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Family Roster Mediator Details

I am fully trained and certified as a Family Mediator, Family and Collaborative lawyer. I have been practicing exclusively in the area of family law for 19 years and am committed to helping families resolve disputes in a calm, clear and respectful manner, keeping the needs of their children first and foremost.

I believe that mediation is one of the best processes that allows parties to resolve their family separation issues-such as working out parenting plans, guardianship, allocation of rights and responsibilities, child and spousal support and property issues. I believe that mediation allows the parties to retain control over the process and outcome and allows them to create solutions that work best for their family and own circumstances.

My mediation practice focuses on helping families restructure their parenting and finances in a manner that is constructive and efficient both emotionally and financially. My practice allows people to have a neutral, impartial professional assist them in reaching successful outcomes.

I establish ground rules for respectful communication and create a safe and confidential environment where parties begin to work together to identify the issues, explore ideas and options and creating customized solutions.

My practice focuses on helping parties keep the lines of communication open or where necessary re-building effective communication. I am committed to helping parties move forward in a positive manner, which is invaluable and essential where there are children involved. I draw on my extensive training in all areas of family law and dynamics and work to help families create long terms solutions.

I am flexible when it comes to mediation times and locations and would be happy to discuss specific needs as they arise.
  • Elder Mediation
  • Family Business
  • Financial Issues
  • General Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Separation & Divorce
  • $300 - $450
    British Columbia, Greater Vancouver
    Arrangements can be made directly if cost is an issue.
    24 hour cancellation policy applies