Parents & Teens

Conflicts between parents and teens can present a real challenge to families. Parent-Teen mediation offers an opportunity for families to open lines of healthy communication in a safe space.

A mediator can facilitate a discussion and help you:

  • understand what has happened from each other’s perspective
  • understand the impacts each of you has on the other
  • build healthy communication, and
  • create a plan to move forward

The Province of British Columbia offers free parent-teen mediation services through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). To learn more, visit the MCFD website:

Access Free Services

Alternatively, if a private mediator is preferred, you can also search through the Family RMM Directory to find a mediator who fits your needs. 


Select a Mediator

Mediate BC has a list of Registered Roster Mediators ready to help you. 

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Should you have concerns regarding the mediation process, Mediate BC has set Standards of Conduct and a Complaint Process.