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Special Announcement: Registered Roster Mediator (RRM) Designation

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The Board of Mediate BC is pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2022, they will adopt a formal, professional designation for Mediate BC Roster mediators.

The new designation will be “Registered Roster Mediator or “RRM”.  All mediators, while they are actively registered on a full Mediate BC roster (not an associate roster) may use these letters after their names where appropriate on their professional material to signify their satisfying the required criteria for acceptance and inclusion onto a Mediate BC roster of mediators. The RRM designation reflects the rigorous training and ongoing experience Mediate BC requires of all mediators to be included on its full rosters. 

Mediate BC exists to serve the public. The RRM designation allows the public to easily identify mediators who have met stringent standards required for admission onto a Mediate BC roster. By providing the RRM designation, Mediate BC furthers its goal of ensuring the public has access to high calibre mediators. Our rosters include dispute resolution professionals with training and experience in various practice areas, all of whom have met and maintain the standard of excellence required to remain a Registered Roster Mediator. 

Mediate BC continues to be an innovative, trusted, and responsible source of knowledge on alternative dispute resolution, emergent issues in mediation, and a place to find highly skilled mediators. The RRM designation signals the time and commitment our mediators have invested for admission onto a roster, and the ongoing training and skill development required by mediators to remain on a roster. 

More on RRM


Watch Julie Daum and Ashley Syer from our Board of Directors talk about the RRM designation on Instagram.



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