Information Regarding Education and Training Requirements

Mediate BC's acceptance of applicants for admission is based, in part, on an assessment of the mediation and conflict resolution courses the applicants have taken. The criteria used by Mediate BC for assessing courses are explained and outlined in the document Assessment of Courses in Mediation & Conflict Resolution. If you wish to have a course assessed and pre-approved by the Roster Committee, please complete the Application for Course Assessment Form.

Some of the courses taken by applicants who have been admitted to the various rosters are listed in the document Core Training in Mediation, Conflict Resolution & Family Dynamics (note: this document will no longer be updated). These are not the only available courses and many other courses have been taken by successful applicants. Mediate BC has also accepted mediation experience in Accepted Practicums / Mentoring Programs.

In the opinion of the Roster Committee, regular and ongoing training is essential for mediation practice; therefore courses taken more than 10 years ago may not qualify.

The types of learning experiences which applicants for admission to the Family Roster should complete in order to fulfill the 21 hour training requirement in family dynamics are detailed in Learning Objectives for Training in Family Dynamics.

Mediate BC has developed a set of criteria for assessing the acceptability of mediation practicums or mentoring programs for the purpose of admission to the Civil and Family Rosters. The criteria are outlined in the document Assessment of Mediation Practicums: Civil and Family.


After reviewing this material, if you have further questions about Mediate BC's training and education requirements, or for information about practicums accepted by Mediate BC, please email us.

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