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Ready to Launch New Regional Mentoring Program Pilot Project

Posted by Heverton.Oliveira

Since 2004, Mediate BC has assisted many families in resolving a wide variety of family disputes without the need to go to court.  Over the past year, Mediate BC’s Family Mediation Services (FMS) has been developing a new family mediation program called the Regional Mentoring Program.  

We designed the new program with more geographic flexibility to allow for better access to mediation services for families and training opportunities for family mediators around the province.

The Regional Mentoring Program will provide family mediators with an opportunity to gain practical experience with highly qualified mentors in designated regions in BC. Family mediator trainees will be matched with a mentor in their region and have the opportunity to develop a personalized training plan with a mentor, co-mediate a wide variety of family disputes including parenting responsibilities and property and asset division, and receive guidance and feedback from a mentor through each stage of the mediation process. The Regional Mentoring Program will provide families in these regions with access to affordable mediation services for a wide variety of family disputes including parenting responsibilities and property and asset division.

We will be launching a pilot of the Regional Mentoring Program in the Lower Mainland and on South Vancouver Island in September 2012.  After an extensive mentor selection process, we are very pleased to announce the selection of three highly qualified mentors for the Regional Mentoring Program pilot project:

  •  Vivian Kerenyi, Vancouver
  • Michael Lomax, Victoria
  • Kathleen Purvis-Bellamano, Victoria

We are currently accepting family mediator trainee applications for the Regional Mentoring Program and will be accepting client referrals to the Regional Mentoring Program starting in September 2012.

If you are interested in resolving a family dispute through mediation or would like to become a family mediator trainee or mentor in the Regional Mentoring Program, please contact Mediate BC. We look forward to hearing from you!  

Rob FinlayToday’s post is provided by guest blogger, Rob Finlay, Manager of Mediate BC’s Family Mediation Services. Rob is a certified mediator and licensed attorney in Washington State.


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