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Seeking Course Designers – Family Law for Mediators

Posted by mbcstaff

Mediate BC plans to develop and offer courses to support mediators who are not lawyers to meet requirements to act as Family Mediators under the Family Law Act (FLA), including qualifying for Mediate BC’s Family Roster.

We are seeking course designers for two or three courses (division of required topics into distinct course will be determined through discussion with selected course designers):

  • Introduction to Family Law and Procedure for Mediators (~14 hours)
    • This course will provide a working knowledge of provincial and federal legislation relevant to practice as a family mediator, relevant court procedure in BC, and information on legal resources to support family clients in BC.    
  • Parenting and Support for Family Mediators (~30 hours)
    • This course will prepare family mediators to support families in the development of plans for parenting and support.
  • Property Division for Family Mediators (~40 hours)
    • This course will prepare family mediators to facilitate property division under the FLA.

These courses are intended to offer an accessible means for students throughout the province to access the knowledge and training needed to deliver high quality family mediation services. Courses created are expected to be delivered online.

Course designers’ qualifications:

Mediate BC would prefer to contract with one course designer or one team of designers to develop all course materials in this context to ensure consistency and reduce potential duplication amongst courses. Individuals or teams interested in applying to develop only one aspect of the course materials, please indicate clearly if you would be open to working in a team with others contracted for other course components.

Applicant Individuals or small teams must demonstrate:

  • expertise in Family Law (experience as a family lawyer is desirable)
  • a thorough understanding of the role of family mediators (qualification as an RRM on Mediate BC’s Family Roster, or equivalent, is preferred)
  • good knowledge of additional collaborative decision-making processes (beyond mediation) available to parties involved in divorce and separation

Additional preferred qualifications include:

  • experience in course development and/or teaching
  • experience in developing online courses.

Fees for course creation:

Course design fees will be based on a flat fee for delivery of each course at a rate of approximately $200/course hour.


Work on this project must be completed by August 31, 2023.

How to apply:

Please send an expression of interest, including a cover letter and résumé of your relevant experience, to Sharon Sutherland ( by May 1, 2023. Please email Sharon with any questions.

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