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Virtual Pro Bono Conflict Resolution Clinics

Posted by Sharon.Sutherland

As part of our growing public awareness and education program, Mediate BC will host monthly Virtual Pro Bono Conflict Resolution Clinics for clients seeking information about mediation and other conflict resolution processes.

Mediate BC staff receive many calls every week from members of the public who want to understand how mediation works, how to select a mediator, how to ask another person to mediate, and many more questions about how to access the tools to solve their problems collaboratively. We know that Roster Mediators have many insights into the answers to these questions, and that speaking with a Mediator can ease an individual’s anxiety around mediating. For that reason, we want to help connect members of the public directly with our Roster Mediators for some of those answers.

Our first two clinics will run in parallel with Access Pro Bono’s Virtual Advice-a-thon in September, so that clients seeking more information about conflict resolution can be referred to Roster Mediators. In October, we will launch our regular monthly clinic during Conflict Resolution Week in order to enhance awareness of the clinics further.

For each clinic, we hope to have individual Roster Mediators join us for blocks of 90 minutes – 2 hours. We will greet clients as they arrive in our online space, and refer them to available mediators based on the client’s identified needs and the Mediator’s stated areas of expertise. We anticipate that most information sessions will run no longer than 30 minutes. More details will be provided to all volunteer Mediators in advance of their sessions.

Our first clinics are scheduled for:

If you are interested in participating in this new initiative, please complete the survey here.



Photo by Harry Cunningham via Unsplash

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