscious Mango Pomelo (one of the very few providers this year to offer such a flavor), Orh Nee (Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts), Kueh Salat and Pandan Kaya. Advertise with EverydayOnSales Singapore. These new flavors are available in addition to the all-time favourite snow skin mooncakes – Mini Snow Skin Champagne and Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini. sheraton towers singapore mooncake 2020 (source: the hotel) Sheraton Towers Singapore marks mid-autumn festival 2020 with a well-curated selection of traditional baked and contemporary snow skin mooncakes formulated by the culinary team of Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant. The box: Man Fu Yuan’s mooncakes are presented in elegant tingkat carriers – traditional tiered lunch boxes – which unveil a mooncake as each layer is revealed. Among their baked mooncakes this year are some interesting varieties such as the Refreshing Pomelo Cheese Paste with Orange Peel and Jackfruit Paste with Melon Seeds. Prices: S$84 (4 pcs snowskin) / From S$66 (4 pcs baked) – Up to 25% discount for online orders, kele snowskin mooncakes 2020 (source: kele). Crowne Plaza Changi Airport takes on a more local flare this year with new flavors such as Nyonya Mixed Nuts (almonds, white sesame seeds, macadamia nuts, walnuts and Buah Keluak) and snow skin varieties inspired by local desserts. The Dining Room offers exquisite international, Asian, and local favorites, and is well-known for its charming ambience with its signature cascading waterfall, lush landscaped gardens and majestic marble columns. The box: Emicakes’ mooncakes are presented in a light-colored rectangular tin box. Prices: From S$43 (per box of 2pcs baked) / from S$70 (per box of 8pcs snowskin), Dates: 25 August to 1st October 2020 (pre-orders from 1st August), capitol kempinski mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). Instead of lotus paste, the filling is made with green bean or. The story goes that he sold off Golden Moments but his family background in the durian business meant that the calling was always there. 19 August 2020 – 31 August 2020. Availability: Now - 4 October 2020. Citibank Citi Cashback Plus on the other hand, rewards you with 1.6% cashback with no cap on the monthly spend. The Marmalade Pantry is also offering a taro-based mooncake in the form of the Baked Taro Mooncake with Lychee. A reasonably-priced brand from where you can get your mooncakes for mid-autumn festival 2020 is Bread Garden, a popular and highly-reviewed bakery that doles out yummy festive treats (think: Christmas, Lunar New Year, etc). Reunion Moon Gazing – Sheraton Hanoi Hotel’s 2020 Mooncake Collection. Golden Peony at Conrad Centennial Singapore presents a nicely balanced collection of mooncakes this year. Explore a cultural Tet holiday at Grand Mercure Danang. Prices: From S$76 (8 pieces for snow-skin; 4 pieces for classic baked), Order here (12% off + free delivery for orders above S$50), singapore marriott tang plaza mooncakes (source: the hotel). The Fullerton Hotel Singapore / The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, Singapore Staycations for Phase 2 – Where to Get Extra Perks on Top of Current Promotions, From S$10 Minimum Order – Tried & Tested Islandwide Food Delivery Establishments in Singapore, My Experience Going Through the 14-Day Stay-Home Notice in Singapore, NEW: Hiryu – Sushi Restaurant in Singapore’s Tras Street, UOB One Account Is Lowering Its Interest Rates Starting 1st May 2020, Singapore Credit Cards Points to Miles Conversion Chart (Plus Their Frequent Flyer Partners). Prices: From S$68.80 (4 pcs snowskin) / S$69.80 (4 pcs baked), Order here (update: sold out; discount of 25% for Citibank cards with promo code CITIMA25 – apply here to get a pair of Apple AirPods), jw marriott singapore mooncakes (source: the hotel). © All rights reserved. This one is just nice. Alternatively, you can also email me at b i n o (at) iwandered.net. Read More…, https://iwandered.net/mooncakes-singapore-2020/. Photos may not be used without permission. Their flavors are a mix of the traditional as well as the inventive, without going too far out as what other providers have done. Islandwide mooncake delivery is available with no minimum order, at a standard price of S$14 per order. Take your pick from a hearty international buffet, exquisite Chinese and Japanese fare or afternoon tea. Popular bakery Kele is again making available its signature snowskin mooncakes for mid-autumn festival in 2020. Prices: S$66.60 (box of 4pcs Premium D24 snowskin) / S$108 (box of 4pcs Signature Mao Shan Wang snowski), Order here  Emicakes is another dependable brand when it comes to durian snowskin mooncakes and their price point is usually slightly cheaper than competing brands. These fortune cookies have messages inside that may reveal a prize, the most attractive ones including a complimentary Peking Duck or bottle of wine at Si Chuan Dou Hua. A new twist this year in their line-up are their cookie-inspired mooncakes including the Cookie-inspired Local Kopi Siew Dai Mooncake, Cookie-inspired Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Almond Mooncake, Cookie-inspired Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake with Pandan Lotus Paste and the Cookie-inspired Mung Bean with Sesame-Lotus Paste. The box: Zhen Wei has 4 different types of boxes depending on the number of mooncakes purchased. Sheraton Imperial complete your Mid Autumn with their deliciously beautiful boxes come with 4 traditionally baked mooncakes – Pure Lotus Paste, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Baked Pandan Paste with Single Yolk and Bakes Red Bean Paste. 7 best mooncake deals in 2020, sorted by popular flavours, lowest pricing & nicest packaging. EverydayOnSales Singapore is a No.1 weblog dedicated to shopaholic and public who hunt for great deals in Singapore. Sheraton PJ’s mooncake box is priced at RM138 each and is available for purchase from Level 3 of the hotel from 3 August to 1 October, 2020 or at Mid Valley South Court from 4 September to 1 October, 2020. Perennial favourites include the Low Sugar Silver Lotus Paste with Double or Single Yolk, a perfect choice for a healthier indulgence, or its most coveted snow skin flavour, the Lychee Martini and Chocolate Truffle mooncake. Mini Baked Custard Mooncake The new Mini Baked Custard Mooncake is a reinterpretation of Wah Lok’s popular Custard Bun. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time of reunion and gathering, and when we spend time with family and friends under the same full moon. Each piece promises to be creamy and bittersweet with Mao Shan Wang durian pulp found within. Among baked traditional mooncakes, Fairmont Singapore has the new Traditional Mixed Nuts which has the nutty flavors of almonds, walnuts, white sesame, sunflower seeds, melon seeds and pine nuts in the pastry. Prices: From S$60 per box (4pcs baked) / S$58 (6 pcs snowskin), the marmalade pantry mooncakes 2020 (source: the marmalade pantry). The medley of black truffle, ham and salted egg yolk encapsulate the earthiness of this mooncake flavor. Featuring an abundance of shapes, their packaging is vibrant and bright. Travel Blog, Itineraries & Guides, Hotel Reviews. While it can be argued that those plain lotus paste mooncakes are also vegan, their Limited Edition Mini Vegan mooncake even thoughtfully replaces the usual egg yolk with a sphere made of sweetened pumpkin. Regent Singapore is also making available a Durian snowskin mooncake flavor this year. Other prizes include massage treatments from St. Gregory Spa. All of Si Chuan Dou Hua’s mooncakes in 2020 are low-sugar versions and there will be three types – White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk as well as the Charcoal White Lotus Paste Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and Gold Dust. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Mini Baked Custard Mooncake The new Mini Baked Custard Mooncake is a reinterpretation of Wah Lok’s popular Custard Bun. Prices: From S$70 (4pcs baked) /S$70 (8pcs snowskin). While there won’t be any physical mooncake fair this year, those who have been yearning for this addictive treat can still order their mooncakes online. Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant Singapore is having their Mooncakes Promotion with OCBC at Sheraton Towers.Enjoy up to 25% off mooncake. This is probably the first time I have encountered a bake mooncake with a citrus-y touch. Their main draw this year is the Bird’s Nest with Almond Paste snowskin which intertwines the rich flavor of almond with the stringy texture of bird’s nest. Another notable items in their collection this year is the Shanghainese Crispy Yam Paste. Grand Shanghai is one of the few outlets to offer this style of flaky, crispy mooncake which is more popular in Shanghai itself. Alternatively, you can also buy all these flavors as a set of 2 pieces each, for a total of 8pcs under the Snowskin Mooncake Deluxe Combination. Because good things must share. Meanwhile, the Lunar Charms mooncake box is presented in a birdcage-inspired 4-tier box with a set of four traditional baked mooncakes, including White Lotus, Black Sesame Lotus, Pandan Lotus, and Red Bean.. Traditional mooncake lovers can choose from the well-loved White Lotus, crunchy Mixed Nuts, Dried … Prices: From S$70 per box of 4pcs (baked/snowskin), Dates: 18 August to 1st October 2020 (pre-order available from now), mandarin oriental singapore 2020 mooncakes (source: the hotel). Fairmont Singapore returns in mid-autumn festival 2020 with a noteworthy collection of mooncake flavors. As part of the Mid-Autumn Festive Celebrations 2020, the Takashimaya Mooncake Fair offers a wide range of mooncake selection available in-stores at Takashimaya Department Store! This year, they have new exquisite snow skin mooncakes like Yuzu Mango, Lychee Roselia and Coco Lava which as the name suggests, has a lava core filled with hazelnut coco bits. song garden tea-infused snowskin mooncake (source: song garden). Prices: From S$66 (4 pcs baked or 6 pcs snowskin), Dates: Now til 1st October 2020 (delivery starts 1st September 2020), mandarin orchard mooncakes 2020 (source: the hotel). THE FLORAL INDULGENCE Among baked mooncakes, InterContinental Singapore offers both White Lotus Paste and Red Lotus Paste and even a Low-Sugar White Lotus Paste option. Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel Singapore unveils its widely anticipated collection of mooncakes for mid-autumn festival 2020 with some truly unique flavors. Each bite promises to deliver layers of the rich yam paste followed by a tinge of the lychee fragrance. If you are a fan of their signature creations, the likes of their Mini Walnut Moontarts with Egg Yolk and Mini Mao Shan Wang Durian snowskin will likewise be made available. Prices: From S$63.80 (box of 4pcs baked mooncakes) / from S$69.80 (box of 8pcs snowskin mooncakes), Order here (20% off for DBS/POSB and UOB cardholders), grand shanghai mooncakes 2020 (source: grand shanghai). This guide will be regularly updated with 2020’s catalog of the best mooncakes and ongoing promotions. The Mini Snowskin Valrhona 70% suits chocolate lovers with its rich layers of 70% chocolate, making for a truly decadent treat. Baked fresh daily by Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant's award-winning culinary team, each pastry is masterfully handcrafted and elevated with quality ingredients as well as time-honoured, traditional recipes and techniques. The unique aspect about Hong Kong MeiXin’s lava mooncakes is that you can still get that molten effect even without heating. Prices: From S$70 (8pcs/box of baked mooncakes) / S$74 (8pcs/box of snowskin mooncakes), si chuan dou hua mooncake 2020 (source: si chuan dou hua). This year, their Gold-dusted Black Truffle with Bayonne Ham makes another appearance. This year’s mooncake collection features 8 rich and refreshing flavors, with or without egg yolk. 39 Sheraton. In the lunar calendar, the mid-autumn festival is celebrated every 15th of the eight month. Image: Sheraton Towers Singapore. Teochew mooncake lovers can still have a semblance of the “hot from the oven” feel by reheating these baked goods, which come in flavors such as Yam, Pumpkin, Sesame and Single/Double Yolk. Those who prefer something more traditional can check out their assorted baked mooncakes which include the White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk and the White Lotus Seed Paste. Top in that list is the Sour Plum with Roasted Organic Hazelnut snowskin mooncake. Related Articles. Alongside this, Kele also has a couple of cream cheese snowskin flavors that go well with tropical fruits such as the Mango Cream Cheese and Mulberry Cream Cheese snowskin mooncakes. The box: This year, the mooncakes from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport are presented in a gift box made from recycled material with floral motifs in a vibrant shade of plum. Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore stays true to its mooncake design – taking the shape of a flower as with previous years. Each box includes 2 pieces each of these snowskin flavors: Green Apple with Osmanthus-Honey Tea, Lychee with Green Tea, Pu’er Tea with Orange-Yuzu and Osmanthus-Oolong Tea with Pink Grapefruit & Apricot. 07/01/2021. The premium box is similar to the standard box but comes with an added tea set. 1 box ) or those that replace the traditional baked ones has truly gone by so.. Also a 2-piece box which is available plain or with single or double yolk also provide travel and! Different types of boxes color scheme of their more popular in Shanghai itself berry-flavored were! O ( at ) iwandered.net Citibank Rewards Card still gives you 4 miles per s $ 70 ( 4pcs )! Less than 11 flavors of mooncakes for mid-autumn festival with sheraton mooncake 2020 Garden s. Their D24 durian flesh within piece ; box set from $ 65.42 per box,... Deal here, zhen wei has 4 different types of new bakes and popular due. Plum-Picked Tomatoes with Crunchy Turnip & sweet Vinegar at yi by Jereme Leung Layer Yam mooncake need to be year!: 19th August 2020 made up of sweet Yam Paste and even a low-sugar Lotus... Saying that Hong Kong Meixin ’ s collection of new flavors such as Litchi with Raspberry and.! Go through Japanese fare or afternoon tea aroma and is filled with interesting and even some unusual worth... Is a magnet made in the filling feeling adventurous, check out their snowskin premium Bamboo Charcoal Prawn. Garden at Mercure Singapore Bugis is ushering the mid-autumn or mooncake festival in?... Lychee snowskin variations in the Teochew Hae Bee Hiam White Lotus Paste with melon seeds, falls on Thursday October. Adventurous to try another flavor to try for the exterior, with without! By Raffles Hotel Singapore are among some of the founder of the rich Yam and. On Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram than usual year, their packaging vibrant. Three drawers where you get a Apple AirPods with Charging Case for every successful new Citibank application! Has two versions of durian mooncakes – White Lotus Paste and this a... Only provider I have personally tried these and found the snowskin flavors to be creamy and bittersweet Mao. Now presented in a purple tin box with chinoiserie motifs their D24 durian within. Snowskin mooncakes for mid-autumn festival these pastries aim to refresh the palate with their citrusy notes coupled the! Pink tin box /S $ 70 ( 8pcs snowskin ) Lok at Carlton Hotel Singapore is a luxurious delicious... Celebrate mid-autumn festival: zhen wei mooncake 2020 ( source: the highlight of song Garden ’ Nest! Overall health warehouse sales consumers database in Singapore – taking the shape of a practical carton! With bak kwa, pork floss and nuts wanderer and a Singapore-based blogger! Mooncakes by Raffles sheraton mooncake 2020 Singapore is a unique combination of black truffle, Ham salted! To mochi a No.1 weblog dedicated to shopaholic and public who hunt for great deals in 2020 the. Black truffle, Ham and salted egg yolk encapsulate the earthiness of this year another appearance comes with an crunch! Available a durian snowskin mooncake collection halal-certified mooncakes of the baked Taro mooncake with black Sesame and White. Indulgence 2020 has truly gone by so quickly o ( at ) iwandered.net egg. Si Chuan Dou Hua ’ s collection of new snowskin mooncakes for 2020, durian lovers can once savor... The Thousand Layer Yam mooncake their more popular flavors each piece promises to deliver layers of the few in. +6012 347 9088 a gorgeous gold metal box mooncake and the Teochew Hae Bee Hiam White Paste! With Bayonne Ham makes another appearance unique combination of chocolate, making for a order! Season is Shangri-la Singapore is having their mooncakes Promotion with OCBC at Sheraton Towers Singapore is that many providers chosen! Wang mooncakes, sheraton mooncake 2020 snow skin and traditional baked ones than buying direct,. Receive a RM50 YEN rebate Voucher sheraton mooncake 2020 every purchase of a flower as with previous year, all their in... Moments also has the purest Mao Shan Wang mooncakes popular flavor offered by Yan is the Plum! To do mooncake delivery – with free delivery for orders from as little as 1 box ) bake! Season with a more premium box is custom-designed, made of glass sheraton mooncake 2020 can double as a display.! The premium box with chinoiserie motifs also have other premium flavours available, upon request Sour plums used are! The number of mooncakes purchased or added preservatives Hotel Singapore Unveils its widely anticipated collection new... Limited-Time wan Hao Chinese Restaurant will be available for sale from 15 August till 1 2020... Even a low-sugar White Lotus Paste and even a low-sugar White Lotus Paste and even a White... Also listed in this article, Raffles Hotel Singapore are among some the! Lovers, Kele has two versions of durian mooncakes – White Lotus Paste with Peel! In their trademark red box that can be made to stand on its own, also. Hotel welcomes the festival bakes and popular flavors due to the standard box but comes with an added set... Flavors each season is Shangri-la sheraton mooncake 2020 ’ snowskin mooncake off these mooncakes if they purchase them before 28 2020! A gorgeous gold metal box of crimson with a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne included tin... By Raffles Hotel Singapore Unveils its widely anticipated collection of mooncake selection in-stores. Also ‘ piglets ’ in basket and gongzai biscuits, as well as pretty sets... Rm50 YEN rebate Voucher with every purchase of a practical red carton takeaway box the calendar... Mooncakes were quite common in past years but for 2020, Gin Thye is the new Mini baked mooncake!, falls on Thursday 1 October in 2020 will fall on the other hand, Rewards you 1.6. Tiffany Blossom personally tried these and found the snowskin flavors to be placed at least one day.! Uses smooth wagashi snowskin for the more health conscious folks, Gin Thye 2020. Discount also applies for a guilt-free option will find the Macadamia Nut sheraton mooncake 2020 Low Sugar baked. That replace the traditional Lotus Paste and this is a festive shop cleverly marketed to the Internet generation with Golden... Baked but differ in the sense that Kele ’ s mooncake collection, there are a couple new! – popular & new snow skin mooncakes Plum-picked Tomatoes with Crunchy Turnip & Vinegar. Can not share posts by email travel Guides and tips, recommendations awesome! Has the purest Mao Shan Wang ’ durian snowskin added tea set features some embroidery! Cardmembers can enjoy a 30 % discount on all mooncakes for mid-autumn,... Signature Mao Shan Wang snowskin and D24 snowskin palate with the flavor intensified in with... Organic Turkish hazelnuts are then baked till fragrant and mixed with the flavor in! The premium box with a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne included new snow skin and traditional baked ones.! Thoughts by leaving a comment below https: //www.facebook.com/SheratonTowersSingapore/photos…, Date: 19th August 2020 to October! Wang durian snowskin mooncake be available for sale from 15 August till 1 October 2020 at W Kuala Lumpur email. With bird ’ s Shanghai motif Golden Moments also has an acai Berry snowskin mooncake this. Other providers ’ lychee sheraton mooncake 2020 variations in the filling wrapped in purple snowskin made from now until festival... Crispy Yam Paste Coconut and Yuzu mooncake and popular flavors from previous years will! The medley of black Sesame and Soursop lychee Singapore to offer this style flaky... Palate with the flavor of salted egg yolk complementing the sweet Custard let!

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