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Dear Roster Mediators,
We are excited to announce some upcoming changes in our Roster Program, and to invite your input into further developments and initiatives Mediate BC is working on.

Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that, as Lori Charvat's term as Chair of the Society's Board of Directors ends this September, Julie Daum will be stepping into that role. Many of you know Julie personally or by reputation: Julie is a Wet'suwet'en woman who lives and works in the Central Interior. She practices as a Child Protection mediator, a workplace investigator, and a conflict resolution trainer and coach. At Mediate BC, Julie has been instrumental in launching our Call to Action Committee (which is guiding our responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's recommendations) and is leading several of our new initiatives in cultural competency and humility.
Under Julie's leadership, and with the passionate support of our management team, Mediate BC has identified several areas for focus that will support systemic change within the justice system, while also providing increased support to our Roster mediators. You will see us:
  • Continuing to build our Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service (QCRS) to meet changing needs during COVID-19, including the launch of new partnership programs to increase referrals
  • Continuing to provide free and low-cost educational opportunities for our Roster mediators to acquire and develop skills in online processes
  • Undertaking both research and pilot projects aimed at reducing systemic barriers to participation in Rosters
  • Exploring opportunities for practicum programs to assist Associate Roster mediators in gaining meaningful mediation experience
  • Launching a monthly virtual conflict resolution advice clinic to provide greater public education on conflict resolution options
  • Increasing our media communications to increase public awareness of the wide range of conflict resolution options available in all areas of practice
  • Continuing to build the Child Protection Mediation Program through a fall intake of new mediators
  • Increasing networking opportunities for our Roster mediators across the province and internationally
  • Partnering with Continuing Legal Education Society of BC in offering a combined global virtual Conference and "Unconference" in late October
  • Growing the impact of Conflict Resolution Week initiatives in raising the profile of Mediate BC's Rosters with members of the public through new partnerships and media initiatives.
  • Reaching out to Indigenous communities to collaborate on new dispute resolution initiatives rooted in Indigenous values
As of October 1, 2020, Mediate BC will no longer manage the Notice to Mediate process for Civil and Family files. We had been given to understand that this announcement would be made by the Ministry of Attorney General in early September, and were waiting to share this news to avoid giving rise to any concerns about the program while we are in transition; however, we understand this announcement may have already been shared with some of you. This change aligns well with our increasing focus on public service, increasing public understanding of broader conflict resolution options, and ensuring our mediators are well served by their participation in our Rosters. Over the past several years, we have heard from many of our mediators that the Notice to Mediate process does not truly serve their needs - there are very few appointments under the process[1] and files tend to be both more difficult to manage and harder to collect fees on than many other matters. Instead, we will place our emphasis on developing opportunities that benefit our Roster mediators, with a particular focus on business development opportunities beyond court-based mediations.
As well, many of you have been highly supportive of the work that our current Chair, Lori Charvat, has been leading in exploring the role of our organization in ensuring that the public may feel safe and may trust the skill and professionalism of the mediators they choose to help in resolving conflicts. Lori's strong background in working with regulatory bodies has ensured that our Rosters' admissions, practice advisory, and complaints processes offer the public a meaningful measure of confidence in their mediators. Happily, Lori will be continuing to lead this work as Chair of our Practice Committee, and we will continue to communicate the value of selecting mediators from a roster with this public protection focus.
As we move forward with some of our exciting new initiatives, we want to hear from Roster mediators about your needs and the ways in which we can continue to grow the benefits of participation in our Rosters. To that end, we have scheduled three virtual town halls for our Roster mediators in the fall, and we encourage you to join in one or more.
As well, we encourage you to join us for our virtual Annual Reception on September 24th, 5:00-7:00. (Full details will be included in our September newsletter).
The world is changing, as are the needs of the public, and Mediate BC will continue to be at the forefront of new initiatives to support our Roster mediators as they seek to thrive in this evolving landscape.
If you have questions or would like to share any thoughts, please contact Ann Lee, Director of Operations, at
[1] Over the past 5 years, we have made an average of 46 appointments total annually under all Notice to Mediate Regulations.

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