Elder Care Mediation

Some of the most common legal disputes between family members in BC are elder care disputes. These are conflicts that come up in the context of aging parents, relatives, or guardians. They often have to do with estate planning, disagreements over long-term care and medical needs, alegations of elder abuse, or any other hot-button issues that arise within families.

With Canada's aging population and the multi-million dollar value of many estates, more and more people are turning to mediators to resolve elder-related disputes. They recognize that going to court over these issues is impractical, expensive, and far too time-consuming. Not to mention, they prefer to maintain family unity while their parents or relatives struggle to overcome the difficulties of aging.

In mediation, all family members involved in the dispute can be a part of creating the solutions. The mediator designs a process to promote healthy, open communication taking into consideration the diverse and sometimes changing needs of the families and their elders.

Before you get into a legal battle, talk to a mediator.

Mediate BC's Family Roster has a list of RRMs who provide Elder Care Mediation services.

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Alternatively, you can reach out to these organizations for legal help.

  • Seniors First BC 
    A non-profit charitable organization located in BC committed to protecting the legal rights of older adults and increasing access to justice for older adults. The Seniors Abuse and Information Line is 604-437-1940 (Toll Free: 1-866-437-1940).
  • MyLawBC 
    A website that will walk you through solutions to a series of common legal problems. There are pathways for separation, divorce and family matters; abuse and family violence; missed mortgage payments; and wills and personal planning.
  • Dial-A-Law 
    A website that features free information on the law in British Columbia in over 130 topic areas. The information is reviewed by lawyers and updated regularly. 
  • Lawyer Referral Service 
    This service, offered by the Canadian Bar Association, connects you with a lawyer for up to 30 minutes for a fee of $25 plus taxes.

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Mediate BC has a list of mediators ready to help you. 

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Should you have concerns regarding the mediation process, Mediate BC has set Standards of Conduct and a Complaint Process.