Amy Robertson

  • Amy Robertson Mediation Services
    201 - 1842 Oak Bay Ave.
    Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island
    V8R 1C2

  • Office: 250-882-8111
    Cell: 250-882-8111
  • C.Med., B.Com., Cert. FamMed., Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator (FMC), Divorce, Family and Workplace Mediator

Family Roster Mediator Details

I provide a child focused mediation process for my family clients with children, as well as help with all the tasks that are associated with becoming physically and financially separate. I have specialized training and significant experience helping families with their property and debt division. This often translates into considerably reduced legal bills for my clients. If both parents share the desire to improve their co-parenting relationship then I will spend some time to equip them with tools to assist with this goal.

I have training and experience in managing high-conflict situations. I also teach the Parenting After Separation Finances course.

I provide full mediation facilities including break-out rooms at my office which was renovated for the sole purpose of conducting mediations.
I have chosen to work in a field where I support people during challenging times. Several years ago I made the decision to utilize my skills and experience as a Management Consultant and Chairperson for a Federal Administrative Tribunal for a different purpose.

I have conducted hundreds of mediations and support people in making big and small decisions. Mediation is what I do! I tailor my process to your unique circumstance. My goal is for people to have an enduring agreement when they walk away from my table within a timeframe that will work for everyone involved.

I also have had the benefit of working with people from many different cultures and diverse backgrounds. This has taught me that there is no one right way to do anything; rather, there are several ways to make decisions and to move forward.

I welcome working with lawyers at the table and I provide mediation offices, offering clients a private and neutral space.
  • Financial Issues
  • General Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Separation & Divorce
  • $200 - $200
    Southern Vancouver Island
    A sliding scale hourly rate may be arranged depending on family income and circumstance.
    Mediations cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled date are subject to a one hour cancellation fee.