Edwin M. Knight

  • Alberni (Family) Mediation & CDFA
    4101 Parkinson Place
    Port Alberni, Southern Vancouver Island
    V9Y 8B8

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  • Was a paralegal and teacher, now full time mediator and CDFA

Family Roster Mediator Details

Experience in working with special needs children in families. Corporate and business analysis of assets. Shrewd options in balancing incomes using ALL resources to maximize potentials of each party = CDFA
A mediator serves you best when they have a strong and varied background of experiences and training in: family and people dynamics, legal issues, financial issues and most of all marriage and separation life skills. Edwin Knight is a mediator with several years of experience in mediation specializing in separation and many other types of family issues. He brings varied experiences to the table as a caring drama teacher, counselling teacher, with some years in law and litigation, a Federation representative, small business and corporation experience, and some years in theatre with a blended family of 4 children.

He is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) providing a serious and detailed understanding of the finances. A speaker on finances, Ed says, "Get the numbers right first, then mediate."

However, "it's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it."

Comments from clients (as provided by the mediator for this profile):

"I found the mediator, Edwin Knight to be like a priest, an accountant, a counselor, and a lawyer...everything I needed in one person!"

"I thought this would be so much harder but you made it so much easier to get through."

"I thought it was all about the money. Mr. Knight helped me see that it was about building a plan for each of us to move forward without having to revisit issues for years into the future in court."

"We were arguing about numbers and property, debts and taxes...When Ed put all our numbers into a spreadsheet and divorce analysis program...our options became clear and most of the arguing dissolved."

"We were fighting over the house when we had our budget analyzed into the future planning, we learned that neither one of us could afford the house and that our future was about cash flow to create a new future plan."

"I tried to avoid support by 50/50ing the children but Mr. Knight asked, 'When the children are older and look back, what will they see in this plan?' Then he showed us how no money is saved by an equal shared parenting plan and we began to look at better contact time and sharing parent planning and expanded options."
  • Elder Mediation
  • Family Business
  • Financial Issues
  • General Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Separation & Divorce
  • $75 - $150
    British Columbia, Greater Vancouver, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast
    $150: 1-9 hrs
    $125: 10-18 hrs
    $100: 19-27 hrs
    $75: Over 27 hrs
    Graduated scale assisting partners with greater needs.
    If a party to a mediation wishes to terminate, they are required to spend time to explain their reasons to the mediator and other party/parties.

    There is no charge for cancelling an appointment.