Opportunities for Mediators

Mediate BC staff members watch for opportunities that may be of interest to Registered Roster Mediators, Associates, and learning mediators.

On this page, you will find current information on:

  • Work and volunteer opportunities
  • Community events
  • Courses of potential interest to conflict resolution professionals
  • Discounts for courses, conferences and more for RRMs and Associates
  • Calls for Proposals for conflict resolution conferences and publications

You will also find a community calendar that provides links to upcoming events and deadlines.

In sharing these opportunities, Mediate BC seeks to collect information of value to the conflict resolution community in one convenient location. Posting of information does not mean that Mediate BC endorses a program. Mediators seeking to rely on activities for training or continuing professional development should confirm that the activity is recognized by Mediate BC for that purpose.

If you would like to share information to this page or on our community calendar, please review our publication policy and then email us with full details.


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Mediator Jobs & Opportunities

TELUS Respectful Workplace Consultant

TELUS is actively recruiting a Regular Full Time Respectful Workplace Consultant. View Job Posting.

Closing Date: Not Listed
LSBC Tribunal - Call for Hearing Panel and Review Board Applicants

The LSBC Tribunal is actively seeking dedicated lawyers and individuals from the public to join their esteemed hearing panels and review boards. View post here and read more about LSBC Tribunal Adjudicators here.

Closing Date: Aug 15
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) - RFP

The purpose of this Request For Proposals (RFP) is to award a single contract for the provision of independent investigation services to deal with staff complaints of harassment, bullying and discrimination in the workplace, and mediation services to deal with disputes including those related to performance. View Posting.

Closing Date: Sep 15, 6am PST

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CRQ Call for Papers: Lived Experiences of Conflict Resolvers During the Covid Pandemic

COVID 19 has had a global impact on virtually everything, including the work of conflict resolvers (Phillip-Jones, 2001). It is important that the lived experiences of those who were engaged in any conflict resolution work as practitioners, trainers, scholars, researchers and teachers be memorialized (Blake, 2023). A wide range of questions have emerged (e.g. see Paulson, 2021). Read more here.

Closing Date: Dec 1, 2023

Vehicle Sales Authority of BC (VSA) - Pilot Mediation Proram

The Vehicles Sales Authority of BC is looking for a mediator interested in participating in our mediation pilot project.

Who We Are

The Vehicle Sales Authority of BC (VSA) is an independent, non-profit, regulatory agency that oversees the sales of personal-use vehicles in British Columbia. The VSA operates as a delegated administrative authority and oversees the Motor Dealer Act and its regulations, and certain provisions of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act.

Our Purpose Statement

We build public confidence in the motor dealer industry in BC by engaging and educating industry and consumers, and by ensuring a safe and reliable motor vehicle buying experience.

What We Do

The VSA:

  • Licences motor vehicle dealerships, salespeople, broker agents, broker agents representatives, and wholesalers.
  • Provides licensing courses and continuing education for VSA licensees.
  • Enforces industry standards through inspections and risk assessment.
  • Provides consumer information and assistance with dispute resolution.
  • Provides case management for formal complaints against the VSA’s licensees and claims against the Motor Dealer Customer Compensation Fund.
  • Investigates complaints and undertakes compliance action against licensees as needed.

Our Dispute Resolution Services

Starting April 3, 2023, we implemented a new flexible model for early resolution of consumer disputes with the motor dealers licensed by the VSA in a timely, fair, accessible, and cost-effective way, by adding the following services to our consumer complaints processes are:

My Self-Help

  • My Self-Help is an online, anonymous, interactive tool that provides consumers a structured way to obtain information specific to their issues, and options to try and solve them. 
  • This tool asks consumers simple questions and provides information and options for dealing with their issue.
  • Here is a link to My Self-Help:  https://myselfhelp.vsabc.ca/


  • Connector is an online dispute resolution platform that allows consumers and motor dealers to try and resolve consumers’ issues through online messaging, without the involvement of the VSA.
  • Connector is an easy, convenient and informal “chat-like” type of online negotiation platform.
  • Consumers access Connector from My Self-Help or are granted access by case managers.
  • Here is a link to a short video about Connector: [LINK]

Case Management for Formal Consumer Complaints

  • Coming soon is our Consumer Portal on the VSA website - the hub for consumers to make formal complaints to the VSA and check complaint progress.  
  • Consumer Services team provides case management for complaints.
  • The mediation pilot is started to assess and measure the value of adding mediation to our complaint handling processes.  The pilot will run until March 31, 2024, and will include up to 10 mediation sessions. Please see below for details of the planned mediations sessions and mediator’s qualifications:
Mediator Qualifications
At least 30 hours of core education in conflict resolution and mediation theory and skills training, including 10 hours of simulated role play mediation.
At least 5 hours training on ethical issues relating to the mediation process.
At least 60 additional hours of training in dispute resolution or in a related field.
2 professional references; and
No fewer than 20 completed mediations where you were the sole mediator.
Membership in good standing on the Civil Roster with Mediate BC. 
Job-type: Contract-based ending March 31, 2024
Scope: Up to 10 mediations 
Scheduling: As needed, with approximately 10 business days advance notice prior to the mediation session
Mediation session duration: Up to 3 hours
Mediation session location: VSA office: 280 – 8029, 199th Street, Langley or via Microsoft Teams 
Mediator compensation: $500 flat rate for a 3-hours mediation session

Expression of Interest

If you are interested in participating in our mediation pilot project, please send your expression of interest to Jody Uppal, Human Resources Manager to juppal@vsabc.ca. Please include your resume and a cover letter commenting on the qualifications noted above.

Next steps

  • We will reach out to successful applicants to arrange an interview.
  • Successful candidate will be provided with training on the VSA’s operations and mediation pilot.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Jody Uppal, Human Resources Manager at juppal@vsabc.ca or 604.575.7257.



Mediate BC Mentorship Program for Associates

Mediate BC has launched a new Mentorship Program for Associate Mediators on any of its rosters. Associates can now register for mentored co-mediation opportunities with our panel of highly qualified mentors. These co-mediations will follow a structured experiential learning model and mediations conducted through the Program will meet the experience criteria for Roster experience.

What is the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program is an opportunity for Associate Mediators to gain co-mediation experience within a structured mentorship model. Associates register for a single co-mediation and are assigned to a mentor who will meet with the Associate to discuss learning objectives and styles. The mentor will work with the Associate to prepare for and co-mediate a full mediation and will provide constructive feedback following the mediation.

What kinds of mediations are included in the Mentorship Program?

Most mentored co-mediations will be part of Mediate BC’s non-profit appointment process. Mediate BC provides low bono mediations across the non-profit sector, and especially in non-profit housing. Matters may be disputes between tenants, staff conflict, or even family conflict. Most mediations will include at least two pre-mediation sessions with the parties and one or two joint sessions. Typically, matters are time-limited to between 5 and 10 hours of mediation time. Associates will participate in all aspects of the matter, including discussion with the Mentor of the best process in the specific circumstances of the matter.

What are the requirements for participating?

Associates in good standing on any of Mediate BC’s roster are eligible to participate.

Can I be assured that I will only get family or civil files?

Initially, the majority of files will be civil matters. Family Associates will have the first opportunity to participate in any family files that are referred through this program. We will explore additional family referrals if demand exceeds referrals during the launch of the Program.

How quickly can I expect to receive a file?

This Program is in the early stages and we will be building the number of referrals over time. Initially, you can expect to be notified when you are assigned to a mentor and to have the opportunity to discuss your learning needs with them. When they receive a referral, they will contact you and will work with you on scheduling. It may be several weeks from the time that you apply to the Program before you receive a referral. Since most files will require quick response, you will be asked to keep your Mentor notified of your availability.

How do I apply?

Please complete this application and submit it to Mediate BC. You will be notified when you have been matched with a Mentor and will be asked to pay your Mentorship fee at that time.

How much does a mentored co-mediation cost?

Each mentored co-mediation will cost $325 + GST.

Can I register for more than one co-mediation?

In order to ensure that all Associates have an opportunity to participate in this Program, you can only apply for one co-mediation at a time. Once you have completed a co-mediation, you can re-apply and will be waitlisted for the next available mentor. 

Apply Here

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