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Directory of Civil Mediators

Mediators in our civil directory mediate a broad range of civil/non-family disputes, including commercial disputes and those relating to construction, employment, environment, housing, human rights, land use, negligence, personal injury, small business and wills and estates. 

The Society selects a mediator from the civil directory when asked to appoint a mediator under one of the Notice to Mediate Regulations (Supreme Court) or Small Claims Rule 7.3 - Mediation for Claims Between $10,000 and $35,000.

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Directory of Family Mediators

Mediators in our family directory mediate a variety of family-related matters, including reorganization of the family after separation or divorce, parenting, financial support and property matters connected to separation or divorce, family business, family property or finances, family inheritance and estates, responsibility for care of elderly parents, adoption, pre-nuptial issues, and intra-family conflicts.

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Directory of Child Protection Mediators

Mediators on the British Columbia Child Protection Mediation Program (CPMP) Roster mediate child protection matters pursuant to section 22 of the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA), which provides for mediation to be used as a viable dispute resolution option when child welfare social workers and other people who are responsible for the child, disagree about the child’s safety, well being and plan of care. Mediators on the Child Protection Roster have met standards set by the Ministry of Attorney General and the Ministry of Children and Family Development, and have successfully participated in a selection process. More information about child protection mediation is available on the BC Government website.

Some of the mediators in the Directory of Child Protection Mediators may also be mediators on Mediate BC's Civil or Family Roster. If you are interested in choosing a mediator to resolve a dispute other than a child protection dispute pursuant to section 22 of the CFCSA, please search either the Directory of Civil Mediators or the Directory of Family Mediators.

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Directory of Med-Arb Practitioners

Med-Arbitrators in our Med-Arb Roster help bring resolution to a broad range of civil and family disputes. Med-arbitrators in our Roster indicate whether they only assist in civil matters, family matters or both.

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