What is Med-Arb?

Med-Arb is a unique combination of mediation and arbitration. You first try to resolve your dispute with mediation. Any issues not resolved through mediation will be decided by your med-arbitrator. Before starting med-arb the people in conflict decide on a “trigger point” where you will switch from the mediation to arbitration phase. The trigger point can be based on time, budget, reaching an impasse, etc.

The med-arbitrator is jointly selected by the people in conflict. If all parties agree to participate in the med-arb, they must participate and abide by the decisions made.

Med-Arb worked for our estate dispute. We resolved what we could through mediation and had peace-of-mind knowing the remaining items would be resolved by the med-arbitrator. Valerie H.

How Can Med-Arb Help?

Med-arb has some of the advantages of both mediation and arbitration. Participants have the possibility of resolving the conflict by mutual agreement, but failing that, participants have the certainty of resolution by the binding decision of your med-arbitrator. It is especially useful for situations where a resolution must be found quickly.