Important Information

Some things to keep in mind as you look for a mediator on this website:

About the Rosters

Mediate BC maintains Registered Roster Mediators (RRMs) and Med-Arb practitioners across BC to protects the public and manages the provincial Child Protection Mediation Program. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards. All  Mediate BC RRMs have met the criteria for admission, agreed to comply with the standards of conduct, completed annual professional development, and are subject to the society's complaint process.

The mediators you will find listed in the roster directories come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Some are practicing lawyers while others are social workers, psychologists, counselors, teachers, and just about any other profession. You are encouraged to visit individual mediator profiles to see what experiences they bring to the table. 

What is an "Associate" Mediator?

Mediators labeled as “Associate” are trained mediators who are in the process of gaining mediation experience in their respective areas (civil/family). They are available to mediate on their own, or sometimes they may opt to co-mediate with another experienced mediator offering you the option and benefit of having two mediators. The difference in admission criteria can be found here.

Basics of Mediation

If you're not entirely sure how mediation works or how it could work for you, we encourage you to visit the What is Mediation page or have a look at our FAQs below. Mediate BC also holds Virtual Pro Bono Conflist Resolution Clinics on the first Wednesday of each month for the public to speak directly to volunteer mediators. 


Each RRM on the Civil, Family, and Med-Arb Rosters has met the criteria established for admission, as described on the Applying to the Mediate BC Rosters page. However, Mediate BC makes no warranties or representations respecting the work performed by any of its RRMs. Information concerning mediators on the Civil Roster has been provided to the Society by individual mediators. You should confirm this information, and seek further information, directly from the individual mediators.

Each mediator on the Child Protection Roster has met standards for training and experience. For more information about the manner in which mediators join the Roster, please see the Chld Protection Admission section of the Applying to the Rosters page.

Complaints Process

The Mediate BC Society has a Complaint Process to deal with allegations of misconduct or breach of the Society's Standards of Conduct by mediators on its Civil or Family Rosters.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Find A Mediator

Mediate BC's user-friendly online roster system allows individuals and organizations to search for a mediator with the skills and experience they are seeking.