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Family Roster Mediator Details

Our mediation facilities are wheelchair accessible.
I have been practicing Family Law for eleven years and mediating since 2008. Before becoming a lawyer I was an elementary school teacher and a single mother of three daughters who were ages 1, 4 and 5 when I went to UBC law school. I bring to my practice as a family law lawyer and mediator a first hand understanding of what divorce and separation does to families and a firm commitment to help reduce conflict and work towards resolution in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. I believe that families transitioning through separation and divorce need careful and specialized assistance. I believe that costs can be reduced when dispute resolution professionals are involved; helping keep families and children out of the destructive and expensive court processes. I have worked successfully with extremely high conflict couples and have assisted them in their transition through the difficult separation process, resolving issues including child custody, guardianship, spousal support and division of personal and business property. I believe that the first steps after separation are crucial and that if couples can be guided towards dispute resolution professionals, they can successfully resolve their family law matters through mediation. In addition to being a Member of the Family Roster of Mediate B.C. I am a member of the Collaborative Divorce Vancouver (CDV) Group, was the Co-Chair of the CDV Board for 2014-2015, and I am currently an adjunct professor teaching Family Law at the University of British Columbia.
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