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CoRe Conflict Resolution Society is seeking course designers!

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Seeking Course Designers – Mediation

CoRe Conflict Resolution Society is seeking course designers to develop introductory mediation courses for delivery throughout BC. 

Courses to be created:

Two introductory mediation courses totaling ~80 hours. These courses are intended to offer an accessible means for students throughout the province to access training with a focus on mediating in Child Protection matters or other areas where power imbalances are a critical concern. This focus means that, in addition to introduction to mediation theory and skills, training should include:

  • Pre-mediation meetings/Orientations
  • Client-centred process design
  • Cultural safety in mediation
  • Memorializing agreements made in mediation
  • Participation of support persons, including legal counsel


  • Curriculum Guide
  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Coaches Instructions for any small group exercises
  • Student Handbook
  • Slide Deck for appropriate components
  • Materials for exercises, role plays

Model for delivery:

The courses developed are intended to be offered online with coached components taking place in small “pods”. Parameters for model will be agreed with course designer(s) prior to contracting to ensure designer input.

Fees for course creation:

Course creation will be compensated at a flat fee of $6,000 per course.


Work on this project must be completed by June 30, 2022.

How to apply:

We are especially interested in working with a small team that brings multiple perspectives and experiences to the work. You may apply as an individual or as a team of 2-3 individuals.

Please send an expression of interest, including a cover letter and résumé of your relevant experience, to by May 1st, 2022.

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