Lani Elizabeth Gibson

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Family Roster Mediator Details

High-Conflict Co-Parenting, Collaborative Law, Integrative Mediation (co-mediation with child specialist/family therapist)
I began practicing family law in 2004. I quickly observed that the traditional methods of resolving family law disputes, namely, through the court system or through lawyers negotiating on behalf of clients, do not serve families well. The experience is traumatic for many people and relationships are often damaged significantly. For these reasons, I pursued training in both mediation and collaborative law and have been providing those services to clients since 2008.

My role as a Family Law Mediator is to support you and your former spouse in finding mutually acceptable solutions to the legal, financial and parenting issues that you face. However, family transitions are always about more than just those issues. Inevitably, each person impacted by the separation will be experiencing a range of emotions and holding many profound questions and concerns about their future and the future of relationships within the family structure. These emotions and questions impact the way people show up, both within and outside the mediation process.

To improve the mediation experience (and the separation overall), I encourage participants to seek the support they need from other professionals such as divorce coaches, family therapists, financial planners, lawyers, etc. With your permission, I will collaborate with these other professionals so that collectively we can provide your family with wrap-around support that meets your unique needs as you move through a challenging transition.

Navigating a path through a separation is difficult and very stressful for most people, but with the right attitude and support, the transition may become an opportunity for healing and growth as you move on to your next chapter in life. If you have children, it may also be an opportunity to access resources to strengthen your parenting skills and your relationship as co-parents.

My goal is to understand the unique needs and circumstances of each member of your family so that together we can design a mediation process in which all participants feel safe to explore the conflict between them, and empowered to co-create solutions. If you have children, the focus of our discussions about parenting arrangements will always be on identifying their best interests and meeting their needs.

  • Family Business
  • Financial Issues
  • General Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Separation & Divorce
  • $250 - $250
    Interior North/Northern BC
    If a mediation is cancelled with more than 24 hours notice, then fees for all preparatory work (reviewing client documents, etc.) are still due but there is no charge for the mediation. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, a $250 cancellation fee also applies.