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Flat Fee Packages; Daytime & Evening Meetings; Accessible across BC through Video Chat and Phone
I'm Christina Vinters, a Family Law Mediator, Family Law Lawyer, Author of Pathways to Amicable Divorce and the DIY Divorce Manual, and Host of the Divorce Well Podcast. I am the founder of Modern Separations, a boutique online family law mediation firm with a focus on helping couples across British Columbia peacefully resolve the details of their separation.

Through my years of work as a Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Mediator, I have extensive experience helping couples with most types of family situations, both preventing problems and resolving disagreements.

I have had the privilege of serving family law clients who required assistance structuring the division of net worth in the tens of millions of dollars as well as clients for whom the sole focus was coordinating the healthy co-parenting of their children.

I have seen the financial and emotional damage that divorce court can cause families and it was for this reason that I dedicated myself exclusively to out-of-court resolution. I believe that people deserve a way to peacefully and efficiently handle separation and divorce so that they can continue their lives in a functional way.
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    British Columbia, East and West Kootenay, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Interior North/Northern BC, Interior South/Okanagan, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast
    I offer a variety of flat fee packages that address the different levels of support that may be required by different families and circumstances.